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The 10th anniversary of the only documentary "PINA", the only documentary of the modern dance queen, PINA BaoxuWen Wenders' first 3D documentary 'PINA' has a difficult birth

The dancers led by Bina Bausch are tall, short, fat, thin, men and women of all ages.

The 10th anniversary digital commemorative version of "PINA", the famous German director Wen Wenders' tribute to the master, will be released on June 3. The 2D and 3D versions simultaneously reproduce the beautiful figure of modern dancer Pina Bausch. Wen Wenders was very surprised and offered to cooperate after seeing Bina Pausch's performance for the first time. Bina Pausch readily agreed, which made Wen Wanders worry about how to present her surging and full of vitality. "When I started thinking about how to shoot her dance theatre, I really didn't know what to do. Her things are very special and have to be filmed in a very special way. I feel that with my film skills, I can I couldn't do it, and I told her later that 3D was my solution, how the camera could grasp the dancer's space." When he found the solution to shooting in 3D and the film was about to start shooting, Bina Pausch unfortunately passed away due to illness. Wen Wenders, who was on the verge of giving up, changed his direction and invited members of the German Upata Ballet to perform Bina Bausch's most famous 4 dances "The Rite of Spring", "Café Mueller", "Communication Field", "Community" Full Moon", the film is interspersed with precious pictures of Bina Baoxu herself, and the filmmaker has specially introduced 2D and 3D versions for simultaneous release, allowing fans to choose according to their preferences.

Because of the openness of Bina Bausch, the dancer's interpretation of the dance is more flesh and blood

Official notice:

To shoot the world's first 3Dart film Vin Wenders wants to help James Cameron

The famous German director Wen Wenders is very enthusiastic about documentary films and is good at documenting master figures in various fields. , this is the first time he has challenged to shoot a documentary with 3D technology. He spontaneously thought of preparing for nearly 20 years. Wen Wende said: "This is a very huge challenge, because no one is familiar with this technology. We started shooting in 2009, when " Avatar wasn't released yet, so even if I had James Cameron's phone number, I couldn't call him for help. At that time, Avatar was still a rumor, and most of the 3D movies released were animations, not live-action ones. But I'm sure that 3D is the ideal language for dance, and without it, we wouldn't be making this film." Vin Wenders revealed years later that if Cameron hadn't pioneered the 3D movie trend, his " PINA" probably won't make it to theaters. In the end, the results of "PINA" shocked the global film industry and swept major film festivals. Not only was the world's first 3D art film nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Award, but it also won the European Film Award for Best Documentary and the German Academy Award for Best Documentary. It has become an irreplaceable classic in the hearts of movie fans and dance fans.

Wen Wenders implements Bina Bausch's creative concept in the film
"PINA" brings the audience close to the dancers

Wen Wenders says interlacing is like a mountain In front of modern dance master Bina Bausch like "illiteracy"

Modern dancer Bina Bausch has repeatedly broken all established frames and stereotypes in her dance works since she became the artistic director of the German Wupata Ballet. The dancers in the group are not limited in age and body shape, tall, short, fat and thin, men and women, young and old. During the performance, the dancers can speak, sing, and show their own personality, making each dance more flesh and blood. It also makes Wen Wenders say modestly: "As film directors, we consider ourselves experts in acting. And then when you get to know Bina Bausch, you realize there's a real expert who we've never begun to understand. The way she hypertranslates body language, she's able to see layers we never understand, and gives us a lesson in humility, realizing that you're illiterate in a field where you think you're an expert. For me, it's I learned a great lesson from Bina, and that's one of the reasons I wanted to make this film because I saw her know so much more than we did." By Bina Bausch Inspired, Wen Wenders took the dancers out of the theater, turned the open environment into a theater stage, implemented Bina's idea of ​​focusing on natural elements, and fully inherited its spirit. The 2D and 3D versions of the 10th Anniversary Digital Commemorative Edition of "PINA" will be released simultaneously on June 3.

Win Wenders takes dancers out of the theater to dance freely outdoors
Modern dance queen Bina Bausch breaks stereotypes and does not limit dancers of any age


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