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The complete lineup of 2024 TOYOTA Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition has been revealed.

Making a Better City: TOYOTA creates a better future city and actively realizes the vision of carbon neutrality

At the 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition, TOYOTA uses "Making a Better City" as its theme to create a better future city, conveying that TOYOTA is not only a brand that manufactures vehicles, but is also committed to passing on a beautiful home to the next generation.

TOYOTA is well aware that "carbon neutrality" is not only a global trend, but also an urgent challenge facing the world today. To truly achieve the goal of global carbon neutrality, we need to take into account the energy situation around the world and adapt to local conditions. The solution to the carbon neutrality strategy should not be limited to pure electric vehicles. Therefore, TOYOTA has proposed a "Multi-pathway" strategy - development and research include FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle), BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle, pure electric vehicle), PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, composite electric vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle) and other full product lines of electrified vehicles, allowing global consumers to choose the most suitable electric vehicle for them and meet their diverse needs to achieve real savings. Carbon effect. In the TOYOTA exhibition area of ​​the 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition, the public will be able to view TOYOTA's various new energy vehicle models and experience how TOYOTA realizes its concept.

Three major theme exhibition areas: displaying the "Multi-pathway" strategy and the concept of "Mobility For All"

The TOYOTA exhibition area of ​​this auto show is divided into three major themes – New Energy Area, Life Style Area and Sports Car Area. In the new energy exhibition area, the public will be able to take a look at TOYOTA's various new energy vehicles, including the pure electric crossover SUV concept car "bZ Compact SUV" that debuted in Taiwan for the first time. It is equipped with TOYOTA's most cutting-edge technology and only emits H2O water molecules during driving. The hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle - MIRAI; the hybrid electric vehicle that just won the 44th JCOTY Japan Car of the Year Award - PRIUS PHEV; TOYOTA's first global mass-produced BEV pure electric travel - bZ4X, as well as the energy-saving and fuel-saving thermal vehicle Car model for sale - ALTIS HYBRID.

In addition, "Mobility For All" is also TOYOTA's core value. TOYOTA hopes that everyone can enjoy the freedom and happiness of mobility. Therefore, in the Life Style area, the exhibition lineup includes the new light SUV YARiS CROSS, the SUV models popular among Taiwanese consumers - COROLLA CROSS and RAV4, and the domestic light commercial vehicle sales champion Note 1TOWN ACE. In the Sports Car area, you can see the classic sports car GR SUPRA under "TOYOTA GAZOO Racing" and the COROLLA SPORT with driving pleasure, demonstrating TOYOTA's brand spirit of continuing to pursue driving pleasure. Whether you are a racing fan pursuing the thrill of driving, looking for an SUV suitable for family travel, or even needing a reliable commercial vehicle as a good partner for starting a business, you can find a car model that meets the needs of the public here. TOYOTA sincerely invites the public to come to the exhibition area to experience TOYOTA's "Multi-pathway" strategy and the concept of "Mobility For All" to convey its vision of creating a better, sustainable and more dynamic future city for the next generation.

"Magic Blue Bear" and "Fubon Angels" invite you to experience the youthful vitality of the TOYOTA brand

In addition to the complete lineup of car models, the TOYOTA exhibition area has also prepared a variety of exciting activities! There will be regular performances every day with beautiful models paired with highlighted car models. On holidays, popular special guests will be invited to give lively performances. The new generation singing and dancing female group "GENBLUE Magic Blue Bear" will be held on 2023/12 /30, 2024/1/1; the youthful and energetic Fubon cheerleading team "Fubon Angels" will meet the public at the TOYOTA exhibition area on 2023/12/31, interact with fans at close range and experience the TOYOTA exhibition area together, showing the TOYOTA brand's young and energetic.

In order to allow TOYOTA fans and car lovers to respond to the 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition, TOYOTA will hold an auto show ticket giveaway event. Please continue to follow TOYOTA Taiwan official social platforms: TOYOTA Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TOYOTA official website auto show page , master first-hand auto show information and more exciting content.

Note 1: The class distance of light commercial vehicles here refers to commercial vehicles with a length of less than 4,500mm. The data source for the number of licensed vehicles is the number of TOWN ACE new vehicles licensed during the statistical period from the Statistical Inquiry Network of the Highway Administration of the Ministry of Transport from 2023/1/1 to 2023/11/30.


[2024 TOYOTA Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition Event Information]

Event date: December 28, 2023 (Thursday) to January 1, 2024 (Monday)

Event location: Area J, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City)

For detailed event information, please stay tuned to TOYOTA’s official website and official social platforms: TOYOTA’s official auto show page:

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