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The competition is more intense and exciting! 2022 STS Super Touring Car Race Second Round Report

As the highest domestic touring car event - STS Super Touring Car National Series, the race schedule has come to the second stop. This race is still led by TCR racing cars, plus S2000, N2000, Turbo, TTCC and NTCC. In addition, the event organizer also specially added two street car groups, such as the GR Yaris group and the Focus group, to add more exciting content to this event. Let the author let everyone feel the grand occasion of the competition through text and pictures.

Four stops in 2022

Don't be afraid of the epidemic and hold it normally

Although racing activities are still quite unfamiliar sports events to the domestic people, there is always someone who takes the lead in order to make everyone reverse the stereotype of racing, and this person is AAI who has made outstanding achievements in domestic and foreign events Team leader - Chen Junshan, he is also the main driver of the 2022 STS Super Touring Car National Series. The event is expected to hold four events this year. The time is: 4/29-5/1, 6/24-6/26, 8/ 18-8/21, and 10/28-10/30, are both located at the G2 track of Lihpao International Circuit in Taichung Houli, and the first and second races have been successfully held a few days ago.

As for the planning part of the competition system, it is a national event recognized by the FIA/ASN. At least six groups are planned, namely: TCR TAIWAN group, Turbo group, S2000 group, N2000 group, TTCC group and NTCC group Groups, etc. These categories are all regular FIA events, but the event organizer, in order to allow ordinary street car owners to also have access to the event, especially in the second race, joined the Ford FOCUS original standard race and TOYOTA GR YARIS timing Challenge two categories.

In the second round of the TCR event, Chen Junhua/Liu Weizhi of the FIST-Team AAI team, the champion of the first round, won the championship again and continued to maintain a strong competition momentum. Congratulations to the two drivers.
HubAuto Racing team Chen Hancheng/Jono Laster, who missed the chance to win the championship because of a flat tire and the safety car, finally finished fourth.

Among them, the original FOCUS uniform competition is divided into two groups: FORD FOCUS ST-Line and ST/ST Wagon. The total number of cars in the two groups is 25 cars. , 2nd and 2nd runner-up trophies, the vehicle modification rules in this group are generally based on street cars, and major engine system modifications are not allowed. At most, it is intake and exhaust modification, ECU computer optimization, braking system modification and tire selection. Wait, the rest can't be changed.

As for the participating vehicles of the TOYOTA GR YARIS Time Trial Challenge, they are divided into the unlimited modification group and the original modification group. The former has unlimited power and chassis modification, only controls the exhaust noise, and the tire size is not limited, but TW140 is required. The above tires, and the interior, air-conditioning, lights, etc., cannot be removed, and the street car conditions must be maintained, and the sequential gearbox cannot be replaced. As for the latter, there are many restrictions. The engine system can hardly be changed, the exhaust pipe can only be changed to the tail section, the tire size cannot be changed, and the interior and chassis systems cannot be changed. The entry threshold is set to attract more lightly modified GR Yaris owners who are willing to participate.

The top three drivers in Group A of this TCR race are Chen Junhua/Liu Weizhi, You Yihao/Huang Jianye, Dai Xiaoxiang/Lin Yuanhu.

The end of the TCR peaks and turns

AAI team wins again

In the two-day event, nearly 100 participating vehicles were registered, and there are quite a lot of exciting contents. However, I believe that most people pay attention to the TCR event. The TCR teams participating in this competition are almost all domestic first-class teams, including There are FIST-Team AAI, Border Team, HubAuto Racing Team, SVR Racing School, Triple Team and Carsman Racing Team. Car No. 15 won the PP pole starting position. As for the championship in the first race, car No. 15 driven by Chen Junhua/Liu Weizhi was in the second starting position. It seems that there will be a fight in the final the next day.

On the day of the final, a dynamic start was used, and the race time was 60 minutes. Each car could be driven by two drivers, A/B. At the beginning of the race, the No. 19 car of the HubAuto Racing team ran together, and quickly opened a considerable distance from the rear car. On the contrary, the competition between the second, third, fourth and fifth places was the most intense. At this time, the most exciting thing was the overtaking process of the No. 75 car driven by You Yihao/Huang Jianye of the Border team. This car in the fifth starting position. The car, on the seventh lap, overtook two cars in a row, came to the third place, and started to chase after the second car No. 15, and the ranking of the top three continued until the 27th lap. There were more than 8 minutes left in the race. I thought that the top three rankings would end like this. Unexpectedly, the No. 19 car, which was in the lead car, had a flat tire on the right rear and slipped. Fortunately, it was close to the maintenance area. The entrance lane is not far, you can drive the car back to the pit area to change the tires and continue the game.

I thought it was just this, but I didn't expect that a safety car was dispatched at this time. The reason was that car No. 88 was parked in the buffer zone. In order to allow the drivers to leave the car quickly, the conference had to send a safety car. Because of this, No. 19 The car was unable to recover the seconds for maintenance, and the second round of the TCR race ended with the safety car taking the lead. In the end, Chen Junhua/Liu Weizhi of the FIST-Team AAI team, the champion of the first round, won the championship again. The second place was won by You Yihao/Huang Jianye of Border Team, the third place was won by Dai Xiaoxiang/Lin Yuanhu of SVR Team, and the fourth place was won by Chen Hancheng/Jono Laster of HubAuto Racing Team who missed the championship with a puncture.

The third race will be held on 8/19 and 8/20. Before the deadline, we learned that the event will join the BMW M Challenge time trial in the third race. It is expected that it will not only bring a new climax to the STS Super Touring Car National Series , and will attract fans who love various BMW models to gather on the track, which is bound to push the popularity of the BMW M 50th anniversary to a peak. The organizer pointed out that the third race will cooperate with the title sponsor BMW Taiwan general agent Fande Co., Ltd. to launch the BMW M Challenge timing challenge, which will be divided into two categories: BMW M High Performance and BMW M Performance. 8 August 20th (Saturday) is the M Performance category, which is limited to M135i, M140i, M235i, M240i, M340i, M440i, M550i, M850i ​​and other models (regardless of model year); August 21st (Sunday) is M The High Performance group is limited to M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 and other models (no model year). In addition to the time trial challenge, during the third race (August 19-21), a BMW M exhibition area was also planned on site, including BMW M4, BMW M4 GT3 racing cars and various BMW boutiques. At that time, we will go to Taichung Lihpao Circuit to spend a warm-blooded weekend full of BMW M feelings. Interested Bimmers, please seize the opportunity.

The TTCC group and the NTCC group are mainly Civic EG/EK vehicles, which have been established since the Longtan era. It is a race with a long history in China, and it is also the group with the largest number of starting vehicles in this competition, with a total of 23 vehicles. .


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