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The all-new Mazda CX-60, the only longitudinally mounted rear-wheel-drive SUV in its class, officially debuts

●Newly developed longitudinal rear-wheel drive platform

●12.3-inch fully digital instrument + 12.3-inch central information screen

●All models come standard with i-ACTIVSENSE active safety technology

●The top version is equipped with a 3.3-liter straight-six turbo engine + 48V light petrol-electric system

car model Official selling price
25S Elite 1.189 million yuan
25S Elite Plus 1.299 million yuan
25S AWD Exclusive 1.399 million yuan
33T AWD Exclusive Sport 1.689 million yuan

The new CX-60 SUV model, which launched pre-sale activities on October 12 this year, officially held a new car launch conference on October 31. The lineup of sales models remains the same as during the pre-sale period, except for the 2.5-liter straight four-cylinder model. In addition to the NA-powered 25S Elite, 25S Elite Plus and 25S AWD Exclusive three-level models, it also includes the top-spec 33T AWD Exclusive Sport model that uses a 3.3-liter straight-6 turbo engine and a 48V light petrol-electric system. The official prices are respectively The prices are 1.189/1.299/1.399 million and 1.689 million yuan; in addition, the 33T model has also launched premium sport (warm sand brown) and Premium Modern (star sand white) models with special interiors, both priced at 1.719 million yuan. , but Premium Modern adopts a production-to-order setting.

For an additional price of RMB 30,000, you can upgrade to the 33T AWD Premium Sport model with a special "warm sand brown" interior, which displays a warm and luxurious interior atmosphere.

The new CX-60 is built using Large Product Group's new modular platform that can accommodate rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive architectures. Therefore, it is the only SUV in its class with a longitudinally mounted engine and rear-wheel drive configuration. Its product positioning and body size are set above the CX-50. The length/width/height and wheelbase are 4740/1890/1680mm and 2870mm respectively, which is larger than the CX-50 designed on the front-wheel drive platform. In terms of exterior styling, Mazda's unique Kodo-Soul aesthetic design concept is used, giving it beautiful and dynamic body sculptures and body lines, and showing a strong performance and sports style. The cabin uses a "Kaichou" design concept that mixes different materials and texture elements for layout, and then combines it with interior decorative panels made with the "Musubu" construction method and Japan's unique textile technology to create a unique Japanese style delicate and luxurious texture. In addition, it also has a new center console architecture design, and is equipped with a new three-spoke steering wheel, a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel that brings a sense of technology, and a 12.3-inch central touch screen (wireless supports Apple Carplay & Android Auto) As well as a large HUD projection-type full-color head-up display, it also introduces the new generation of Mazda Connect human-machine intelligent information integration system and complete i-Activesense active safety technology. In particular, the 33T AWD flagship model is equipped with Nappa premium leather seats and Bose surrounds. Audio + 12 speakers, personal driving facial recognition system and detection camera, etc., demonstrate its intention to transform into a luxury brand.

The new CX-60, which belongs to the mid-sized travel class, is positioned above the CX-50 and has a thick, full and muscular body shape and a dynamic and fashionable atmosphere.

In the power section, the 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G straight-four gasoline engine is paired with an 8-speed manual transmission, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 192hp, 26.6kgm; while the 3.3-liter e-Skyactiv-G longitudinal straight-6 turbo engine is paired with a 48V lightweight The petrol-electric system can release 284hp, 45.9kgm of maximum power, and has a very good average fuel consumption performance of 14.0km/L.

The new CX-60 is built using Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture, a new modular platform architecture that can correspond to rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive architecture.
The 3.3-liter e-Skyactiv-G longitudinal straight-six turbo engine is matched with a 48V light oil-electric system and an 8-speed manual transmission, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 284hp and 45.9kgm.

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