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The Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 makes all other supercars obsolete

We know Gordon Murray as the father of the legendary McLaren F1. It was the fastest production car in the world in the 1990s and only lost its title when the Bugatti Veyron appeared on the scene. In 2020 F1 got a spiritual successor in the form of the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50. Murray is not modest about his creation. He calls the V12 in the T.50 the best twelve-cylinder ever built. It is therefore not surprising that the 3.9-litre block from Cosworth can also be found in the new T.33.

'The best V12 ever'

Because the new all-round supercar is positioned below the T.50, the power of "the world's best V12" has been reduced slightly. The T.33 has to make do with 50 horsepower less than its big brother. Although a power of 615 hp is still not something to complain about. The twelve-cylinder is extremely high revving. The limiter only intervenes at 11,100 rpm. A little before that - at 10,500 rpm - the maximum power of the power source weighing only 178 kg is released.

Seamless shifting

According to GMA, the T.33 accelerates seamlessly to highly illegal speeds, thanks to a six-speed automatic developed by British transmission specialist Xtrac. The gearbox does not have a double clutch and therefore weighs only 78 kilos. GMA claims it is the lightest automatic in the world. According to Xtrac, the so-called Instantaneous Gearchange System (IGS) ensures that the gearbox changes gears seamlessly.

No exaggerated spoiler work

Unlike the T.50, the T.33 does not have a fan on the back. Yet the latter also has a sophisticated aerodynamics package. By making clever use of the air currents at the bottom and rear of the car, a ground effect is created, so that the car sticks to the road surface, as it were. Exaggerated spoilers, splitters and diffusers are therefore not necessary. Only a subtle, movable spoiler on the buttocks is sufficient to provide the T.33 with enough downforce.

The interior is purely functional

Just like the exterior, the inside has also been kept as simple as possible. GMA insists that everything in the T.33 is purely functional. Things like touchscreens or stems for the direction indicator shine through their absence. The indicators can be operated with buttons on the steering wheel. The T.50 and its legendary ancestor, the McLaren F1, had a centrally mounted steering position, and two passenger seats slightly further back in the carbon fiber monocoque. That is not the case with the T.33. Just like in conventional supercars, you just sit on the left (or right) in the cabin, and there is room for one lucky co-driver.

1.65 million

Only a hundred copies of the T.33 will be built. GMA asks converted 1.65 million euros (excluding taxes) for its brand new all-rounder. That's a lot of money. So maybe you should sell those other supercars in your garage. The T.33 makes them obsolete, doesn't it?

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