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The classic masterpiece of male and male masochism!Chinese love classic "Lan Yu" 20th anniversary 4K repair version returns to the big screen

▲Liu Ye and Hu Jun perfectly interpreted the characters, and the love story beyond gender touched millions of fans (photo courtesy of Jiashang Entertainment)

Famous guide Guan Jinpeng called on the gold award team KingThe most affectionate work "Lan Yu" by Zhang Shuping
Golden Horse actor Liu Yemei was exposed in his youth Overbearing President Hu Junzhan Contrasting Adorable Confession

The gold medal director Guan Jinpeng has been in film for more than 40 years. Over the years, his works have focused on the living conditions and spiritual level of women and specific groups. He has become unique among many directors in the Chinese film industry. The Hong Kong Film Awards won a number of awards. He is also known as the "Actors and Actresses", who is good at portraying the emotions of the characters. "Ruan Lingyu" assists Maggie Cheung and won the best actress at the Berlin Film Festival, becoming the first Chinese-born Berlin actress in film history. , "Rouge Button" pushed the legendary actress Anita Mui to new heights. After winning the Golden Horse Award, the Hong Kong Film Awards, and the Asia Pacific Film Festival in one fell swoop, "Lan Yu" reached its peak again, not only making Liu Ye and Hu Jun nominated for the Golden Horse Awarded for Best Actor, Liu Ye won the Golden Horse Movie King and won the best film award of the audience's vote. It can be said that the audience is recognized as one of the Chinese film directors who understand love best.

Liu Ye's special melancholic temperament and countless powders with thick eyebrows and big eye circles (photo courtesy of Jiashang Entertainment)

Hu Jun, who is deeply rooted in his masculine image, shows strong masculine charm in the film (photo courtesy of Jiashang Entertainment)

The 20th anniversary 4K digitally restored version of the classic masterpiece "Lan Yu" that has been unforgettable by Taiwanese movie fans will return to the big screen on December 10. The film plot depicts the rich son Chen Handong (played by Hu Jun) encounters a poor college student Lan Yu (Liu Ye) Actress), the two sparked unexpectedly, but the society did not allow them to communicate publicly at the time. They could only suppress the emotions, but fell in love but could not stay together until the old sadistic plot forced countless audiences to cry. The film caused a sensation in all walks of life when it was released. Director Guan Jinpeng did not fear the pressure of public opinion, insisted on taking over the director's tube, and assembled the strongest production team lineup at that time. Gold medal music producer Zhang Yadong was invited to do the music, and Wang Jiawei's queen master Zhang Shuping served as art director and editing. , Even if he has to travel back and forth between Beijing and Hong Kong, he still insists on being responsible for character modeling and confirming all the details. He has a deep passion for "Lan Yu".

"Lan Yu" movie pre-sale tickets are now on sale, a single ticket is only 220 yuan, please refer to the blog to ticket sales network for details

King of the HorsesLiu YeConfessMoved with real feelings Overbearing President Hu Jun shows the contrastMoe confession

"Lan Yu" is still recognized as a classic masterpiece by many fans since 2001. Liu Ye and Hu Jun's naturally non-artificial acting skills are sincere and touching in the film, attracting a large number of fans to follow this pair of "Military Ye CP" for a long time. It is the first male and male CP group to be actively supported by the audience. The two are often asked whether they are really emotional at the moment of filming. When interviewed, Liu Ye revealed that this was the most difficult part of the filming: "Guardian told me that I was here. In the movie, you must fall in love with Hu Jun, and you must be fascinated by him!" He also emphasized that there is no gender in love, frankly confessing that he is an actor who follows his feelings: "I think acting is a kind of heart. Feeling, that kind of feeling must of course be true. Now the audience’s eyes are very good and the standard is also very high. Real feelings will be seen. If they are fake, they can actually be seen. So I think acting first is to be true. , You must believe it."

Director Guan Jinpeng asked Liu Ye and Hu Jun to stage a passionate play on the first day of shooting (photo courtesy of Jiashang Entertainment)

In the film, Hu Jun, who has countless fans in the image of an overbearing president, unexpectedly showed a cute contrast, and generously praised Liu Ye: "We cooperated very well. He is my younger brother. Although he has not met in school, we tried the play. It’s very co-production and tacit understanding. His eyes are very big. He will use his eyes to speak in the scene. I think this is what makes him particularly attractive.” It is worth mentioning that Liu Ye and Hu Jun Being able to fully utilize his acting skills, it is all thanks to the rigorous training of director Guan Jinpeng. Before the filming of the film, Guan Jinpeng specifically asked Liu Ye and Hu Jun to enter the group two months in advance to prepare for living together. During this period, they should be thoroughly familiar with each other and even more deliberately show passion. The filming was arranged on the first day, and solemnly said: "If you can't pass this level on the first day, all the following plots will not exist." The follow-up requirements for each scene are quite strict, and the same-sex relationship is meticulously depicted. Sure enough, Liu Ye and Hu Jun were completely involved in the show at the end because of his gentle emotions, and it also touched millions of audiences around the world. The movie "Lan Yu" will be released in Taiwan on December 10th. Movie fans should not miss it.

Liu Ye, who has just debuted, plays the role of a male college student, which is very refreshing (photo courtesy of Jiashang Entertainment)

As university deans, Hu Jun and Liu Ye gave a lot of help during the play (photo courtesy of Jiashang Entertainment)

Your name is always in my heart

Han Dong (played by Hu Jun), born as a child of a wealthy family in Beijing, is successful in business at home and surrounded by beautiful women, but he is interested in men. Lan Yu (played by Liu Ye), a college student at the time, was forced by life to choose to betray his body, and became the object of his contacts due to fate. Before the beginning of this relationship, the two had set the rules of the game "good to get together, good to disperse." Unexpectedly, they got deeper and deeper in the process. Just as the relationship became more stable, due to social public opinion and family pressure, Han Dong was about to marry a woman named Jingping (played by Su Jin) as his wife, and Lan Yu walked away silently. Many years later, Handong failed to do business, and was even arrested by the city council to seize all his wealth and face a capital offense. When Lan Yu learned the news, he immediately sold the house that Handong gave him and put out his savings for many years in an attempt to save Handong. Can they really overcome all difficulties this time and stay together for a long time?

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