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The electrified version of the LFA leads the Lexus BEV Sport & Sedan / SUV concept appeared

Lexus BEV Sport

●LFA reincarnation electric supercar

●The running pattern of the long front and the short rear is still the same

●Break 100 in two seconds and 700km endurance

●BEV Sedan, BEV SUV simultaneous preview

Remember the Lexus LFA? At that time, this limited-edition supercar that was determined to become the strongest Japanese warrior, with its soaring brand charm and extremely rare hand-made value, often became a topic of discussion among car fans, and after more than ten years of debut, with Toyota Electric The layout of the army is becoming more and more clear, and the hopes of LFA successors are no longer just imaginary, but what does the real body look like? Recently, Lexus released more and more specific information on it to satisfy the expectations of many car fans.

The layout of the long front and short rear remains the same

The reason why a supercar is attractive is that in addition to its powerful power, of course, it also needs to wear a handsome or even eye-catching coat. Otherwise, how can it become a full-size poster on the wall of the child's favorite room? In this regard, although the Lexus BEV Sport is a pure electric vehicle, it still retains the FR front mid-engine rear-wheel drive ratio inherited from its predecessor LFA, with a long front and a short rear. When viewed from the side of the car, it is almost integrated with the front gear and the roof. The lower edge of the integrated black A-pillar is placed almost in the middle of the body, before it is the front of the car, and after it is the cockpit and the rear axle. Interestingly, since Lexus BEV Sport no longer needs to plan the placement space of the internal combustion engine, only the placement and layout of the battery pack and motor, so why adopt such an ideological body proportion? Apart from paying homage to Lexus LFA, who was unpretentious and outstanding in the past, there are really not many other reasons that are sufficient evidence. How, is this setting romantic enough?

Since everyone regards it as the successor of the LFA, the Lexus BEV Sport naturally continues the long front and short rear design of its predecessors.

Inherit the essence and create a new situation

Apart from the head-to-tail ratio, the Lexus BEV Sport is still full of tribute and creativity in the detail design. For example, from the low and slender front, you will find that the composition and layout of the car hardly have much shadow of other Lexus models, and the recognition of the spindle-shaped front cover or trapezoidal front face is missing, even the L-Shape Daylight. The design of the running lights is obscure and low-key, but if you look closely, you will find that the front of the car is actually a reincarnation of the LFA. The openings are also completely preserved, plus the air intake holes on the upper edges of the doors on both sides for the aerodynamic effect of the rear of the car, and the bulging front and rear wheel arches bring out an extremely aggressive visual edge.

However, if viewed from the rear, the Lexus BEV Sport will have a completely different look. Although the large cooling openings on the left and right sides of the rear are definitely inspired by the LFA, the rear wheel arches are exaggerated to the same extent as the 911 Turbo. The explosive turtle and the rearward concentrated and tightened rear layout clearly follow the GR Supra. The super-large full-car floor-absorbing effect kit, which continues the past, seems to have created the group's next super-performance idol supercar.

The front of the car is full of the imagination of the next-generation LFA. The design team not only integrated the headlights with the double triangular totems layered on the upper and lower sides of the air dam, but even the heat dissipation openings on both sides above the front cover were completely preserved.
The large area of ​​heat dissipation openings on the left and right sides of the rear of the car are definitely inspired by LFA, but the super-large explosion turtle with the exaggerated rear wheel arch and the rearward concentrated and tightened rear layout clearly follow the same door brother GR Supra.

It can be called a crazy two-second break of 100 and a 700km endurance

Of course, we all know that once we enter the era of electric vehicles, the performance data that fans are familiar with in the past will no longer be the golden rule on the surface. Sport will be able to create a god-level 0-100km/h acceleration of less than two seconds. Any Super Car or Hyper Car, as long as they eat oil, they can't be called opponents. What makes everyone even more awe-inspiring, Lexus also said that this pure electric supercar will have a cruising range of more than 700km, eradicating the mileage anxiety of all internal combustion engine fans including you and me at one time. Of course, the premise is that you must not be crazy. Throw in this crazy-speed machine that runs on electricity.

