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TEST - You will be surprised which test part wins this wallflower from Kia -

Kia models are immensely popular in the Netherlands. But not the Kia XCeed. Nevertheless, the Kia XCeed wins in this comparison test with other compact crossovers, a part that will appeal to many motorists.

When Kia presented the Kia XCeed in 2019, we predicted a golden future for the model. A compact SUV that looks good, has complete equipment and comes with a seven-year warranty; who wouldn't want that. Four years later, gold appears to shine less than predicted. This year, 398 units of the Kia XCeed have been sold through July.

This makes the XCeed one of Kia's wallflowers in our country. Most Kia models, including sales banger Kia Picanto with 6364 copies, are all more popular. But the very expensive Porsche Cayenne, for example, also manages to entice more people to buy (406).

Already in the first corner behind

No matter how little loved the Kia XCeed is, anyone looking for a compact crossover that drives above average cannot ignore the South Korean crossover. On our test course, the Kia XCeed makes the most balanced impression in the driving characteristics test section. He puts his competition (namely the Mazda CX-30of Mitsubishi ASXof Skoda Kamiq and the Volkswagen Taigo) already behind in the first corner.


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Shortest braking distances

On the brake test, the Kia XCeed records the shortest braking distances. The Volkswagen Taigo sets a slightly higher top speed in the slalom, but loses valuable time on the clocked lap around the circuit.

On the brake test, the Mitsubishi needs more than 37 meters to come to a complete stop in an emergency stop. While you are calmed down on a winding track by the numb steering. The Skoda's steering is more forthcoming, but high cornering speeds are nipped in the bud by the test car's relatively narrow tyres.

Due to its powerful braking system and safe handling, the Skoda Kamiq is just ahead of the Volkswagen in the ranking. But the Mazda CX-30 also forces the Volkswagen Taigo into the 'driving characteristics' test section of the honorary scaffold. The Mazda CX-30 has great brakes and predictable handling. However, the dosage of the brakes requires some getting used to.

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Kia XCeed: nice sports seats

The Kia XCeed is also well prepared in terms of comfort. A first condition for decent travel comfort is a few good seats with sufficient adjustment options. The Kia XCeed excels in this area, which has fine sports seats.

Much attention has also been paid to the well-being of the driver and co-driver in the Volkswagen Taigo. The seats of the Mazda CX-30 and the Mitsubishi ASX close less well on your body and also have fewer adjustment options. On the back seat you sit fine in the Mitsubishi ASX, unlike the Kia. The back seat of the Skoda is the most comfortable. This crossover also has fine sports seats.

Balanced impression

The Kia XCeed also benefits from its independently sprung multi-link rear suspension. The heavier the load, the smoother the suspension. But even when you drive the car alone, without luggage, the chassis makes a balanced impression. Unfortunately, Kia has not put enough money and energy into soundproofing.

Kia demonstrates the utmost confidence in its own product quality, with a seven-year warranty. Incidentally, the Kia XCeed is the most expensive for maintenance and you write off a larger percentage than with the competition. Perhaps that is why the compact crossover is not the most popular Kia model in the Netherlands. But if you want driving pleasure, the Kia XCeed is the right place.

Curious about the full comparison test? You find it in Auto Review 08/2023.

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