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The Kia EV6, leading Kia to become the sales champion of general imported electric vehicle brandsKia joins hands with U-POWER to provide The EV6 owners with ultra-high-speed charging experience

Taiwan Sime Darby Kia announced that U-POWER Asahi Electric has officially become a charging partner of Kia-, with The-Kia-EV6- excellent charging specifications, combined with U-POWER high-standard charging equipment, allowing car owners to enjoy a sustainable future Pure electric mobile life.

The general agent of Kia, Taiwan Sime Darby Kia is actively moving towards the new energy brand. In order to provide The Kia EV6 owners with a more extreme ultra-high-speed charging experience, Taiwan Sime Darby Kia announced that it will join hands with U-POWER Asahi to officially become Kia’s charger Partner. Owners who order the 2023-style The Kia EV6 online from December 30, 2022 can enjoy 1-year unlimited ultra-high-speed charging service (worth more than NT$40,000) at U-POWER charging stations in Taiwan from the license date, V2L off-board electrical power sharing (market price NT$30,000) and 11kW home charging equipment (market price NT$39,900) three honorable gifts.

Kia's brand representative pure electric smart cross-border SUV The Kia EV6 will achieve a cumulative sales of 626 units in 2022, making Kia the sales champion of general imported electric vehicle brands! Not only the domestic sales performance is outstanding, but The EV6 has also been recognized in the international car industry, winning numerous awards: The EV6 has successively won the 2022 European Car of the Year (Note 1), the Best Design Award and the Innovative Product in the 2022 Red Dot Award The main unit award (Note 2), and the Best EV of 2022 (Note 3) by the editorial department of The Drive in the United States fully demonstrated the product strength of The Kia EV6 "not only surpassing, but also being more excellent".

The Kia EV6Come onNew Generation Pure Electric Design Indicators

The Kia EV6 is built on the E-GMP global electric vehicle modular platform. It has two battery capacities of 58kWh for the standard version and 77.4kWh for the extended range version. It is equipped with an 800V power system and supports two charging specifications, J1772 (Type1) and CCS1. Under the high-speed charging power of 240kW, 10 to 80% charging can be completed in 18 minutes, and 100 kilometers can be driven in 4.5 minutes. In addition, according to the data of WLTC test, The Kia EV6 Air extended range model can pay a maximum battery life of 560 kilometers (Note 4). Car owners can fully enjoy the sustainable future of pure electric mobile life.

U-POWERUltra-high-speed charging round-the-island networksupplyThe Kia EV6The ultimate experience for car owners

U-POWER has 11 double-gun fast charging stations throughout Taiwan, and each station provides 360kW high-power charging equipment, allowing car owners to realize the excellent ultra-high-speed charging advantages of The Kia EV6 every time they charge. The U-POWER high-speed charging network covers western Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hengchun, Taitung, Hualien and other areas. The stations are all located near major traffic hubs and important tourist attractions. Thoughtful design such as large-scale, dedicated field, high-power configuration, rain cover and super-sized grid design provide The Kia EV6 owners with convenient, comfortable and fast ultimate charging service.

U-POWER is expected to reach 17 stations in the first quarter of 2023, continue to expand coverage in metropolitan areas, and aim to complete more than 30 large-scale stations by the end of 2023, making pure electric mobile life easier and simpler.

place an order23year styleThe Kia EV6Enjoy one yearU-POWERStation Unlimited Charging

Kia's general agent Sime Darby Kia in Taiwan announced that from December 30, 2022 to January 31, 2023, car owners who order The Kia EV6 car series online can enjoy U-POWER from the licensing date. One-year unlimited ultra-high-speed charging service at the charging station provides a more convenient and extreme pure electric mobile life for all The Kia EV6 owners in Taiwan. In addition, it also enjoys V2L power sharing of electrical appliances outside the car and 11kW home charging equipment, a total of three items with a market price of more than 100,000 yuan Courtesy. We sincerely invite all fans who love Kia to visit the exhibition center in Taiwan to feel the brand spirit of "Movement that inspires" and experience the unique charm of The Kia EV6 "not only surpassing, but also being more excellent".


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