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The domestically produced model takes the first real shot of the Toyota Yaris Cross in the exhibition room

  • ●All models come standard with LED Bi-Beam headlights + LED taillights
  • ●Drive+ Link 9-inch touch screen host is standard on all vehicles
  • ●Full-speed ACC+PCS+AHB+BSM+RCTA (standard for trendy version)
  • ●1.5-liter engine paired with CVT gearbox (with 7-speed manual transmission)
  • Pre-sale price of new car: Enjoyment Edition/725,000 yuan, Cool Action Edition/765,000 yuan, Trendy Edition/835,000 yuan

Yaris Cross, which has launched pre-sale activities at the end of August, will officially hold a new car launch conference on September 28, and it is reported that the cumulative number of orders has exceeded 2,000. However, this small and medium-sized crossover SUV, which has attracted much attention and expectations from domestic consumers, has also been stationed in various new car showrooms across the province to hold preview events starting from September 15th before its launch, and this magazine also held the first Take the time to go to the Beitou Yangming showroom to see the new car and take photos directly, so that everyone can have a first look at the Yaris Cross, and to bring first-hand new car information and equipment configurations of each model level to interested buyers.

The domestically produced Yaris Cross is built using the Asia-Pacific version and the DNGA-B chassis platform developed by Daihatsu.
The body length/width/height and wheelbase of the domestically produced Yaris Cross are 4310/1770/1655mm and 2620mm respectively, which belongs to the class of small and medium-sized crossover SUVs.

For the Yaris Cross, there are currently three model levels available: the pleasure version, the cool action version and the trendy version. The pre-sale prices are 72.5, 76.5 and 835,000 yuan respectively. However, the official price is expected to be lowered. However, the equipment configuration of each model has been determined. Readers can refer to the attached configuration table. In addition, I would like to explain to everyone that the domestically produced Yaris Cross is an "Asia-Pacific standard" version model. It is built on the DNGA-B chassis platform, and the power specification adopts a single 1.5-liter straight-four gasoline engine setting. There is no The 1.5-liter Hybrid petrol-electric power configured in many Southeast Asian countries is introduced, and the GR Sport version is also missing. In addition, the domestic version is not equipped with the overseas 10.1-inch central control screen host. Instead, it uses the domestically developed 9-inch Drive+ Link 9-inch touch screen host, which is listed as standard for all car series.

LED headlights and taillights are standard on all models

The domestically produced Yaris Cross has a very handsome and dynamic appearance. Its body length/width/height and wheelbase are 4310/1770/1655mm and 2620mm respectively. It belongs to the class of small and medium-sized crossover SUVs, and its body shape and silhouette are similar to those of the Honda HR. Rivals such as -V, Nissan Kicks and MG ZS are similar, and the prices are also distributed between 700,000 and 900,000 yuan. Therefore, they are the most direct domestic competitors of Yaris Cross after it was put into the market.

The water tank guard frame of the top-end fashion version has exclusive matte silver trim strips and silver front/rear spoiler lower guards.

The Yaris Cross that was shown directly at the exhibition this time is a top-notch trendy version. Compared with the other two models, its appearance includes silver water tank guard trim strips, silver front/rear spoiler lower fenders, The roof rack, LED front fog lights, piano-painted fog light holders and rearview mirror LED welcome lights are all equipped with the latest technology. Standard equipment of the car series. As for the 17-inch two-color cutting aluminum rims, they are standard equipment on the Coupe version and above. In terms of car colors, this time the Yaris Cross offers a total of 6 car colors to choose from, including ferret white, aurora silver, cloud gray, sandalwood black, dazzling red and unrestrained blue.

The entry-level pleasure version comes standard with ordinary 17-inch multi-frame aluminum wheels, while the 17-inch two-color cutting aluminum wheels in the picture are standard equipment for the mid-level cool action version and the top-end trendy version.

7-inch digital instrument + 9-inch central touch screen

In terms of interior equipment and materials, the entry-level Enjoy Edition model comes standard with a domestically developed 9-inch Drive+ Link central touch screen host, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone connection functions, and a dual-ring instrument + 4.2-inch all-in-one Color MID and Push Start engine opening and closing system, etc., but only equipped with basic comfortable leather seats. The mid-range Coupe model adds electric folding rearview mirrors, rear seat air outlets and Samrt Entry door opening and closing system, and is equipped with soft leather interior materials, including the center console and front seat center armrest. Covered in soft leather material.

All domestically produced Yaris Cross models are equipped with a 9-inch Drive+ Link touch screen host as standard, and support wired Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions.

