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TEST Zeekr

A few weeks before we tested the electric Volvo EX30, we set out with the closely related Zeekr X. Although it was designed in Sweden, it was made in China. Yet you have to pay more than 9,000 euros more for it. Won't that be a difficult story?

Ask an average Dutch person if he has ever heard of Geely and you will be met with surprised looks. Nevertheless, the Chinese group has a number of well-known brands in its portfolio, including: Volvo in Lotus first. Blowing now Polestar in Lynk & Co also a game, but it doesn't stop there. Also the new Smart comes partly from Geely and a few years ago the Chinese shook up the brand Zeekr up your sleeve. After the 001, the Zeekr

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Like both Smarts and the Volvo EX30, the Zeekr Who knows that the Volvo EX30 is available from 36,795 euros, raises eyebrows about the price tag of the Zeekr That seems crazier than it is.

Power and range Zeekr

First of all, the Zeekr X is no less than 20 centimeters longer than the Volvo EX30. This puts the Volvo XC40. For the time being, there will be two versions of the Zeekr The cheapest Volvo EX30 has the same power, but a smaller battery (51 kWh).

Version two of the Zeekr X is the Privilege of 50,490 euros. It contains the same battery pack as the basic version, but has 428 hp and is equipped with two electric motors and four-wheel drive. This provides even better performance, but a slightly smaller range: 425 instead of 445 kilometers.


If we look at the design of the Zeekr It was designed in Gothenburg, Sweden, a stone's throw from Polestar's design studio. In that respect it looks like an Ikea cabinet. It also often says 'design by Ikea of ​​Sweden', but in the meantime it is often made in the Far East.

Swedish design

Behind the drawing board of the Zeekr However, the Zeekr is not completely free from Chinese features. For example, look at the headlights and the sharp creases in the sides. At the rear, the high-set tailgate reminds us of the Renault Megane E-Tech and the same goes for the loophole-sized rear window.

The biggest sore point of the design is the flanks at the height of the C-pillars. Here we count too many sheet metal parts and seams. Particularly on the left side, because this is where the tailgate is located. It seems as if Zeekr himself is not very happy with it, because the cover has been removed from the X's online configurator. A nice, practical detail is the icon in the B-pillar. This indicates when you have parked the car in pet mode, so that the police do not break a window to free your dog because bystanders think the animal is too hot or cold. You can also read the charge status of the battery pack here while charging.

Minimalist interior

As with the Volvo EX30, the interior design of the Zeekr It looks strict but tasteful, with light colors, largely soft materials and copper-colored accents. The headliner and window pillars are covered with a chic, Alcantara-like fabric, but you will look in vain for something as ordinary as a glove compartment. There is plenty of head and legroom in the back, although taller people tend to sit with their knees drawn up because of the high car floor. The luggage compartment is not oversized with a capacity of 362 liters. The frunk (21 liters) is also not a space champ.

Narrow instrumentation

The narrow digital instruments only show the essentials, above which there is a head-up display. But you don't have any of that in the Volvo EX30. The steering wheel has only two buttons. This allows you to adjust countless things, depending on the menu you choose in the infotainment screen. This has a number of shortcut keys at the bottom, but you have to go into a menu for something basic like the mirror adjustment.

Slow navigation system

Remarkably, the infotainment system does not have the same Google base as in Polestars and new Volvos. Zeekr has come up with something itself, with quite long, small screen texts and we are unable to silence the lady who is constantly harping on the speed limit. Furthermore, it seems as if the navigation system was developed in the era of the combustion engine, because the instructions are constantly lagging behind reality.

Zeekr X performance

Now it is not easy to keep up with the Zeekr With the basic motorization it sprints to 100 km/h within 5.6 seconds. The 428 hp version only needs 3.8 seconds for the same exercise. Zeekr claims that the X is one of the sportiest cars in its segment, but that deserves a nuance.

As long as the asphalt is neatly flat, we have little to complain about the road holding. On the other hand, if you put the car in cotton on a bumpy surface, the suspension and damping lose their bearings and the X becomes jumpy like a moose calf in the spring sun. Admittedly, it goes very fast. If you take it a little slower, the Chinese crossover is a pleasant, quiet and comfortable travel companion with a very stable character.

Spacious equipment

The equipment lets you bathe in luxury. A Yamaha sound system with 13 speakers, a panoramic roof, electrically heated and adjustable front seats, a heated rear seat, heated steering wheel and an electrically opening tailgate are all standard.

We even think the safety equipment is a bit too much. For example, the lane assistant makes a few completely unnecessary steering interventions and the fatigue assistant behaves like a panicky co-driver without a driver's license. If you just look in the right exterior mirror, the system already thinks that you are too distracted. The question is whether we are dealing here with Chinese meddling or with Swedish concern for your safety...

Power consumption Zeekr

On the test route with mainly smaller roads, we achieved a consumption of 19.2 kWh/100 km. Admittedly, we occasionally delivered large power surges, but on the other hand, we used the regeneration mode diligently. The Zeekr X charges quickly with a maximum of 150 kW. That's neat, but not groundbreaking; According to Zeekr, charging from 10 to 80 percent will take you 28.75 minutes - and not a second more... The permitted trailer weight has a nicely rounded value of 1600 kg.

Price Zeekr

Considering its performance and equipment, the Zeekr Without preparation costs, it costs 44,990 euros, which means it remains just below the subsidy limit of 45 grand. If you look purely at the price-quality ratio and the equipment offered, then the Zeekr

Still, the question is whether that money would buy you a car from a brand new brand without a reputation or a large dealer network. For the time being, you can only go to Zeist in the Netherlands. And Zeekr does offer a 5 to 10 year manufacturer's warranty, but who knows if the brand still exists? We expect that many people would prefer to choose a (smaller) Volvo EX30 for these kinds of reasons. Or, if necessary, a Polestar or Tesla. In short, great car, difficult story.

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