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The biggest super full moon is coming!The live broadcast time is released

This year's largest full moon will occur in the early morning of July 14, which is also the last super full moon this year. It is larger and brighter than the full moon of the previous month. The apparent diameter of the moon can reach 33.7 arc minutes, which is the same as the smallest full moon on January 18 this year. It is a full 13.5% larger than that, which is about the difference between the size of a 1 yuan and a 5 yuan coin. If you want to appreciate the most beautiful moon of this year, you have to take good care of it.

The best viewing time suggested by the Taipei Planetarium is in the evening of the 13th (Wednesday), because the moon passed perigee at 17:6 on the same day. At this time, the center of the earth and the moon is 357,372 kilometers away, which is the moment when the moon is closest to the earth this year. When the moon rises at 18:37, although the phase is 99.7%, less than 100% "full version", it is no different from a perfect circle to the naked eye. Coupled with the background of the ground scenery, it will be better than the early morning of the 14th. The "full moon" hanging high in the night sky at 2:38 is even more spectacular, and it is almost the same round. It is the best looking moon this year!The Planetarium will be held on YouTube "Taipei Planetarium" channel from 19:30 on the 13th"The Biggest Full Moon" Live Commentarydon't miss it.

In fact, even at the "full moon" moment at 2:38 on the 14th, the moon will not reach 100% "full version", only 99.8%! Because the full moon is defined at the moment when the ecliptic longitude of the moon and the sun differs by 180 degrees, regardless of the latitude, but only when the moon, the earth and the sun are truly aligned, the earth can see the "full version" of the moon, but at this time The moon is also in a "lunar eclipse" because it is in Earth's shadow. There will be a total lunar eclipse on November 8 this year, when the "full" full moon will be visible. For detailed astronomical information, please refer to the Taipei Planetarium website "Astronomical knowledge - astronomical forecast」。


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