As for the top-end fashion version photographed this time, it adds a 7-inch full-color digital instrument panel with 4 display styles, constant temperature air conditioning, cabin atmosphere lighting, kick-sensitive electric tailgate and rear seat center armrest, etc. It is equipped with luxurious leather seats with blue stitching on the front seats. In addition, the interior of the car is matched with black piano paint and silver trim panels, as well as the door trim panels with embossed design on the four doors, which indeed brings a quite nice touch to the cabin. High-end texture atmosphere.

Although the three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is not covered with leather, it also brings visual texture through black piano paint trim and chrome-plated metal.
The constant temperature and air conditioning control interface adopts a physical button and knob design, making the operation more convenient and intuitive.

In terms of safety equipment, all domestic Yaris Cross models are equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense safety system as standard. The entry-level pleasure version is equipped with ACC full-speed active distance maintenance, PCS early warning protection, and AHB intelligent remote control. Automatic light switching and lane driving assistance systems, etc., while the top-spec trendy version adds BSM blind spot detection warning and RCTA rear side warning system, etc., but unfortunately it does not meet the Level 2 standard.

The doors feature embossed door trim panels and leather-wrapped door handles, giving the car an excellent texture.

Excellent passenger space and functionality

The dual front seats, which are quite comfortable to sit on, do not have electric adjustment function, but they have special blue stitching to match the blue stitching across the console.
For an adult with a height of 175cm in the rear seat, the knee and head room are about 1 fist and 1 fist plus 2 finger widths respectively, and the rear seat back has a two-stage angle adjustment function.

In terms of riding space performance, if an adult with a height of 175cm actually sits in the back seat, the knee room is good, about 1 fist away from the back of the front seat, and the distance between the head and the roof is even better, about 1 fist plus. With 2 finger-widths of space, the rear seat back has 2 levels of adjustable inclination (approximately 6 degrees) and the design of the rear seat air outlet, the ride comfort in the rear seat is quite good. As for the luggage compartment space, it has a storage volume of 458 liters under standard conditions, and there is a large storage space under the floor that can accommodate two 20-inch suitcases. In addition, the luggage compartment floor is also double-layered. With the adjustable design and the large flat storage platform that can be formed by tilting the rear seat back, the functionality of the entire passenger space can be said to be very excellent.

Models above the cool version are equipped with rear seat air outlets and two sets of Type C charging holes.

As for the power system, the domestically produced Yaris Cross is equipped with a single 1.5-liter inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine code-named 2NR-VE, equipped with a Dual VVT-i dual continuously variable valve timing control system, and is matched with a CVT continuously variable transmission system. (With 7-speed manual transmission function), it has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 106hp and 14.1kgm. As for the average fuel consumption data, it has not been released yet, but if you look at the 17.5km/L figure revealed by Toyota Taiwan fans, it completely crushes similar competitors such as HR-V, Kicks and ZS.

Yang Zhihan

Toyota Yaris Cross size comparison with competitors

Yaris Cross MG ZS Nissan Kicks Honda HR-V
Vehicle length (mm) 4310 4323 4328 4330
Vehicle width (mm) 1770 1809 1760 1790
Vehicle height (mm) 1655 1653 1588/1625 1590
Wheelbase(mm) 2620 2585 2620 2610
Selling price (10,000 yuan) 72.5~83.5 (pre-sale price) 749,000 yuan 815,000~850,000 yuan 839,000~899,000 yuan
The domestically produced Yaris Cross is equipped with a 1.5-liter inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine code-named 2NR-VE, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 106hp and 14.1kgm.
Enjoyment version 725,000 yuan (pre-sale price) Cool action version 765,000 yuan (pre-sale price) Trendy version 835,000 yuan (pre-sale price)
1.5L straight four NA gasoline engine
CVT gearbox (simulating 7-speed manual automatic transmission function)
17-inch aluminum rim
LED Bi-Beam headlight + LED light strip taillight
Comfortable leather seats
Double-ring instrument panel with 4.2-inch full-color MID
Drive+ Link 9-inch touch panel console
Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
Push Star engine opening and closing system
EPB electronic parking brake system
Auto Hold automatic fixed braking system
ACC full-speed active distance maintenance system
PCS early warning protection system
Lane driving assistance system
AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching system
6 airbags
+17-inch two-color knife-cut aluminum rim
+Electric folding rearview mirrors
+Rear seat air outlet
+Smart Entry door opening and closing system
+Reversing assist radar
+Soft leather interior material (dashboard/center armrest)
+LED front fog lights
+Silver spoiler floor front and rear
+Silver side trim strips
+roof rack
+Kick-type induction electric tailgate
+Luxurious leather seats (front seats with blue stitching)
+7-inch full-color digital instrument
+Constant temperature air conditioning system
+rear seat center armrest
+BSM Blind Spot Detection Warning System
+RCTA rear side warning system
The matching gearbox is a CVT continuously variable transmission system and can simulate a 7-speed manual transmission function.

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