Since it is to be called a supercar, the concept of "Lexus Driving Signature" emphasized in the past will still be realized on this electric supercar. The smooth and delicate linear response is definitely still the most important thing for designers when driving. The premise, after all, BEV Sport comes with the signboard of Japanese-style extreme craftsmanship, the round and smooth Oriental flavor, and the considerate texture of craftsmanship, no matter what the source of kinetic energy is, Lexus is always eager to provide peak consumption The ultimate compliment.

Lexus BEV Sport can achieve 0-100km/h acceleration in less than two seconds, and has an excellent cruising range of more than 700km.

Want to be practical? Lexus BEV Sedan is on hand

After watching the Lexus BEV Sport, the electric supercar that is about to sweep the car world, you will be more than enthusiastic or you will feel unattainable. Indeed, since it is called the successor of LFA, the price and threshold will definitely be beyond the reach of ordinary people, even two-door The two-seater setting is obviously not suitable for most Taiwanese consumers who are used to bringing their families. Don't worry, with the disclosure of more information this time, Lexus also generously announced the Lexus BEV Sedan, a new electric energy product for the luxury sports car market.

According to the pictures released by the original factory, in addition to the Lexus BEV Sport belonging to the supercar level, it may also extend its concept to include a five-door hatchback, four-door RV, five-door crossover and two-door convertible. model.

The good news is that the Lexus BEV Sedan is not a high-end class like the Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron GT again. According to the current information, the Lexus BEV Sedan is obviously closer in size and positioning. At present, the IS car series is a medium-sized RV. In fact, in terms of styling design, this electric RV is not only full of BEV Sport, but also has outlines and details that pay tribute to its predecessors. In the future, if BEV Sedan Officially listed, I believe it will be closer to the pockets of ordinary luxury brand consumers, which are not deep or shallow, which is obviously more exciting than BEV Sport.

Also unveiled alongside the BEV Sport is the BEV Sedan, a mid-size electric sports car with a similar front end.
BEV Sedan has the essence of the current IS in terms of body size and even outline ratio. If it goes on sale in the future, it will definitely attract a lot of attention.
Viewed from the side of the car, the BEV Sedan also has a slender front, giving it a unique dynamic atmosphere.

There is also material, Lexus BEV SUV is also on the line

Okay, after reading the above two new concept cars of the Lexus BEV family, do you feel as if you are still unfulfilled or lost? If it is, the answer must lie in the highly recognizable spindle-shaped water tank cover of the brand, how can it disappear without a trace in the era of electric vehicles, I think the Lexus designers must have thought of this, so they specially Car fans with a soft spot or relatively conservative loyal buyers come here. They have brought back the huge spindle-shaped identification design on the relatively conservative BEV SUV in the market, although electric vehicles no longer need water tank protection. hood, but who said you can't keep the look for the fans of diesel locomotives?

Compared with the BEV Sedan, the BEV SUV is obviously more imposing in size, and the spindle-shaped front design is reproduced on it.
The rear design is not only square and domineering, but also reveals the possible design direction of the large-scale Lexus LSUV in the future.
Viewed from the side, the BEV SUV has a more slender and taller large-scale body structure, which faintly reveals the strong possibility of three-row multi-seater.

In addition, the BEV SUV shows a very different and upright style from the RZ electric SUV that appeared earlier, to show the momentum and courage of the large LSUV, such as a taller and more powerful body, which shows that it has more ample space and Comfortable ride performance, and the straight D-pillar line even faintly hints at the feasibility of three-row multi-seater. As for the strokes extending horizontally from the taillights to the side of the car, it reveals the possible design features of the future Lexus LSUV family, but what is the mass production version? Whether it is as lovable as a BEV SUV may have to wait for the outline to emerge before the official launch.

In contrast, the electric SUV RZ announced earlier is more youthful and dynamic. In fact, it is derived from the Toyota bZ4X and comes from the e-TNGA platform, and its positioning and level are naturally different from the BEV SUV.

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