Categories: News Test: Nieuwe Mercedes S-klasse verslaat BMW 7-serie en Porsche Panamera op deze 6 punten

Test: Mercedes S-class beats BMW 7-series and Porsche Panamera on these 6 points

The new Mercedes S-class will compete in Auto Review 8 against the BMW 7-series and the Porsche Panamera. Last week we described the 3 negatives of the S-class, this week it takes revenge with 6 pluses.

1. The S-class is the best

BMW, Mercedes and Porsche all know how to make comfortable seats, but the optional ones
multicontour seats with different massage programs and dynamic lateral support of the Mercedes S-class are simply the best.

2. The S-Class is the quietest

The soundproofing of the new S-Class is excellent. Rolling, wind and driving noises are damped so well that you hear things that you normally wouldn't notice. Like the whisper of the ventilation grilles on position one. The plebs will never understand how hard it is for the rich…

3. The S class is the cheapest

The S 500 4Matic costs 157,116 euros, the Panamera 4S is 5 mille above and the 750i xDrive costs another 6000 euros more. These are not shocking price differences, but who does not honor the small ... In addition, the S-class driver can boast with its low fuel consumption and good warranty conditions.

4. The S-Class is the most agile

Big cars sometimes get into tight spots. All test cars are equipped with a steering rear axle, but the rear wheels of the Mercedes turn the furthest. Slewing up to ten degrees in the opposite direction to the front wheels makes maneuvering a breeze. The S-class now has the turning circle of a city car: 10 meters compared to 11 meters for the Porsche and 12 meters for the BMW.

5. The S-class is the most economical

The S 500 4Matic has a 6-inline petrol engine with mild hybrid technology. It does its job more economically than the fantastic V8 of the BMW 750i and the spirited V6 of the Porsche Panamera 4S. In practice, the Mercedes consumes 9.5 l/100 km, while the other two pass the ten liters per hundred kilometers.

6. The S-class is the most spacious

The new Mercedes S-class is the widest and tallest car of the three, creating the most spacious cabin. The headroom is great, the legroom superb. And thanks to the large doorways, getting in and out is effortless.

Conclusion: pluses and minuses

Last week we picked the 3 negatives of the new Mercedes S-class from the comparative test in Auto Review 8, today we focused on the 6 positives. As you can see, there are more pluses than minuses. No car is completely perfect, there is always room for improvement. That is what makes our extensive comparative tests so interesting. Even the best car in the world has room for improvement.

Curious about the other pluses and minuses of the new Mercedes S-class? Read the full test in Auto Review 8! Buy the magazine now in the store or order Auto Review 8 in our webshop.

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