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The Heart of Giants Hon Hai is deeply cultivating the territory of the automobile industry

As we all know, Hon Hai Group (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2317) is not only a leader in the global foundry industry, but also under the leadership of the current director Liu Yangwei, the successor of the founder Guo Taiming, in addition to the joint venture with Yulon to establish Honghua Advanced, and the establishment of a so-called general Becoming the "Android of the Automotive Industry" - In addition to the MIH open electric vehicle platform architecture, it has also released the Model C, Model E, Model T and other electric vehicles at the speed of Hon Hai. Among them, the Model T has an unprecedented speed and officially launched in March this year. Delivered to Kaohsiung Passenger Transport on the road. As early as the end of the previous year, it had announced strategic cooperation with Fisker and Stellantis (the fourth largest automobile group in the world formed by the merger of PSA+FCA); at the beginning of last year, it also signed a cooperation agreement with Geely Group, and signed a MOU with Thailand PTT Group and the Indonesian government. , and also cooperated with Gogoro, etc.; Hon Hai's entry into the ASEAN and the international electric vehicle industry chain is almost done with the speed of Hon Hai. On May 12, it officially took over the new electric pickup truck Lordstown (Nasdaq stock code: RIDE), North America's first integrated electric vehicle. The car production base is officially included under the group, and at almost the same speed, it is stationed in Baogao Smart Industrial Park, Xindian, Xinbei at the same time as Tesla. In the future, Hon Hai Group is occupying a place in the global smart electric vehicle field at an alarming rate.

Honghua's advanced Model T was delivered to Kaohsiung Passenger Transport and officially put into operation, setting the speed of Hon Hai's domestic electric bus from scratch.
2021 Technology Day Model C and Model E debut, Liu Yangwei (left), Guo Taiming (middle), Yan Chen Lilian (right) took a group photo.
Model E and Model C first participated in the 2022 Bangkok Motor Show and won double awards.

Take over Lordstown and plant the flag North America MIH finds the sea outlet across the Pacific

Although the closure of Shanghai has caused an unrecoverable supply chain crisis to the global industry, Hon Hai is powerful enough not only to have the amazing ability to disperse the crisis, but also to have a vision for advanced deployment. It can be seen that when entering the automotive field, it is to challenge the madman Elon Musk. On May 12, Hon Hai took over Lordstown, a newly established pure electric vehicle factory in the United States (the factory was purchased from GM Group). Following Hon Hai's entry into the automotive industry, in addition to the previous establishment of Honghua Advanced's MIH open platform with Yulon, it is equivalent to obtaining the first OEM in the United States after the official launch of the flag in North America, and at the same time saving Lordstown's original capital chain. The rush for coal is also a new milestone for Hon Hai's official successful entry into the world's largest auto industry country after the original plan to build a factory in Wisconsin during the period of former President Trump was delayed due to multiple interferences.

According to the plan, in addition to assisting Lordstown in mass production of the pure electric pickup truck Endurance, Hon Hai will also enter the market in mass production of the pure electric sports SUV under the original cooperation structure signed with Fisker. After reorganizing the production system and incorporating the MIH (Mobility In Harmony) open electric vehicle ecosystem, and has already started to pre-sell the new Fisker Pear electric vehicle in North America, Hon Hai has also confirmed that it will use the MIH platform to speed up the introduction of local mass production. Through the MIH platform, Lordstown and Lordstown will develop a variety of new electric vehicles that will be sold in the North American market. Therefore, it can be seen that in the North American electric vehicle market alone, the amazing speed of Hon Hai has allowed the three vehicles to smoothly enter the mass production stage.

This kind of speed has not only caused a sensation in the industry because the Model T electric bus was put into operation in Taiwan, but it also means that the members of the MIH Alliance (MIH Open EV Alliance) are currently grouped into five groups (AD-Auto Drive/ADAS Self-driving/ Advanced driving assistance, Powertrain power, Security & OTA security hacking/over-the-air download, Thermal Management, Smart Cabin, Certification) and an amazing ecosystem of nearly 2,500 manufacturers' alliances, which are releasing work progress every month the way of reporting.

MIH Alliance's Superb Advance Deployment Speed

In the previous two Hon Hai Technology Days, in addition to releasing the Model C, a pure electric sports SUV, it also announced that the entry threshold in Taiwan is expected to be as low as NT$ million, and it will become the most cost-effective pure electric vehicle in the Taiwan market. In addition to the commercially available SUVs, the first domestic customer is determined to be the Yulon Group's Luxgen brand; and at the corporate briefing meeting in the first quarter of this year, Zhonghua Automobile also announced that it will join the MIH ecosystem. The Gogoroc battery swap ecosystem will also launch a pure electric sports SUV with CMC Zhonghua Automobile's own brand. Under the advanced joint venture structure between the Taiwan market and Honghua, Chinese people will be able to buy Luxgen, For the pure electric SUV of the CMC brand, don’t forget that at the Hon Hai Taiya venue last year, it even provided 10 Model C quotas as employee raffle gifts. If you dare to act, you must do what you say.

