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The largest of extraordinary honors, the new product, Dalmore, has been shining brightly for 21 years

The "Old Liquor Bank" Dalmore Distillery, which is highly sought after by global whisky connoisseurs, has repeatedly won awards in the world's major spirits competitions for its core wine products. Following the release of new products "Dalmore Extreme Porter Cask" and "Dalmore 20 Years" in 2018 Later, after 4 years of default, the brand-new launch of the pinnacle of the core wine, "Dalmore Bright 21 Years Single Malt Whisky", the annual edition is limited to 9,000 bottles worldwide and 910 bottles in Taiwan, with a suggested price of 25,000 yuan New Taiwan Dollars. Dalmore Brilliant 21 Years is the highest vintage of The Principal Collection, with a refined, elegant and highly artistic flavour from the rare 30-year Matusalem Oloroso sherry casks at Gonzalez Byass, a Spanish sherry distillery Aged to bring the legendary Dalmore signature style to refresh this award-winning winery milestone. Dalmore Brilliant 21 Years is a feast for the senses, a deep amber wine with typical Dalmore flavors of chocolate, caramel and citrus, celebrating Dalmore's legendary chief winemaker Richard. Richard Paterson was awarded the OBE in recognition of his contribution to the Scotch whisky world.

Dalmore Whisky, the fastest growing luxury whisky in the world

According to a 2021 report by International Wine & Spirits Research (IWSR), Dalmore has come out on top in the malt Scotch whisky category, becoming the fastest growing whisky in the market over the past two years, Since its establishment in 1839, the continuous pursuit of crafting exceptional whisky for extraordinary enjoyment, gift giving and private collections, most recently "The Dalmore Decades - No. 6 Collection" at Sotheby's Hong Kong Sold for US$1.1 million (approximately NT$33 million), representing Sotheby’s record for a whisky auction in Asia and the most valuable whisky lot sold in Asia for Sotheby’s. The "Golden Age of Dalmore - No. 4 Collection" in cooperation with was sold through the NFT platform on December 7, 2021 for US$137,700 (approximately NT$4.14 million) - showing the Dalmore The winery attracts exceptional people from different generations to innovate with the times.

Dalmore is bright21Years, perfect rendition30Rare Flavor from Sherry Casks

The dazzling 21 years of Dalmore is a symbol of the close relationship between Dalmore and sherry. The sherry barrels used are from Gonzalez Byass, a legendary sherry winery located in the Jerez region of Andalusia, Spain. It is rare and rare. Matusalem Oloroso 30 year old sherry casks, slowly aged to produce a timeless masterpiece. Dalmore's 21 years of brilliance has created a classic and elegant symphony of Dalmore's DNA - citrus, bitter chocolate and warm spices, presenting a luxurious combination of Black Forest fruits such as black-sweet cherries, grapes, blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants, plus Layer upon layer of sweet liquorice, walnut and marzipan, the finish is lingering with peach, ginseng, pear tartar and sanguinello blood orange.

Dalmore is bright21Years, showing the courage to pursue the endless pursuit of excellence

Dalmore's 21-year-old brand new listing symbolizes strength, bravery and the victory of all good things. Dalmore’s dazzling 21 years condensed the courageous history passed down over hundreds of years. In 1263 AD, the ancestors of the McKinsey family saved the life of King Alexander III, and thus won the Royal Honorary Stag. A hundred years later, this stag became every bottle of Dalmore. The proudest brand logo of the bottle. At the same time, Dalmore's 21 years of brilliance also pay tribute to Dalmore Winery's 180 years of endless pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship, especially the legendary chief winemaker of Dalmore Richard. Paterson. Dalmore’s 21 years of brilliance are definitely the crystallization of patience and craftsmanship. The entire winemaking team always pays attention to the influence of oak barrels on the wine, and needs to maintain the balance of flavors and express inspiring and extraordinary characteristics.

Dalmore is bright212019, the pinnacle of the core wine series

21 is a year where anything is possible, coinciding with the auspicious year of the zodiac Tiger, Dalmore is proud to share this special whisky in the Year of the Tiger, toast with our parents and celebrate all the Whiskey lovers turning 21 in 2022. "The Principal Collection" is an extraordinary work consisting of eight single malt whiskies, with Dalmore 21 Years as the peak of the series, including Dalmore Alexander III, Dalmore 18, Dalmore Dalmore 15 Years, Dalmore 12 Years, Dalmore Cigar Three Barrels, Dalmore Extreme Porter Barrels, Dalmore 12 Years Sherry Three Barrels, each of which embodies Dalmore’s iconic depth and sophistication. McKinsey clan motto: "Luceo Non Uro" (I shine, not burn. I shine forever) symbolizes Dalmore's 21-year pursuit of extraordinary craftsmanship. In every drop of amber liquor, the infinite potential is perfectly released, and every moment is extraordinary. time.


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