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The crystallization of racing technology Ford Mustang GTD

●Developed with racing cars for road use as the main focus

●Equipped with a 5.2-liter V8 supercharged engine with an estimated power of 800hp

●Introduction of active aerodynamic package, DRS drag reduction system is also added to the rear wing

●Aim to challenge the Nürburgring Nordschleife with a lap under 7 minutes

Ford Performance has been very active in various developments in recent years. The previous-generation Mustang also cooperated with Shelby to launch the GT 350 R under the department's supervision, allowing the Mustang series to change its nature as a horsepower monster and pursue control and high-revving sound; and the new After the launch of the Dark Horse high-performance street car version, Mustang has further developed into a quasi-track car.

Extreme racing

At a time when global GT3 events are becoming more and more popular, Ford has also previously released a GT3 racing car developed based on the new generation of Mustang, and will subsequently launch a GT4 racing car with slightly lower specifications, thus allowing the department to accumulate considerable track development experience. , which will help the development of higher-performance cars in the future. However, Ford Performance seems not to be interested in this traditional technology decentralization method, just like they were able to drift with the four-wheel drive cannon in the previous generation Focus RS. The trend, this time Mustang GTD may give holiday track club players some completely different ideas.

After entering the GT3 competition, the original manufacturer standardized the complete racing technology for mass production and created a road car with the most competitive strength on the track.

The Mustang GTD adopts the opposite development direction from traditional high-end European sports cars such as the 911 GT3 that emphasize driving ability. It can be said that the equipment and settings of the GT3 racing car are completely transferred to this car. Of course, this also requires professional As a partner who is good at racing, we chose to cooperate with Multimatic to manufacture this car. The size of the entire car has been significantly widened by 10 centimeters, and all body panels are made of carbon fiber except for the doors, which are made of traditional steel. The carbon fiber trim in the cabin can be additionally upgraded, and the widened body is also designed to accommodate 20 people. Large, Michelin CUP2 R tires are equipped with 325mm front and 345mm rear tires. This tire size configuration is also the most exaggerated size setting among many quasi-track performance cars.

The mechanical layout adopts a front-engine and rear-mounted gearbox configuration, which is expected to be a setting that fully applies the existing specifications of the racing car.
A large number of carbon fiber sheet parts were used throughout the vehicle, and coupled with other weight-saving designs, the actual mass-produced mechanical specifications and vehicle weight are quite exciting.
The body has been significantly widened by more than 10 centimeters, and the front and rear tire widths have also set a new record for mass-produced sports cars.

Even better performance

Of course, that's not all that's crazy. A supercharger is added to the 5.2L V8 engine, and the original factory-set output target is 800hp, completely surpassing the 700hp range of the past GT500. In order to balance the overall weight, or actually directly follow the chassis structure of the GT3 racing car, this car also uses a rear-mounted eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission setting. At the same time, because it needs to accommodate the transmission cold radiator and pushrods Type rear suspension and DRS rear wing system and other components, the rear trunk of this car does not provide cargo carrying function. In addition, it also provides an active aerodynamic wing system in the front of the car to enhance the high-speed downforce requirement of the front of the car. This is considered to be consistent with the The Porsche 911 GT3 RS has a similar tacit understanding.

The engine is a 5.2L V8 supercharged setting, and the maximum horsepower is expected to be around 800hp, surpassing the GT500 in one fell swoop.
The shock absorbers of the entire car are actively adjustable, and provide an additional adjustment function of nearly four centimeters in track mode, demonstrating extremely close-to-the-road racing-level performance.
The gearbox adopts an independent cooling system, which is also a standard racing-level configuration.
The DRS variable rear wing that cannot be used in actual racing cars has been used in mass-produced models. It is also the only car model to use such a large rear wing after the 911 GT3 RS.
The rear axle suspension adopts a completely new design, and the pushrod structure is also the best representative of racing applications.

Developed entirely for racing and marketed, the Mustang GTD is expected to be worth US$300,000 (approximately NT$9.54 million) and will be sold in limited production. However, the official price, production quantity and power Performance specifications will not be announced until the official launch. But seeing as it has an active suspension system similar to the Ford GT that can be lowered by an additional 4 centimeters in racing mode, the steering wheel shift paddles and gearbox knobs are 3D printed using titanium alloy materials recycled from retired F22 fighter jets. , in fact, the actual performance strength of this car is worthy of everyone's expectation whether it can break into the 7-point mark of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. At the same time, the performance of GT3 racing cars that will officially join the WEC and IMSA endurance events next year deserves more attention.

The exhaust system is made entirely of titanium alloy, and there are also accessories made of titanium alloy materials recycled from F22 fighter jets in the car.

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