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The Balvenie's 60 Years Master Blender 60th Anniversary CollectionThe Balvenie Distillery Releases its Highest Vintage WhiskyHomage to the Legendary David C. Stewart MBE

"The Balvenie's 60 Years Master Bartender 60th Anniversary Collection", pays tribute to the achievements of head bartender David Stewart at the 60 years of service at the Balvenie Distillery (courtesy of Glenn & Sons).

The well-known Scottish whisky brand "The Balvenie Single Malt Whisky" is one of the few whisky distilleries in the world that still follows the traditional craftsmanship. David C. Stewart MBE, the most senior chief bartender of Scotch whisky and a legend in the global whisky industry, celebrated his 60th year of service in the distillery in September this year. David Stewart not only wrote a brilliant chapter for The Balvenie Distillery, but also created "Cask Finishing", which has brought innovative changes to the whisky industry and opened up the boundaries of whisky flavor.

In order to pay tribute to the achievements of chief bartender David Stewart for 60 years, The Balvenie invited important figures in the whisky industry to gather in London, England, to pay tribute to the master and announce the official release of the "60 Years of Balvenie Chief Bartender 60th Anniversary Collection" At the same time, it was announced that Kelsey McKechnie was officially promoted from "Apprentice Malt Master" to "Malt Master". The two will continue to create more for Balvenie Whisky legend.

The Balvenie's chief bartender, David Stewart, has brought far-reaching influence to the development of modern whisky with the barrel-passing process (provided by Glenn & Sons).

1962Distilled and matured60Year-old rare whisky, The Balvenie's highest vintage pays tribute to the master

And this wine, which marks an important milestone for The Balvenie and David Stewart, was selected by Kelsey McKechnie, a disciple appointed by David himself. Casey said: “David always taught me everything he knew and the time I spent working and studying with David had a profound effect on my whisky career. I’m very honoured to have taken on this task. — Picking the perfect whisky to pay tribute to David Stewart, a legend in the Scotch whisky industry who had a huge impact on The Balvenie Distillery.”

1962 was the year that head bartender David Stewart began his service at The Balvenie; Casey selected a cask of rare whisky that was distilled into barrels that year. "Lavender, heather, a lovely autumnal scent, followed by rich toffee, beautifully layered oak, and a great, long finish, with cloves, nutmeg, candied citrus slowly emerging over time" This is the 60 years that Casey shared with us at The Balvenie, and it also symbolizes the David Stewart in her heart.

The Balvenie's head bartender, David Stewart, recalls that "1962 was the beginning of it all, and what we have accomplished with The Balvenie for 60 years is just around the corner" (Courtesy of Glenn & Sons).

The Balvenie60Master Bartender 60th Anniversary Collector's Edition, recording the milestones of David Stewart's career

David Stewart, The Balvenie’s chief bartender, recalled: “In 1962, I had just entered the Balvenie Distillery and began to manage whisky cellars; it was also in that year that this batch of new distilled spirits was sold by Aged in traditional European oak reconstituted casks. That year’s new wine, which was bottled this year after quietly maturing in oak barrels for 60 years, is also a very special milestone for me.”

"The Balvenie's 60 Years Chief Bartender 60th Anniversary Collection Edition" is designed with a hand-made crystal bottle and five-layer crystal clear glass, carrying the glorious milestone of the chief bartender David Stewart's 60-year career (Grid provided by Lan and Son).

"The Balvenie's 60 Years Chief Bartender's 60th Anniversary Collection Edition", in addition to the commemorative rare whisky liquor, the packaging also carries the glorious milestone of David Stewart's 60-year career; five layers of crystal clear glass , engraved from the outside to the inside layer by layer, a tribute to important figures in David Stewart's 60-year career; the innermost hand-made crystal bottle is elegant and exquisite and high-end as always, with Casey recorded on the bottle. McEnany's tribute symbolizes the nearly ten-year heritage of The Balvenie's chief bartender, David Stewart, and the beginning of the next chapter.

