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The final line of defense for driver safety (middle)Introduction to HANS procurement

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Purchasing HANS Tips

Neck diameter for item

If you often watch F1, you should be familiar with the black object under the driver's helmet and on the neck and shoulders, because it is not small and has a weird shape. This is the strict regulation of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Wearing personal parts, its name is HANS. HANS is an abbreviation of a series of English words. Its full name is Head And Neck Support. It translates into Chinese as a support for the head and neck. It is installed between the driver's shoulder and the helmet. Through the two sliding straps fixed on the rear edge of the helmet, the forward swing of the driver's head is reduced to avoid serious injuries to the driver's neck.

If you want to further protect your own neck safety, it is recommended that HANS be listed as standard personal equipment.

The function of HANS is similar to that of helmets and seat belts. They are all designed to protect the safety of drivers. Therefore, they have gradually attracted the attention of international competitions and become an indispensable personal part. How to buy HANS to choose the style that suits you? The latest FIA certification specification of HANS is 8858-2010. Its specifications are roughly divided by "neck diameter" and "racing seat back angle". The concept of the former is quite clear. Buy the right size for how thick your neck is. Just use it. According to the commonly used S/M/L specifications in the world, S is about 30.5-38mm, M is about 38-47mm, and L is about 47mm or more. From the perspective of Chinese people's physique, M size The HANS is the most frequently chosen.

When choosing HANS, in addition to paying attention to the degree, there is also the length of the neck diameter, that is, the size of the round hole between the two wing fixing plates and the middle support plate. If it is too small, it will get stuck on the neck. For Chinese people, most of them are M There are many specifications of 38-47mm, with 30 degrees on the left and 20 degrees on the right.

Angle is not the range of rotation

Racing seat backs are the point

As for another HANS specification method, it is divided into 10 degrees, 20 degrees and 30/40 degrees according to the angle of the back of the racing seat for the driver to choose. Please refer to Figure A. The 10-degree HANS is mainly used by race drivers with the most upright seat back angle. This type of race includes 0-400m linear acceleration races, rally navigators or people with thinner upper bodies.

The 20-degree specification HANS is a specification that meets the needs of most races. As long as it is a GT, Super 2000/1600 touring car/rally race, or an event that uses OMP, Sparco, and Recaro bucket racing chairs, almost all of them use 20-degree HANS. In terms of the most prosperous motor sports in China, whether it is a closed track or a mountain climbing race, it is right to choose a HANS of 20 degrees. Of course, if you are very tall, you may want to choose a product with a degree of 30 degrees to suit you.

The 30+40 degree specification is provided for formula racing cars with semi-slanted seats, such as F3 or F1, which are less accessible to Chinese people. From the above point of view, the degrees that people often heard when buying HANS in the past did not refer to the range of head rotation, but the inclination angle of the back of the racing seat. HANS with different degrees can also provide flexible head rotation space. It is a place to check before buying.

HANS is divided into several degrees based on the inclination angle of the racing seat back. 10 degrees is mostly used in 0-400m linear acceleration races, and 20 degrees is suitable for most touring car races. Most domestic drivers choose this specification. As for 30/40 degrees, it is for the equation Racing use.
From the photo taken by the author, it can be clearly seen that HANS works by controlling the forward swing of the helmet to reduce the injury to the driver's head and neck.

In addition to the different specifications, HANS also has different materials. Some of the higher prices are made of carbon fiber, while the cheaper ones are made of FRP. The texture and strength of the two are slightly different. , the biggest difference lies in the weight. The lightest carbon fiber material can reach 500g, while FRP can only be reduced to 1100g. Everyone will ask: Will the difference of 600g be much worse? From the author's point of view, it is actually almost the same! Because HANS has to be tightly pressed on the shoulder by the seat belt in the end, the weight can't be felt, so unless you have sufficient budget and require product quality, choose FRP HANS, which has also been certified by the FIA, and can also provide enough safety protection. At present, the selling price of HANS in China is between 15,000 and 64,000. Car owners can buy products that suit them according to their budget.


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