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The EV era is coming Kia EV Day 2023

  • ●EV5 has two batteries, 64kWh and 88kWh, with a maximum range of 720 kilometers.
  • ●EV5 has a standard SUV compartment, and the luggage compartment can be modified in many ways.
  • ●The interior materials of the car are made of recycled PET fabric and Bio-PU leather
  • ●EV3 and EV4 concept cars were unveiled simultaneously. The former is a small CUV and the latter is a coupe style.

Regarding the pure electric vision, for major global car manufacturers, although they all have different opinions, the only consensus is that it is imperative. South Korea's Kia gave it at the Kia EV Day 2023 that just ended on October 12. own opinion. In addition to the detailed specifications of the EV5 recently announced at the Chengdu Auto Show in China, the event also unveiled two concept cars that will be launched in the future - EV3 and EV4. As a result, Kia's pure electric car models can be said to be quite complete, including The earliest EV6, orthodox SUV EV5, large seven-seater EV9, small crossover SUV EV3, compact coupe EV4, basically all the car models that come to mind have corresponding pure electric options.

EV5 adopts very square and straight lines, and the slender light group is a highlight.

Simple and practical

Let’s take a look at the EV5 first. The exterior continues the conflicting and harmonious design vocabulary of the EV9’s Opposites United. A large number of LED light bars draw out the three-dimensional facial contours, and the body sheet metal is shaped with relatively rigid and straight lines. Overall, the EV5 It's quite impressive, but it also has a sense of future technology. It also makes people admire the car manufacturing technology of Korean car manufacturers in recent years. It has indeed made a great leap forward.

The appearance of a standard SUV emphasizes practicality and space performance, and can also bring open cabin space.

In terms of car style, the EV5 has a very standard SUV setting. The roof line is very gentle, and the body waistline is almost horizontal. The purpose is to maximize the space inside the car, so the size of the front and rear windows are quite amazing. Even the triangular window between the C and D pillars is even larger than the side windows of some CUVs, making the space inside the car more open and spacious. At the rear of the car, the almost vertical tailgate is a highlight, and the taillights use simple lines and through-type designs to simply echo the front and rear of the car.

The interior of the EV5 maintains the consistent technology and simple texture of the car series, and the special central saddle design brings an open front seat layout.

Inside the cabin, EV5 and EV6 both use integrated dual 12.3-inch screens to form a virtual cockpit, but the difference lies in the design of the center console. The original designer integrated the touch panel into the center console. Inside, with several physical buttons below the air outlet, the sense of technology is well established. Interestingly, the EV5 has two cup holders and a mobile phone storage space (including a qi wireless charging panel) on the central saddle, but it does not specifically lift up, thus turning the front seat into an entire open space. , it feels like a sofa in the living room at home, quite open and warm.

The luggage compartment has a variety of functional changes, and it can be a good helper for wild camping when paired with V2L.

In terms of technological equipment, in addition to being equipped with the Kia brand's most advanced driving assistance system (Level 2 and above), the EV5 also introduces the RSPA 2 remote smart parking assistance system. The system can detect surrounding obstacles on its own to ensure safety during remote control. safety. In addition, EV5 also has the function of V2L outputting power, increasing the practicality of the vehicle in all aspects.

Excellent battery life

The reason why the EV5 will be launched at the Chengdu Auto Show is, of course, that it will have Chinese-specific specifications, while other regions are expected to adopt Korean specifications. Kia revealed detailed data at EV Day. The Chinese version will have three models: standard version, long-range version, and long-range four-wheel drive version. The standard version is equipped with a 64 kWh lithium battery and is equipped with a 218-horsepower electric motor on the front axle. China's CLTC test standards can It has a cruising range of 530 kilometers. The battery of the long-range version will be expanded to 88 kWh, and the cruising range will directly reach 720 kilometers; the four-wheel drive model will add an electric motor to the rear axle, with a maximum output of about 95 horsepower and a cruising range of 650 kilometers. As for the charging speed, the manufacturer stated that fast charging can charge the battery from 30% to 80% in up to 27 minutes, but the charging power and charging specifications have not yet been mentioned.

The Korean-standard EV5 also has three models, but the battery capacity of the standard version is reduced to 58 kWh, the battery capacity of the long-range version is reduced to 81 kWh, and the comprehensive horsepower is also reduced to about 306 horsepower. It is stated that the settings are based on different market needs. In addition, EV5 has the latest heat pump technology (heat pump system) to ensure that the battery can maintain optimal working performance in extremely cold or hot climates. In addition, Kia also stated that the future EV5 will have a GT version with the most arrogant performance, but the release time has not yet been determined.

Complete lineup

Content = Another highlight of EV Day 2023 is the two concept cars that made their debut. EV3 is a crossover CUV. Although there is no exact size data yet, it looks very close to the previous Soul model and looks like a smaller version of EV5. EV4 changes the current trend and returns to the design of a four-door coupe. The front of the car is relatively more streamlined and simple, and there is also a hint of EV6, with vertical head and tail light groups, plus an upturned duck The tail is the visual focus of the appearance.

The EV3 and EV4 concept cars are representatives of small cars in the EV family, while the CUV and four-door coupe models correspond to different customer groups.

In terms of interior decoration, the layouts of the two concept cars are very similar, and both use sustainable recycling as design inspiration, including the use of 100% recycled cotton or hand-woven fabrics, showing a simple Nordic image. The steering wheel adopts an oval shape and is paired with two integrated screens at the rear. It is basically the entire cockpit.

Kia has joined Tesla's NACS charging alliance in North America. Therefore, Kia electric vehicle owners will be able to enjoy Tesla's 12,000 fast charging stations in 2024, which is expected to greatly improve the charging experience. Kia also stated that it will reach the annual sales target of 1 million electric vehicles in 2026, and will reach the vision of 1.6 million vehicles in 2030. It will also establish a battery joint venture to ensure the stability of the battery supply chain in the future.

The interior of the concept car is made of a large number of renewable materials, and the woven style has a strong Nordic minimalist style.

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