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The Ferrari Taipei Flagship Exhibition Center Re-opens

Ferrari 296 GTB

●Adopt Ferrari's new corporate identity and design specifications

●New car viewing space and optional accessories display area

●VIP rest area full of elegant Italian design aesthetics

The 296 GTB and the SF90 Stradale were unveiled on the same stage

In order to satisfy all Prancing Horse owners' desire for top-level car craftsmanship and ultimate driving pleasure, and to create Italian-style luxury car viewing space and exclusive customized experience for all VIPs, Ferrari Taiwan is not only committed to rapidly introducing the latest Prancing Horse sports cars, but also to Recently, the Ferrari Taipei Show Center was replaced by the original factory's new corporate identity and design specifications for the global show center. At the opening media event held on March 22, the new generation of gasoline-electric supercars 296 GTB and SF90 Stradale were displayed on the same stage, fully demonstrating The Prancing Horse brand has always pursued the ultimate pursuit of innovation and performance.

Show elegant aesthetics

Walking into Ferrari's new Taipei flagship exhibition center, you can first feel the warm and elegant atmosphere created by the new color matching. The new dark red main color can be seen on the reception counter and many walls, which echoes the Ferrari Scuderia F1 team. The body of the new 2022 season horse F1-75 is painted. In addition to a new exclusive circular platform, the main vehicle exhibition area on the right side of the entrance is also embedded with a huge 200-inch display screen on the dark red wall behind it, which can play various original new car videos and or media event introduction information. On one side, there is ample display space for two cars, so that VIPs can freely and comfortably appreciate the beautiful shapes of different car models.

Whether it is rims, paint swatches, carbon fiber parts, top leather samples and other items, you can find them in the optional accessories display area.
The original decorative artworks will be displayed here from time to time, and the video content directly pushed by the original factory will be played 24 hours a day on the brand wall on the left.
The motto of founder Enzo Ferrari is clearly marked on the main wall, and the spirit of the brand can be clearly felt as soon as one enters the exhibition center.

Passing through the vehicle display area, facing the front left of the reception counter, there is an art display space and a display area for optional accessories. In addition to displaying various original and carefully crafted collection decorations from time to time (the 488 Pista chassis exhibited at this opening event) Air flow installation art), the digital screen hung on the brand wall on the left hand side is under the control of the original factory, and the same video content is played 24 hours a day in all Ferrari exhibition centers around the world, in the most direct way to convey brand news and Exclusive content, and the optional accessories display area that comes later, with the addition of three revolving movable walls, it can bring more undisturbed exclusive space and more diverse accessories display according to customer preferences; The VIP lounge area with stylish aesthetics and luxurious feeling has also been replaced with top leather sofas from the world-renowned Italian handmade furniture brand Poltrona Frau, which enhances the elegant and delicate Italian style and the honorable experience of being at home.

The VIP rest area and negotiation area are built with Italian design aesthetics, hoping to provide a luxurious and delicate experience that makes you feel at home.
The original decorative artworks will be displayed here from time to time, and the video content directly pushed by the original factory will be played 24 hours a day on the brand wall on the left.

Towards a new generation of gasoline and electricity

In line with the re-opening of the flagship exhibition center in Taipei, the industry specially arranged for Ferrari's new gasoline-electric supercars, the 296 GTB and SF90 Stradale, to appear on the same stage. Among them, the 296 GTB, which was introduced into China in November last year, is more revolutionary because it is the first Prancing Horse road sports car equipped with a 6-cylinder engine. It has a maximum output of 663hp/75.5kgm and adopts a 120-degree angle design. Under the joint cooperation of the turbo engine and the electric motor with an output of 167hp, it not only creates a combined output power of up to 830hp, but also takes only 2.9 and 7.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h and 0 to 200km/h, and the top speed exceeds 330km/h. The performance is also convincing. At the same time, with the support of the compact body size and the 6w-CDS six-way chassis dynamic sensor and other new systems, the original factory claims that it will bring precise and sharp dynamic response and rich driving pleasure.

The rear of the 296 GTB adopts a flying buttress design with a vertical rear window, and the combination of a central exhaust tailpipe and a large diffuser highlights the true nature of a supercar.
The interior of the 296 GTB adopts a new-generation fully digital human-machine interface design, taking into account the driving needs and luxurious texture.

The SF90 Stradale, named to pay tribute to the 90th anniversary of the Scuderia Ferrari team, uses a 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine with a maximum horsepower of 780hp, with a total of three electric motors in the front, two and rear, bringing a comprehensive output of up to 1000hp. Driven by the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, it only takes 2.5 seconds to 0~100km/h, 7 seconds to 0~200km/h, and the top speed is 340km/h. It also provides eDrive pure electric mode and Hybrid hybrid mode. There are four power control modes including Power Mode, Performance Mode and Qualify Qualifying Mode. At the same time, Assetto Fiorano models equipped with exclusive upgrades are also available. It can be said that the forward-looking technology in the field of racing car research and development and the successful experience and knowledge accumulated on the track And technology is perfectly applied to the production sports car.

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