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The best flying in Taiwan!2022 Red Bull Flying Day Xiao Dai certified "Taiwan Big Mike" as the craziest flying machine in Taiwan

2022The only one in Asia and the first in TaiwanRed BullThe flight day is this Sunday (18day) inMITSUI OUTLET PARK Take off from Taichung Port, over40The flight teams of the group took turns taking off on the six-meter high platform.More than 50,000 people attended the event, and millions of people participated lastFrom "Boss, a meat-controlling bun with no coriander and no fat" to "So big."(oneˋ)Bao" won the championship. Their innovative and eye-catching aircraft won the audience's applause as soon as they appeared on the stage.32.75Meter won the title of the wildest flying machine, andRed Bullflight day withLINE VOOMThe popular champion of the collaboration and the family laugh award are respectively awarded by "Captain, can you fly?" and "Grandpa's の"(alley)Dentures" team won the award.

quack,HOWHOWChallenging flight, Xiao Dai certified the flying bag shape and won the title of the craziest aircraft in Taiwan

The opening of the 2022 Taiwan Red Bull Flying Day not only invited the creative genius Ma Nianxian to adapt the classic song "Taekwondo" to sing the theme song of the event, but also the official aircraft "Flying Sedan chair" and the host Meimei took the lead in clearing the port and rushing to the sea for the creative flight show of the flying team. Kick off.

The Red Bull Flying Day brought together folk masters from all over Taiwan, and even the well-known Internet celebrity team and HowFun Studio also participated in the grand event, turning the movie monster Mothra into a flying machine, which was piloted by the boss Guaji (Qiu Weijie). In the end, the score of 9.86 meters was left; and HowFun Studio made the "Simba is not good" aircraft in the shape of the lion king. HowHow (Chen Zihao) bravely jumped off the six-meter high platform with the incarnation of the aircraft, bringing the audience to the audience. The unexpected surprise caused cheers.

After the wonderful flight show of 42 teams, "Boss, a meat-controlling bun with no coriander and no fat" stood out! Pilot Tina said, "It feels like flying out like a bird!" They turned the common coriander and meat control in the mow bag into an aircraft. As soon as they launched the six-meter high platform, the "cilantro wings" took the pilot to fly in the direction of the wind. He was about to fall into the water and encountered a headwind. In the end, his super crazy performance of 32.75 meters caused cheers from the audience and won the final winner of the Red Bull Flying Day.

Red Bull athlete Tai Tzu Ying appeared as a judge to score points for the flying team

Red Bull athlete Tai Tzu Ying, who served as the judge of the flight day, encouraged all the flying teams after seeing each group of aircraft shapes, "After watching the foreign Red Bull flight day video, I was looking forward to today's event. I just saw the dragon. , Fire Brigade, 101 and other styles are very interesting!" She also looks forward to the future team using badminton as a style inspiration, "because badminton can fly!".

Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan and Taichung City Sports Director Li Yurui also showed up to support the event. The director said, "Red Bull sports events represent the youthful vitality of a city and the meaning of support for young people to show themselves. This spirit is closely related to the current development of sports in Taichung City. Not only do I hope to market Taichung through the Red Bull Flying Day, but also let the Taiwan is on the international stage!"

The solitary wheel dazzles, the extreme bicycle falls into the water gorgeously, and the midfield of the flight day reaches the highest point

In addition to the 42 groups of flying teams on the Red Bull Flying Day, which displayed the most insane creativity and flying ideas, showing the characteristics of Taiwan, the event also invited the Japanese rider Gu Lun Wang - Abe Yu and Taiwan extreme cycling BMX player - Zheng Qiaohong to conduct the event. show. Abe has long lived in Taichung. In 2017, he even broke the world record for the Lone Wheel. He showed off his "Lonely Wheel" dazzling performance in the midfield of the flight day, and the audience was amazed. The man and the car fell into the water gorgeously, reaching the highest point for the midfield of the flight day.

In the 11-day online voting campaign, "Captain, can you fly?" won the popularity king with a high score of 30,062; The "Family Smile Award" sponsored by FamilyMart Collection was unanimously praised by the judges for "Grandpa's Dentures".

Red Bull Flying Day brings together all the crazy people in Taiwan to take off

The Red Bull Flying Day is one of the most high-profile international events in the world. Since the first edition was held in Vienna, Austria in 1992, it has toured 97 cities and held more than 175 events. The longest flying distance in the world was in California in 2013. "Chicken Whisperers", a team of five aeronautical engineers, set a record with a distance of 78.64 meters.

The 2022 Taiwan Red Bull Flying Day is the only flight day event in Asia this year and the first in Taiwan. A total of 633 teams have signed up, and 45 teams have been selected to compete in Taichung Hong Kong. The final champion is "Boss, a meat-controlling bag without coriander." If the team wins, they will receive a Red Bull overseas race experience tour. This year's judging lineup includes Red Bull athlete Tai Tzu-ying, Red Bull e-sports player Lightning Wolf, industrial YouTuber Super Serious Junior, Xiaochun Kenzy and Da Yuan Muta, Ppaper Artistic Director Li Yunda and Old Swan, and Taichung City Government.

The Red Bull Flying Day brings together folk masters from all over Taiwan, not only civil aviation pilots and hang gliders who love flying, but also dentists with flying dreams, robot production teams, rocket researchers, YouTubers, etc., they use their creativity. After adding wings to common animals, vehicles, and even the food on the plate, it becomes the strongest aircraft. Together in Taichung Harbor, we challenge the human dream of flying. On the 6-meter-high platform, we spread our wings with unrestrained creativity!


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