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The king of imported leisure travel re-evolves22-year-old TOYOTA RAV4 brand new facelift

If you ask what class is the most popular in the current car industry, friends who are familiar with the pulse of the Taiwan market will definitely know that mid-size SUVs are in the market. If you want to choose the most dazzling and unparalleled superstar, in addition to the TOYOTA RAV4, which has won the throne of imported SUVs for 13 consecutive years, who else can stand on the top of the mountain?

To clarify how TOYOTA RAV4 can dominate the car world, the high-quality brand image, high quality imported from Japan, cost-effective domestic SUV, complete safety configuration, and gasoline/gasoline dual power are obvious. Such advantages can easily impress family car buyers. At the same time, TOYOTA has continuously improved its products to maintain the momentum of the RAV4 in the highly competitive mid-size SUV segment.

The entire 22-year-old RAV4 series changed the front fog lights to LED light sources and adopted a three-dimensional protruding design, while the LED Bi-beam headlight assembly of the HYBRID hybrid model showed a more concise content composition.

New design, new highlights

The 22-year-old TOYOTA RAV4 follows this victory formula. It not only aims to ensure the continuation of its advantages, but also continues to expand the gap with its opponents through evolution from the inside out. For example, the appearance of the geometric polygons that have always been talked about by fans The elements of the car still run through the whole car, making the body contour extraordinarily strong against the strong muscle lines, and the 22-year-old new car has simultaneously changed the front fog lights to LED light sources, and adopts a three-dimensional protruding design. The overall shape is more unique.

The appearance of the RAV4 2.0 4WD Adventure has also been changed. The original two-color cutting of the aluminum ring is presented in the form of pure dark paint, bringing an unruly off-road style.

At the same time, the 18-inch aluminum ring has also been changed from the original five-frame wide version to a ten-rib bright silver coating, which makes the visual experience richer and more domineering. As for the 2.0 4WD Adventure, it goes in the opposite direction. The original two-color cutting of the aluminum ring is presented in the form of pure dark paint, which effectively improves the temperament and strengthens the unruly off-road style.

Of course, the HYBRID gasoline-electric hybrid models, which have become more and more popular recently, have to be more innovative, such as the LED Bi-beam headlight assembly that brings sharp eyes. The LED daytime positioning lights in Jianheng, and the slit-shaped direction lights on the inner edge of the invisible light group, make the atmosphere of technology more aggressive, and the future vision seems to be close at hand.

TOYOTA RAV4 symbolizes a pleasant journey of exclusive family. It is a blissful thing to be able to travel freely up the mountain and down to the sea with your beloved family.

Spacious and comfortable cabin

In the cockpit, the 22-year-old TOYOTA RAV4 still continues the well-received designs. With the corners as the main visual tone of the center console and door panel shapes, a large amount of leather is laid out to make the cabin feel better, and the double-ring instrumentation Equipped with a 7-inch large full-color TFT multi-function touch information display, it also makes the driving information complete and clear, and brings a fashionable style of technology at the same time, plus the 9-inch touch Toyota Drive+ Connect intelligent vehicle system that varies depending on the model , E-Mirror electronic rearview mirror, intelligent dual-zone climate control, dual front ventilated seats, Qi wireless charging seat and kick-sensing electric tailgate and other comfortable and convenient equipment, once combined with the spacious and bright cabin space and full The flexible seat and luggage compartment design is both practical and easy to use. Of course, the TOYOTA RAV4 has always been the first choice for an ideal family SUV.

Gasoline/oil-electric dual power for your choice

Of course, the car can move, and the driving experience is also an important basis for evaluating a car. TOYOTA RAV4 has two output units: gasoline engine and HYBRID gasoline-electric hybrid power, which fully meets the needs and preferences of all drivers. The 2.0-liter natural The RAV4 with the intake gasoline engine can easily release the maximum horsepower of 173 horsepower and the maximum torque of 20.7 kgm. With the Direct Shift-CVT transmission system, it can easily pay the average fuel consumption score of 15.3km/l.

The entire RAV4 lineup has now been expanded to a huge lineup with five gasoline and three gasoline-electric models.

As for the HYBRID petrol-electric hybrid model, the 2.5-liter engine and the electric motor are used to exert maximum power, which can produce a combined peak horsepower of 218 hp in the front-wheel drive version or 222 hp in the four-wheel drive version, together with the transmission of the E-CVT stepless transmission system After the kinetic energy, it can bring the best fuel consumption performance of 22.6km/L (Hybrid Majesty), and there is no stagnation in going up and down the sea. In addition, TNGA has a high-rigidity chassis, independent front and rear suspension systems and a low center of gravity design. On the new generation platform, environmental protection, energy saving and enthusiastic control can go hand in hand.

The HYBRID petrol-electric hybrid model uses a 2.5-liter engine and an electric motor to exert its maximum power, thus producing a combined peak horsepower of 218 hp for the front-wheel drive version or 222 hp for the four-wheel drive version. The best fuel consumption comes to HYBRID's 22.6 hp km/L score.

TSS 2.0 on the side

Since the birth of the current generation, TOYOTA RAV4 has guarded all members of the car with the most advanced active and passive safety technology, and the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 (TSS 2.0) intelligent driving assistance system that has been extended around the world has made the 22-year-old TOYOTA RAV4 become the same class. Safety model students, such as the ACC full-speed active distance maintenance system, have the Stop & Go function. The system can not only detect the speed of the vehicle ahead and automatically accelerate, decelerate or stop, but also automatically resume if the stop time is less than 2 seconds. Driving, and the LTA lane tracking assistance system can also be activated simultaneously at this time, maintaining the vehicle in the center of the lane through the marking or the track of the preceding vehicle, thus achieving the high expectations of Level 2 driving assistance.

In addition, such as PCS early warning protection system (with active brake assist/pedestrian detection), AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching system, ACA active cornering assist system, BSM blind spot detection warning system, PVM surround view image assist system, A number of active and passive safety configurations such as HAC uphill start assist system, DSC gear mis-entry power limiting system, 7 SRS auxiliary airbags, and GOA high-rigidity body (up to 1,500MPa ultra-high-strength steel) are also available on the TOYOTA RAV4. The all-round protection that is watertight ensures that all vehicle occupants can receive the most stringent care.

Added HYBRID exclusive new models

In this 22-year-old TOYOTA RAV4 facelift process, the gasoline-electric hybrid model, which is the focus of the car series, not only brings more evolution to the exterior design, but also adds a HYBRID prestige model with a lower entry threshold, which is not only equipped with A number of safety and convenience equipment, such as PVM surround view image assistance system, dual-zone thermostatic air conditioning and electric folding rearview mirrors are all very practical configurations. At the same time, they are also the same as other HYBRID products, with an 8-year 160,000-km warranty on the main battery. Service, to ensure that the vehicle use process is more secure, plus the suggested price of 1.099 million yuan, looking at SUV products in the same price range, RAV4 HYBRID is the best in terms of power, fuel consumption or safety performance. The choice with the highest C/P value.

Regardless of more diverse model options, more complete active and passive safety, more delicate detail settings, and always wonderful power, fuel consumption, space and equipment performances, TOYOTA RAV4 is showing the calmness of being the king of the class. It can be seen that In the future, I believe that this miracle of imported recreational travel sales will still stand on the altar, and will continue to be warmly welcomed by the largest family car groups.

The 22-year-old newly added HYBRID has a suggested price of 1.099 million yuan, which is the choice with the most C/P value among its peers. (The picture shows the RAV4 HYBRID flagship 4WD)

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