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THE ALL-NEW INFINITI QX60 starts pre-saleThe ultimate Japanese seven-seater leisure travel is dedicated to the ultimate love of the family

INFINITI TAIWAN announced that the all-new Japanese ultimate seven-seater leisure travel THE ALL-NEW INFINITI QX60 will start pre-sale orders from now on, and a total of two car specifications have been introduced. 2.8 million yuan, the color of the car is newly added moon cloud blue and sun crown gold, and the flagship model can be upgraded with the Autograph extreme six-seater kit, which symbolizes the crystallization of the brand's craftsmanship for 200,000 yuan, providing car owners and passengers with a unique top-level enjoyment.

THE ALL-NEW INFINITI QX60 adheres to the people-oriented concept and meets consumers' imagination of space and luxury through the ultimate Japanese design spirit. The appearance inherits the grace and generosity of the INFINITI family. The interior design exudes the beauty of harmony, combining technology and art. It is equipped with VQ35 direct injection and 9-speed automatic transmission, which can accurately transmit powerful power. It is equipped with ProPILOT intelligent driving assistance system and has Level 2 lane maintenance function. , fully meet the needs of luxury recreational vehicles.
With spacious space, safety technology and ultimate luxury, the new QX60 protects every trip of the family and dedicates it to the ultimate love for the family. Prospective car owners who book during the pre-sale period can also enjoy 5 great discounts and gifts, including 30,000 accessories. Gold, 80,000 back-to-factory warranty coupons, high zero interest rates, silicon coating, French rooster clothing bags and other pre-order gifts.

Sigh unrestrained and unrestrained to enjoy the ultimate enjoyment
THE ALL-NEW INFINITI QX60 adheres to the concept of people-oriented, and meets consumers' imagination of space and luxury through the ultimate Japanese design spirit. The interior design exudes the beauty of harmony, technology and art, including 12.3-inch full digital The instrument panel and INFINITI InTouch™ 12.3-inch semi-suspended multimedia display, together with the cabin acoustic analysis, are equipped with 16 BOSE Performance speakers in the best position, providing a live performance for the whole family. The charging port can meet the charging needs of all passengers, allowing car owners and passengers to enjoy the convenient experience of modern technology.

In the space part, the new QX60 comes standard with a large-area panoramic sunroof, allowing the whole family to wander between heaven and earth; through the wide and flat design, the rear cabin space can be expanded to a maximum of 2,135L, allowing for a wonderful life; The one-button elastic retraction function of the second-row seats allows the third-row passengers to enjoy the ease and elegance of getting on and off easily. The new QX60 creates a driving and riding experience like a mobile home, making the journey not only a joyful ride, but also the ultimate enjoyment of complete relaxation.

Faith in Wisdom, Strictness, Complete Wisdom and Safety
The new QX60 is equipped with the ProPILOT intelligent driving assistance system, with Level 2 auxiliary driving functions, including the LKA lane maintenance assistance system, the world's first PFCW over-the-horizon vehicle collision warning system, ICC full-speed range intelligent speed control system, BSI blind spot side collision prevention system, The LDP lane deviation prevention system and the RCTA rear side traffic flow warning system, etc., anticipate various situations during driving, protect the safety of the driving space with technology, fully construct active safety protection, and comprehensively prevent potential dangers during driving. The whole car is equipped with 10 auxiliary airbags and a high-rigidity body structure. Through all-round solid protection, the whole family can enjoy a leisurely journey.

Dedicated to beauty and eye-catching luxury
The appearance inherits the grace and generosity of the INFINITI family. With the ultimate Japanese aesthetics, it outlines the attractive body lines, including LED digital key head and taillights and double-bow water tank guards to attract everyone's attention. The surge body design and floating roof , to create an avant-garde visual experience for future generations. The interior is covered with a large area of ​​leather, creating an unprecedented calm and luxurious style, allowing the cabin to reveal the best personal taste. The dual front seats are equipped with a pressure-relieving massage chair with ventilation and electric heating function (Note 6), and 3 pressure-relieving massage modes, allowing the passengers to obtain the ultimate relaxation. Awaken the throbbing of the senses with the ultimate craftsmanship, making every journey a favorite.

Extreme power and harmony
The all-new QX60 is powered by the VQ35 in-cylinder direct-injection V6 engine (Note 7), which has won WardsAuto’s top ten best engines for 14 consecutive years. The body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and it can output a maximum horsepower of 295hp and a torque of 366Nm (Note 8). Even with a full seat of seven people, you can enjoy a comfortable and stable experience. It is matched with a 9-speed manual automatic transmission with dense gear ratios. The position setting makes the power output smoother. The whole new QX60 series adopts AWD intelligent four-wheel drive, which intelligently adjusts the distribution of four-wheel power to ensure stable control and excellent tracking, showing a harmonious mobile art, achieving both movement and stillness. mileage.

Autograph Extreme Six-Seater Kit
In order to satisfy high-end consumers who are pursuing the ultimate luxury, INFINITI TAIWAN introduced the Autograph ultimate six-seater kit, which symbolizes the crystallization of the brand's craftsmanship, for the first time in the new QX60. The table is covered with quilted leather, matched with Semi-Aniline leather quilted seats and Captain Seats to provide exclusive space for passengers in the second row. A unique top experience for passengers.

5 Great Gifts Pre-sale Promotions
The all-new QX60 is being pre-sold for the first time in Taiwan. The pre-sale price starts at 2.65 million yuan. The color of the car is newly added Moon Cloud Blue and Corona Gold. Pre-orders will be opened from now on. Order during the pre-sale period and enjoy 5 pre-order discounts, including 30,000 accessories gold, 80,000 factory warranty coupons, high zero interest rate, silicon coating, French rooster clothing bags and other pre-order gifts. We sincerely welcome consumers to be the first to appreciate the unique charm of the new Japanese ultimate seven-seater THE ALL-NEW INFINITI QX60. For details, please refer to the official website or call INFINITI TAIWAN toll-free service hotline 0800-333-399 Inquire.

Model Specifications Recommended pre-sale price
INFINITI QX60 AWD Stylish 2.65 million yuan
INFINITI QX60 AWD flagship 2.8 million yuan
Autograph extreme 6-seater package (flagship exclusive option) Optional price of 200,000 yuan


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