While paying tribute to head bartender David Stewart, The Balvenie announced that Casey McKenney was officially promoted from trainee head bartender to head bartender. The two will continue to create more legends for The Balvenie whisky (Glen provided by father and son).

Casey McKenney Promoted to Head Bartender, Creating More Legends of The Balvenie with David Stewart

In order to pay tribute to David Stewart's contribution and achievements to the whisky industry, The Balvenie invited important figures from the whisky industry and The Balvenie Distillery to gather in London, England to witness a page of history written by David Stewart. Helmed by three-Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan, the event will pay tribute to David's 60 years of achievements with a six-course feast. The banquet ended with a whiskey paired with dessert personally selected by Kelsey McKechnie. At the same time, The Balvenie officially announced that Kelsey was officially promoted from "Apprentice Malt Master" to "Chief Bartender (Apprentice Malt Master)". Malt Master)".

Kelsey McKechnie joined the Balvenie Winery in 2014; in 2018, Kelsey, who was only 27 years old, was appointed by David as the Apprentice Malt Master, setting a record at the time. The youngest female trainee chief bartender is honored, and she will shoulder heavy responsibilities in the next four years. She has mastered the essence of barrel craftsmanship and the persistence of the traditional wine making process of The Balvenie. ; Her independent creation under the guidance of David Stewart - "The Balvenie Story Series 12 Years of Sugar Heart Oak" is a representative work that condenses such spirit and refinement. "The Balvenie's 60 Years Chief Bartender 60th Anniversary Collection Edition", in addition to paying tribute to the legend, is the first work after his appointment as the chief bartender. Casey said: "Thanks to David for his guidance over the past few years. He not only taught The Balvenie's winemaking process, but he was also a good teacher and friend who guided me to continue to move forward. For my new role - The Balvenie's Chief Bartender, I am extremely excited and looking forward to continuing to carry forward the traditional craftsmanship that The Balvenie adheres to, while injecting new ideas and energy, and looking forward to creating more legends for The Balvenie Distillery and the whisky industry.”

Helmed by three-Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan, the event will pay tribute to David's 60 years of achievements with a six-course feast (courtesy of Glenn & Sons).
The Balvenie 60 Year Old Rare Single Malt Whisky
Master Bartender's 60th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Tasting Notes:
● Smell: Lavender, heather aromas, charming autumn flavors; oak aromas, vintage jam flavors add amazing layers
● Taste: Intense toffee, roasted coffee aromas; cloves, nutmeg, candied citrus appear over time
● Finish: excellent and long spice and oak sweetness

Product Information:
◎Alcohol concentration:42.4%
◎Capacity: 700ml
◎The world is limited to 71 bottles

About The PAXThe Balvenie

The Balvenie is one of the few whisky distilleries in Scotland that still adheres to the traditional craftsmanship. Adhering to the spirit of "One Heart, One Art", the Balvenie has been dedicated to creating the best whisky for a hundred years. The Balvenie single malt whisky is created by David C. Stewart, a master blender, MBE awarded by Queen Elizabeth II, and is based on the signature honey flavour, each whisky is unique Flavor, rich and smooth. The Balvenie is committed to creating the five unique craftsmanship of The Balvenie's unique taste, insisting on the distillery that grows barley, germinates by hand, and employs its own coppersmiths and coopers, which makes The Balvenie the best single malt whisky.

About Glenn & Sons

In 1886, William Grant (William Grant) founded the Glenn & Sons Wine Company in his name, and established the Glenfiddich Distillery in the valleys of the Scottish Highlands. The first drops of whisky were distilled on Christmas Day, 1887. Glenn & Sons adheres to its original dream and brews numerous award-winning and well-known brands with the spirit of independence, concentration and pursuit of the ultimate, including the first single malt whisky to be introduced to the world - Glenfiddich single malt whisky Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky, The Balvenie Single Malt Whisky, Grant's Scotch Whisky, Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky and Henry Jazz Wine (Hendrick's Gin), Jerry Sailor Rum (Sailor Jerry Rum) and other full range of products.


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