As for the Model T that has been delivered to its first customer, Kaohsiung Passenger Transport (owned by the three groups, and the other is Fucheng Passenger Transport), it is currently handed over to Shunyi Group (Shunyi Auto Body Taoyuan Plant), which has been the sales champion in the domestic commercial vehicle market for 30 years. ) OEM production, the first batch of 30 vehicles have been delivered to the road for operation, and after the demonstration operation between the Nangang Exhibition Center and the Taipei City Government at the 2022 Smart City & IoT Exhibition (Smart City & IoT), they were officially delivered to Metropolitan Passenger Transport for use. Although the bus No. 22 was running during the exhibition period, there was a failure of the auxiliary ramp plate in the middle door, and on March 18, the Metropolitan Passenger Transport No. 22 had a fault and stopped running, but it still did not hide the shortcomings. 10,000 urban buses will be electrified, and Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe also announced that 3,500 buses in the Greater Taipei Joint Venture will be replaced by oil to electricity within 6 years. It can be seen that Hon Hai Group is determined to promote the rapid development of electrification in Taiwan.

Of course, in addition to the integration of automotive and electrical technologies, Hon Hai also uses the MIH Alliance to combine with more than 1,600 software and hardware partners around the world, including software giant Arm and German plastic parts manufacturer Konzelmann and other suppliers. The platform-based design reference is the first in the industry, which greatly reduces the threshold for electric vehicle development. Last year, it took a stake in Shuohe Electric Materials (3691; Shuohe for short), a first-line solar conductive paste manufacturer in the world. He has the ability to develop negative electrode materials for power batteries, and the investment includes Xinhe Energy, Rongtan (6555-TE), and Tron-E Chuangyi Energy (Taiwan's independent power battery material industry, also exporting electric bus platforms), and early On the 2020 Technology Day, it was announced that commercial solid-state batteries will be launched in 2024; and as early as 2012, the high-efficiency heat dissipation sealing technology developed by the group was applied to Tesla electric vehicles.

As early as 2012, the high-efficiency heat dissipation sealing technology developed by Hon Hai was applied to Tesla electric vehicles (the picture shows the inauguration of Tesla's Texas factory on Rodeo Day).

Signing with Geely Group will help break into the mobility supply chain

On January 18, 2021, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic was still raging, Hon Hai founder Guo Taiming and chairman Liu Yangwei communicated with Geely Holdings, known as China's auto madman (whose vehicle brands include Geely, London Taxi, etc.) , Lotus, Proton, Renault Truck, Volvo Car, Volvo Truck & Bus/UD Truck) founder Li Shufu (holding the largest individual shareholder of Mercedes-Benz Daimler Group), signed a strategic cooperation agreement, including the establishment of a joint venture company for the The automotive and travel service industry provides a brand-new one-stop service, including complete vehicles, components, intelligent control systems, automotive ecosystems, and the entire industry chain process of electric vehicles.

Guo Taiming said that the strategic cooperation signed this time will be a heavyweight cooperation between the automotive industry and the ICT field. According to statistics, despite the impact of the epidemic in 2021, Geely Holding's subsidiary Geely Automobile, Lynk & Co, Zeekr, etc. alone will sell 1.328 million vehicles, and it is expected that this year's sales target will reach 165 million. However, the recent actions of Geely Group show that in addition to the current active integration of Daimler and Volvo, it also announced that it will subscribe for more than 1/3 of the shares (34.02%) of Renault Samsung Motor on May 10. , which is equivalent to jointly holding the company with Renault, which will not only become Geely's production base in South Korea, but also is expected to break through as Geely's export to North America and other places in the US-China trade war.

As for Daimler earlier, it has sold half of its smart car brand to Geely Holding, and released the #Concept 1 pure electric concept SUV. Before the end of this year, both the smart and Geely brand mass-produced new cars will be produced by Geely Group and will enter the world. Electric vehicle market.

Geely Xingyue L Hi-X Thor Zhiqing plug-in extended-range electric SUV.
The smart #Concept 1 pure electric concept SUV, which will be put on mass-produced new cars under both the smart and Geely brands before the end of the year, will be produced by Geely Group and enter the global electric vehicle market.

The reason why Li Shufu is crazy is that in addition to the wholly-owned acquisition of Volvo Car in 2010, and the integration of AB Volvo to reunite the large and small cars that were originally separated, he has become the largest individual shareholder of the Daimler Group in the world, and he has also begun to integrate Volvo and Mercedes. The strategic cooperation between Hon Hai and Geely in the field of new energy vehicles, which is warmed by newspapers, can be regarded as entering the field of electric vehicles. In addition to the flags already in the ASEAN and North America, it will be able to use Geely Holdings to expand supply chain cooperation. field to the European car scene.

The Polestar O₂ Concept sports car released by Volvo's high-performance brand in 2022.

Strategic cooperation with Stellantis opens up new opportunities

Going back to August last year, Foxconn (HKEX: 2038), a subsidiary of Hon Hai Technology Group, signed a joint venture with Stellantis (NYSE/ITA/Euronext: STLA) Agreement to enter the smart cockpit and connected car market in the form of a joint venture (Mobile Drive, a member of Stellantis).

Stellantis, which is already recognized as the fourth largest automobile group in the world, has merged PSA (Citroen, DS, Peugeot, Opel, Vaxhall), FCA (Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Ferrari, Jeep, Lancia, Masearti, Ram) and other more than ten brands, Hon Hai's joint venture plan also confirmed that in addition to Stellantis models will be equipped with related intelligent solutions (including intellectual property rights and a deeply vertically integrated global supply chain), the joint venture will also move towards With the direction of importing into third-party car factories, we will further expand the export of products and services.


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