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The full-car sports kit with the running style and the driving technology with the background of the trackMaserati Levante GT【Sport】Limited to 9 seats

Maserati Levante GT[Sport]is a full-car sports kit with running style and driving technology with track details. It is limited to 9 seats.

The launch of Levante GT sets a new benchmark for high-performance luxury sports cars. It is equipped with a new 48V high-efficiency hybrid power system. The 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine is connected to a traditional turbo through an eBooster. The twisting feature also shows the driving pleasure that is different from the past; in order to further highlight the outstanding running style of the new generation Levante GT, the Italian factory has fully upgraded the[Sport]interior and exterior kits, which are originally due to elegant curves and delicate paving. The Levante GT with a boutique-like texture stacks up a more recognizable sporty style.

Maserati Levante GT 【Sport】

runThe fashionable running tour in command

The original design style of the Levante GT clearly shows the elegant style of urban running. However, the new generation of high-efficiency hybrid power units located under the hood still flows the track genes that Maserati is proud of; in order to be more in line with Levante The sporty characteristics of GT, Maserati original factory specially launched the extraordinary[Sport]interior and exterior kit, equipped with complete active and passive technology and domineering sports kit, so that the Levantet will show a more running attitude.

The Levante GT[Sport]has a front six-piston braking system upgraded to a 380mm perforated ventilated disc, with red brake calipers and black 20-inch Efesto lightweight aluminum rims, which brings a more difficult-to-ignore exterior tension.

The first thing that catches the eye is the[Sport]aerodynamic kit that is only available for Modena or even Trofeo models: the sporty front bumper is equipped with an A-shaped stabilizer and an enlarged air intake grille to match the sports with a better spoiler effect. The rear bumper and rear wing are modified to provide stronger downforce and airflow effect when driving actively; and the front six-piston braking system is upgraded to a 380mm perforated ventilated disc, with red brake calipers and black 20-inch Efesto lightweight aluminum rims. Bringing a more difficult-to-ignore exterior tension to the Levante GT[Sport].

In response to the eye-catching exterior configuration, the interior has also been greatly adjusted for this purpose: the original comfortable double front seats have been upgraded to sports seats with better covering function, and 12-way electric adjustment and driver seat memory function are maintained; The standard-style steering wheel is also upgraded to a sports-style speed-sensitive steering wheel, which is matched with INOX sports-style metal pedals and metal shift paddles to create a more dynamic running style for the cabin space.

Fully equipped active and passivecontrolTechnology

Levante GT[Sport]comes standard with smart LED matrix headlights and a complete ADAS advanced driver assistance system: Maserati smart LED matrix headlights can greatly increase the driver's response distance to obstacles, and then switch the lighting mode through the smart system , which can effectively avoid glare to the vehicle in front and oncoming vehicles, and can also actively illuminate the visual vignetting in corners; whether in urban driving, high-speed Mercedes-Benz or in bad weather, there are corresponding lighting modes. The ADAS advanced driver assistance system includes ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) active cruise control, FCW (Forward Collision Warning Plus) advanced emergency braking assistance system, ABSA (Active Blind Spot Assist) active blind spot detection assistance system, LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) Active lane keeping assist system and 360-degree surround image; complete assist technology brings car owners comprehensive active and passive protection.

In addition, the Levante GT[Sport]is the only sports car in its class that comes standard with adjustable air suspension, adjustable electronic damping, and a mechanical rear axle limited-slip differential: active 6-stage air suspension on the front and rear axles The suspension can control up to 8.5 cm of chassis height adjustment, supplemented by Skyhook electronic damping that can adjust the softness and hardness of individual shock absorbers, Q4 active torque control four-wheel drive system, and can greatly improve vehicle tracking and intense driving output. Performance limited-slip differential; such a solid chassis and suspension technology can cover the needs of off-road terrain to high-speed driving, perfectly showing the charm of the Mediterranean wind.

Limited introduction Book an Appointment Now

Montena, Taiwan has introduced the Levante GT[Sport]model with a total of 9 seats. It is equipped with complete active and passive technology and a domineering sports aerodynamic kit. Appointments can be made from now on. Please call the whole Taiwan service hotline: 412-8968 or Reservation through the official website:


22yearLift GTSport】Standard equipment


22yearLift GTSport】Standard equipment


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