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TEST - Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor: this changed after the facelift (2023) -

Anyone who trades in their old Polestar 2 for a new one will not be disappointed by its appearance. But he will still do that because of the technical improvements. The Polestar 2 became both faster and more economical, and the range and charging speed increased significantly. And then it also got rear-wheel drive...

Of all new Chinese brands Polestar one of the most successful in the Netherlands. The brand cleverly benefits from the great popularity of Volvo. Strictly speaking, the Polestar 2 is also a Volvo; it is based on a concept car from the Swedish brand. And there are also many technical parts with the Swedish flag, the Polestar 2 is on the same platform as the electric Volvo XC40.

Thanks to that rock-solid Swedish image, the Dutch follow the Polestar news with more than average interest. In 2023, 1597 Polestars 2 were sold (until November 1). The big and expensive ones Polestar 3 (which is technically the same as the Volvo EX90) will not arrive until next year, but can already count on full order books.

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Difference Standard Range and Long Range

Before we get started with the new 2, let's first cover the basics of Polestar technology. The 2 comes in four versions, all with long type names. The rear-wheel drive version comes in two flavors: Polestar 2 Standard Range and Long Range. Both versions get Single Motor after their name. There is also a four-wheel drive Polestar 2, the Longe Range Dual Motor. You can equip it with a Performance Pack for 6,500 euros. With 476 hp and 740 Nm, this is the sporty top model.

“It is not just the wonderful push in the back that makes the facelift so radical.”

Polestar 2 now has rear-wheel drive

The facelift that the Polestar 2 received led to great achievements, especially in technical terms. The exterior changes were limited to a new grille. In the old 2, it was still comparable to that of a petrol car, but now it is closed, as if Polestar has only really come out as an electric brand. Only at the bottom is a small opening for cooling the electric motor.

We drive the Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor. Underneath it is not a facelift, but a metamorphosis. The power is now transferred to the rear wheels, a trick that was previously used on the Volvo XC40. From pulling to pushing, that's what you could call it. Sporty drivers will be delighted, because this push makes the driving characteristics sportier. If you can steer a little, you can let the rear break away in a controlled manner. And that still remains a magical act for car enthusiasts.

20 percent more range Polestar 2

But it is not just the wonderful push in the back that makes the facelift so radical. The 82 kWh battery pack (of which 79 kWh is usable) is new and offers two advantages: fast charging is now possible with 205 kW and the battery is more efficient. WLTP consumption has been reduced to 14.8 kWh/100 km. This provides a generous range of 655 kilometers (an increase of about 20 percent) and with that you can theoretically drive from Utrecht to Berlin in one go. The electric motor is also much more powerful, the power of the Long Range Single Motor increased from 231 to 299 hp and the torque from 330 Nm to 490 Nm.

Berlin Wall

When you get in, you have to blink twice. Everything breathes Volvo. Same shape of the seats, same layout of the dashboard, same steering wheel with identical buttons. Material quality, finish: it all looks beautiful and not a button or detail has been added too much. The beauty is often in the details, such as the frameless exterior mirrors, which only really stand out when you are in the car. We again praise the chairs: they are large, spacious, not too firm and not too squishy. Animal lovers will also give the Polestar 2 their blessing, because the seats are made of natural materials and no cows were killed for them.

There is actually only one annoying detail: the center tunnel, which rises like a Berlin Wall between driver and co-driver. It is so high and wide that tall drivers can barely fit their right leg between the steering wheel and the center tunnel. Especially if you use the adaptive cruise control and want to stretch your legs, it takes effort to squeeze them out of that space. Furthermore, the rear window is quite small and the blind spots are large.

Pessimistic observer

The space in the back is no more than reasonable. Although it is unnecessary in electric cars, the 2 still has a continuous center tunnel, so that you cannot actually sit in a car with five people. To compensate, the rear passengers do have their own USB ports and ventilation grilles. The infotainment system works via Google and that is nice and familiar.

In addition, the voice commands are perfectly understood, so that you no longer have to manually enter your destination and also select the radio stations or your favorite Spotify list without using your hands. The range assistant is fun, which makes the most pessimistic predictions about your driving range based on your driving behavior, like a kind of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet show. It gives you the reassuring feeling that even if you weave through traffic like an idiot, you will still reach your destination. The on-board computer itself calculates more realistic values ​​for you and in the navigation screen you can read how much battery charge you have left at your destination.

Comfortable mileage eater

The big question is: does pushing instead of pulling lead to sportier driving characteristics? And the answer is: certainly. It's always more fun to be pushed through the bend. Moreover, the balance is better: during rapid acceleration, the nose of the car rises slightly and part of the weight is transferred to the rear wheels. They have more grip. When cornering, the grip limit is so high that the rear end will not easily break away unexpectedly. But the Polestar 2 remains above all a comfortable mileage eater. For truly sporty driving, the steering is not direct enough and the car feels a bit too heavy - it weighs two tons.

Polestar 2 price: a bit of a shock, no SEPP

There is a lot in return. We experience again how nice one pedal driving feels in the Polestar 2 and it is so quiet inside that even our playlist with classical piano concerts comes into its own. The Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor is not cheap with a price of 55,200 euros, and that price increases if you fall for the temptations of the option packages. We would definitely recommend the Pilot pack (3000 euros), which includes adaptive cruise control and a system that keeps you in the center of your lane.

Once you've heard those fine piano sounds from the Harman Kardon sound system, you'll go for the ax and fork out another 5,000 euros. Then you also get a panoramic roof, fully electrically adjustable front seats and a heat pump. Bleeding for a while, but then there is hardly anything left to be desired.

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