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The Kia EV6Online Pre-Order,Preview Limited Edition500units All sold out!

Pure electric smart cross-border leisure travel The Kia EV6 forward-looking courtesy is limited to 500 units and all sold out, showing the stunning charm of Kia's new brand masterpiece.

The Taiwan-wide preview premiere and the "Virtual Reality Inspiration NFT Physical Art Exhibition" combined with the finale performance of the Taipei Bottle Cap Factory from March 25 to 27!

As the representative work of the new era of the Kia brand, The Kia EV6 pure electric smart cross-border leisure travel, before it was launched, was a sensation. After the official pre-sale was officially announced on March 11, it was warmly affirmed by many forward-looking car owners, and its momentum was unstoppable! The first batch of preview benefits is limited to 300 units. Not only was it sold out within three days, but Kia, the general agent of Taiwan's Sime Darby Kia, received positive reviews. The final preview gift was limited to 200 units. It was launched last Friday, March 18, in less than three days. , and it will be sold out today (21st), the Kia EV6 preview package is limited to a total of 500 units, all of which have been sold out, showing the proud charm of Kia's new brand masterpiece the Kia EV6! The warmly received "The Kia EV6 Tour Preview Premiere", this weekend's final stop will be unveiled at the Taipei Bottle Cap Factory Taipei Manufacturing Building M Building on March 25-27, with "Virtual Reality ‧ Inspiring NFT Physical Art" "Exhibition", the show will be the finale with a forward-looking and innovative attitude. All consumers who love Kia are invited to come to the scene to experience the charming style of Kia's first pure electric smart cross-border leisure travel the Kia EV6 "not only surpassing, more excellent", and feel the new Kia "Movement that inspires mobile inspiration". brand spirit.

The Kia EV6Leading the new era of electric vehicles with innovation

The EV6, which won the 2022 European Car of the Year title (Note 1), adopts the new E-GMP electric vehicle module platform and is equipped with a 58kWh / 77.4kWh high-voltage lithium battery pack. It has an 800V battery system and 240kW ultra-high-speed charging. It only takes 18 minutes to charge the power from 10% to 80%, and it takes only 4.5 minutes to travel 100 kilometers. With the extended-range battery and six smart kinetic energy regenerative braking systems, the EV6 has a maximum cruising range of more than 500 kilometers (Note 2). The Kia EV6 not only has an innovative power system, but also comes standard with a number of innovative technologies that Kia models are equipped with for the first time, such as RSPA remote control smart parking assist system and IFS LED smart front lighting system (Matrix headlights) and other safety technologies. The DRIVE WiSE intelligent safety assistance system that meets the SAE Level 2 automatic driving classification protects the safety of the entire vehicle from every driving detail. The cabin of The Kia EV6 is equipped with dual 12.3-inch panoramic curved display screens, equipped with 14 "British Treasure" Meridian™ top-level surround sound systems, and an ASD active sound wave simulation system, which perfectly interprets the new generation of electric vehicles. Innovative leading technology for cars.

The Kia EV6 embodies the brand spirit of “Movement that inspires” and leads all forward-looking car owners into the new world of the future Metaverse.

The Kia EV6andFalse and real   inspiredNFTPhysical Art ExhibitionCross-border cooperation,3moon25-27Day finale debut

The Kia EV6’s first batch of forward-looking benefits is limited to 500 units, and it was quickly sold out within a few days of pre-sale period, which once again demonstrated the amazing charm of EV6 “not only surpasses, but also excellence”, and was deeply affirmed by all forward-looking car owners. Among the total 500 prospective car owners, more than 50% of the consumers ordered the top-spec model "GT-line e-AWD Extended Range Edition". These 500 forward-looking car owners can enjoy 15,000 yuan of original accessories, V2L off-board electrical power sharing, home charging equipment and one-year free unlimited fast charging for cross-brand charging operators worth more than 60,000 yuan. The well-received "The Kia EV6 Tour Preview Premiere", following the Tainan and Taichung shows, this week's finale will be held from March 25th (Friday) to March 27th (Sunday) at the Taipei Bottle Cap Factory Taipei The M building of the manufacturing plant will have a three-day static performance. This time, Kia's general agent of Taiwan's Sime Darby Kia has specially cooperated with the "NFT Physical Art Exhibition Inspired by Reality", so that Kia's brand spirit of "Movement that inspires" can be transformed from pure electric smart cross-border leisure travel the Kia EV6 is realized, and together with all forward-looking car owners, it will step into a new world of the future metaverse. All friends who love EV6 are welcome to come and appreciate it in person, and take Kia on the train of future-looking life to experience the brand spirit of “Movement that inspires”.

Note 1: Reference website

Note 2: The mileage-related data is subject to the actual test by the Energy Administration.

Note 3: The pictures in the press release are the original materials. Please refer to the actual car for the actual color and specifications.

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