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The detailed information of the next-generation Sienta has been roughly announced! Introduce information such as grades, interior and exterior colors, options, etc.

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●Get detailed information on the next-generation Sienta!
●The new generation of Sienta is changed like this! The main changes are introduced
●3 grades
●Large use of earth colors for interior and exterior
● Equipped with advanced functions equivalent to the new generation Noah/Voxy
●Finally standard driving recorder! List of options
●E-Four! Powertrain related information
●Japan plans to be announced in July~September

Get details on the next-generation Sienta!


The following will introduce you to the relevant information of the new generation Sienta that is expected to undergo a major facelift in the near future.

At present, the body appearance, price and detailed date of sale are still unclear, but the information obtained so far is still detailed and can still be used as a reference for car purchases.

The new generation of Sienta is changed like this! The main changes are introduced

Enhanced comfort while maintaining compact body size

Although some of the next-generation Noah & Voxy models are mid-size, Sienta still plans to maintain the size of a small car and provide it to small station wagon buyers.

The new TNGA chassis platform is adopted, the vehicle width is maintained at 1,695mm, and the vehicle height and interior height are increased by 20mm compared with the current model. In addition, the body height is maintained at 330mm, which improves the convenience of getting on and off.

The ride comfort of the second row of seats has also been improved by improving the overall height and seat rails. In addition, the front knee space of the second-row seats is increased by 80mm, which makes the interior space more spacious, and there is still room for the feet to straighten.

The minimum turning radius is 5.2mm~5.0mm, and it is expected that it will become a more sensitive and drivable car.

Choice of two-row or three-row seating from the start

Current Sienta Three-Row Seat Specifications

The new-generation Sienta comes in two sizes, two-row seats and three-row seats, just like the previous generation. The two-row seat specification was introduced later in the previous generation model, and the new generation model allows you to choose which seat specification you want at the outset. In addition, the "FUNBASE" name of the two-row seat specification will be abolished.

The two-row seats have ample storage space for diversified use. The three-row seat storage method is the same as that of the previous generation model, and the space under the seat is used for storage. The third-row seats can be stowed under the second-row seats, creating as much storage space as the two rows of seats.

Newly set wheelchair specifications, it can also be installed afterwards!
This time, a new welfare car "Welcab" that can also be used by wheelchairs has been set up.

This time Welcab is different from the past and can be installed after the fact. The passenger seat can be replaced with a "swivel movable seat", which, surprisingly, can also be installed on the currently sold Sienta.

However, it is said that there is no wheelchair specification in the early stage of sales, and it will be introduced later.

3 levels of composition

The next-generation Sienta grades have three configurations: "X", "G", and "Z". X is entry level, Z is advanced level.

All grades have settings for gasoline vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. The driving mode of gasoline vehicles is limited to 2WD, and the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles can choose 2WD or 4WD (E-Four).

Extensive use of earth tones inside and out

The new generation of Aqua Urban khaki

The interior and exterior decorations have adopted a large number of light earth tones that have become popular recently. This time, no bright primary colors were introduced, it should be to create a warm atmosphere.

The color of the catalog is "Urban khaki (refer to the picture above)" which is also used in the new generation Aqua and RAV4.

10 body colors

White pearl and Scarlet metallic are available for a fee. The Super White II is only available for wheelchair specifications.

3 interior colors


As the level increases, the available interior colors also increase. The interior color of the entry level X is only black, the G level is available in black and khaki, and the Z is available in three colors.

Equipped with advanced features equivalent to the new generation Noah/Voxy

Next-gen Sienta is equipped to match the new Noah & Voxy in premium models

The next-generation Sienta is equipped with advanced features comparable to the new Noah & Voxy launched in Japan in January this year.

The main functions are as follows.


Toyota is equipped with the TSS camera for the first time, and there is no further details. The new generation Sienta is the second car to feature the latest Display Audio after Noah & Voxy.

Features available on Noah & Voxy but not on the new generation Sienta
The features that are not available on the new generation Sienta are listed below for reference by readers who want to compare with each other.

· Emergency turnaround support

· Front cross traffic warning

· Lane change support

Advanced Drive Assisted Driving System

In addition to the above four functions, other functions are the same, the new generation of Sienta equipped with a substantial evolution.

Finally, a driving recorder is included as standard! List of options

The new generation Sienta factory options are as follows.

List of basic factory options

Options Applicable grade
Panoramic View Monitor full grade
Back wide monitor X (others are standard)
charging hole
Both gasoline and electric hybrids are suitable for gasoline vehicles without setting
Toyota teammate Advanced Park (automatic stop) Z
ETC & Front Driving Recorder X (others are standard)
Front and rear driving recorder full grade
Induction type electric sliding door on both sides G (Z is standard)
Roof circulation fan+Nanoe X G、Z

Although there is still a limited level, it is the first time that the driving recorder is listed as standard, which also means that the driving recorder is now attached great importance.

In addition, if a circulating fan is installed on the roof, the G-class will be equipped with deodorant, water-repellent and oil-resistant seats. Z-rated seats are standard.
It should be noted that the roof circulation fan cannot be installed at the same time as the rear seat display screen.
The charging hole is standard on all grades from the very beginning. If you want to order a specification without a charging hole, it will not be available until half a year at the latest.

Display AudioList of optional functions

The entry-level X comes standard with a display screen but no Display Audio function, and an optional 8-inch display screen is optional. The G and Z grades come with an 8-inch display as standard, and an optional 10.5-inch display. See the table below.

If you choose the 10.5-inch Display Audio Plus, the TV function is attached, which is the same as the new generation Noah & Voxy. Optional CD/DVD is also available.

There are also package options designed for each target audience

The new generation of Sienta has introduced package solutions suitable for different customer levels.
The four packages are as follows.

·Outdoor package
Trunk trim strips, trunk hooks, side signs, etc.

·Family package
Center console storage box, shelf crossbar, multi-functional hook, etc., improve the convenience of use

·Friendly package
Plus smart key, back folding table, Smart foot light (foot lighting)

·Comfort package
360 degree anti-UV/IR soundproof glass, seat heating function, steering wheel heating function

The Outdoor package and Family package, as their names suggest, are optional items for campers and families. The Friendly package is geared towards the elderly as the main customer group.

E-Four! Powertrain related information

The new-generation Sienta power system is divided into two types: gasoline vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles.

Both engines use the 1.5L Dynamic Force engine. The engine may be the 1.5 inline 3-cylinder engine used in models such as the "Yaris".

In addition, the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle newly adopts the 4WD "E-Four". In addition, the 4WD specification for gasoline vehicles will be abolished.

Improve the average fuel consumption performance of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles
Of particular interest in the powertrain is the average fuel consumption performance.

Taking the X grade as an example, the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle has been greatly increased from 22.8km/L of the current model to 28.5km/L. Gasoline vehicles are increased from 17.0km/L to 18.3km/L, although not as good as gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, but still an improvement.

Japan plans to be announced in July-September

At present, Japan plans to release the new generation of Sienta in July to September.

Japan is expected to start production in July and August, and the shortage of semiconductors should still have some impact.

Original source:Details of the next new Sienta are almost revealed!We will tell you the grade, interior and exterior colors, options, etc.
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