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The blue storm is comingVolkswagen R Performance Day

Under the continuous introduction of Taiwan Volkswagen, Volkswagen's R high-performance family not only has a stronger sales lineup in Taiwan, but also has a stronger sales performance. Since 2022, it has received orders for more than 2,000 vehicles, accounting for 21% of the entire brand's sales. %, and has even become the fifth largest market in the world for the R department. Such a strong buying momentum has also attracted the attention of the original factory. In particular, the R Performance Day track event was held for the first time on November 1 this year to further establish the image of passionate performance.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of holding the R Performance Day track event, Taiwan Volkswagen Motors released the limited edition 23-year-old Golf R/Golf R Variant at the same venue, priced at 1.998 million yuan and 2.068 million yuan respectively. In addition to the interior appearance and strong performance, it is also equipped with an exclusive R Performance package as standard, adding a Drift Mode that allows the four-wheel drive steel gun to show off its tail, and a Special Mode button that meets the driving needs of the Green Hell. The Berlin track mode also adds a Harman Kardon surround sound system and a projection HUD head-up display, which improves both performance fun and practical comfort.

Taiwan Volkswagen held the R Performance Day track event for the first time, and released the limited 23-year-old Golf R/Golf R Variant special edition at the same time.
The two special edition models maintain the competitive interior layout, and are equipped with Harman Kardon surround sound and projection HUD head-up display as standard.
Standard ArtVelours-like suede/leather/woven sports car seats, stitching of various materials and R exclusive marks all help to create a passionate atmosphere.
The next experience is to go around the whole track, and the Pilot Sport 4S provided by Michelin is used as the event tire.

20 years of performance heritage

In order to show the importance attached to the Taiwan market, in addition to the participation of original factory representatives, Benjamin Leuchter, a R&D racing driver of the R department, was invited to show his own experience and show the full strength of the R car in the R Performance Day track event. In fact, the R department, a performance sub-brand of VW, just celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Since its first masterpiece, the fourth-generation Golf R32, it has established two signature features of high horsepower + four-wheel drive, and it has grown even more today. It is a performance army with more than 300hp and a top speed of at least 250km/h. At the same time, it has its own style in terms of styling design, from the appearance package including aerodynamic effects, more unique and exquisite cockpit layout, to the most representative The distinctive Lapiz Blue azure blue paintwork, etc., can show the extraordinary flagship momentum at the top of each car series.

This time, the industry specially invited Benjamin Leuchter, a R&D racing driver of the R department, to come to Taiwan to show off the full strength of the R car in person.

In line with the theme of the event, the industry specially assembled the eighth-generation Golf R/Golf R Variant, T-Roc R, Tiguan R and other R family models introduced in China, plus the Arteon 430 TSI R-Line Performance which is almost the same as the authentic Arteon R , and all adopt the above-mentioned Lapiz Blue exclusive car color, which brings a particularly shocking visual experience; however, due to the large number of participating media, the event will be held in two groups in turn, and only draw lots to determine the vehicle styles that each group can drive , and we got the Golf R Variant and T-Roc R. The only Golf R in the audience that has not been experienced yet can only look forward to other test drive opportunities in the future.

This event brings together the domestically imported R family models, but unfortunately only two of them can be experienced due to limited time.
The Lihpao track is composed of compact 23 bends and ups and downs, which is quite suitable for verifying the strong power and four-wheel drive limit of the R family.
The tall and powerful Tiguan R can also show a sharp handling response on the track, and the R Performance torque distribution system also contributed a lot.

High limit hot-blooded driving

First of all, the Golf R Variant will be played. Considering the track environment and the limited number of laps, we choose to switch directly to the Race racing mode for experience. At this time, the EA888 Evo 4 straight four-turbo engine with a maximum horsepower of 320hp and a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission The box can bring a rich and full acceleration response, and the newly equipped R Performance Torque Vectoring torque distribution system can also show the flexibility of the rear of the car beyond imagination. When the accelerator is deliberately increased when leaving a corner, there may even be a slight rear axle swing Lively and dynamic, it can be said to be a duck to water on the Lihpao track, which is mostly composed of tight curves and with ups and downs; however, it may be due to the attribute setting of the Golf R Variant in response to the practical needs of its station wagon. Suspension settings that can fully take into account daily comfort, but when driving intensely on the track, the support of the rear section appears to be slightly insufficient. When entering a corner, it is still necessary to carefully control the transfer of the body's center of gravity to avoid throwing off the route.

With the assistance of the R Performance torque distribution system, the all-new eighth-generation Golf R has a higher level of flexibility, and can easily pass through tricky hairpin turns.

Immediately after switching to T-Roc R, the horsepower reduced by 20 hp and the tall body did not have much impact on its performance compared with the Golf R Variant. Whether it is accelerating out of a corner or sprinting in a straight line, it can be compared with the Golf R and Golf R in front. The Variant maintains a similar pace and will not be significantly pulled away; what is more interesting is that the suspension setting of the T-Roc R made us feel a little too bouncy in the previous road test drive, but it was just right when it came to the track. It can also control the change of the body's center of gravity well when braking into a corner or on a road section with large ups and downs in the second half. The 4Motion four-wheel drive system with Haldex structure also gave people the feeling that it was too stable and not fun in the previous test drive. This powerful tracking on the track can be transformed into a precise and stable cornering route, so that the driver does not need to be distracted to grasp the dynamic changes of the rear axle, and can give full play to the performance of the vehicle.

Although the T-Roc R with an older model generation is not equipped with a torque distribution system, its neutral and stable handling response can still give people full confidence.

In addition to the track experience, the industry also arranged a simple Ginkana cone level, mainly hoping to experience the flexible control response brought by the R Performance Torque Vectoring torque distribution system through the Golf R Variant; in addition, the R department developed racer Benjamin Leuchter also personally drove the Golf R at the end of the event, carrying the lucky media to experience the Drift Mode drift mode. I saw that the Golf R with the four-wheel drive setting can show the dynamics of the large-angle rear wheel spin just like a rear-wheel drive car under the control of a racer. Accurately passing through large and small bends really makes people admire the R department's performance pursuit and R & D strength.

With the combination of the racing driver's superb technology and the Drift Mode, the eighth-generation Golf R can also show a large-scale drift dynamics like a rear-wheel drive vehicle.


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