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The light of the rotary engine is lit again... Mazda announces that the "REV" will be launched in Europe in October 2022!

table of contents
●The schedule of other models will be announced at the CX-60 briefing
●There are also models with annual facelifts and new powertrains?
●What is "MX-30 REV"?
● Japan will be published at the same time?

The schedule of other models will be announced at the CX-60 briefing

Slovakia Mazda announced the CX-60 on Youtube.

Japan is expected to start selling the CX-60 diesel engine model from September 2022, the European market is expected to introduce the CX-60 plug-in hybrid model from September 2022, and the diesel engine model in December 2023. In May, the 3L inline 6-cylinder skyactiv x model was introduced.

In addition to the above schedule, the schedule for the CX-60 and other models expected to be introduced in 2022 was also announced during the briefing.

There are also annual facelifts and models with new powertrains?

CX-60 and other related schedules start from 16 minutes and 50 seconds

The schedule announced at the briefing also includes the Toyota Yaris OEM Mazda2 Hybrid, the MX-30 annual facelift model, and other released models.

The announcement schedule is as follows.


What is "MX-30 REV"?

Like the CX-30 and Mazda3, the MX-30 is positioned as one of Mazda's "small commodity groups". The core part is the same as the CX-30, but there is not much difference in design.

Adopting the "Freestyle doors" that have been used since the RX-8, the SUV debuted in Europe as a coupe-like SUV in October 2019. The car was launched in Japan in October 2020, and now there are two power specifications of the 2L gasoline engine light gasoline electric vehicle "MX-30" and the battery electric vehicle "MX-30 EV".

Slovakia Mazda announced that the "MX-30 REV", which will be launched on the market in October 2022, will be equipped with the "MX-30 EV" rotary engine for power generation to extend the cruising range.

In addition to the "e-SKYACTIV R-EV", "e-SKYACTIV R-HEV" and "e-SKYACTIV R-Energy" that are suspected to be related to the MX-30 REV last year in 2021, there will also be rotary engines that will be inspired by the design. The logo is registered as a trademark in Japan.

Will it be published in Japan at the same time?


It is currently known that the release and launch period of the MX-30 REV in North America and Europe is scheduled for the period from autumn 2022 to 2023. The official information on the introduction of Japan has not been released.

Although there is no information on the specifications of the MX-30 gasoline engine on the official website of Mazda in Japan, there is a note that the current models of battery electric vehicles have stopped accepting orders, so it is very likely that the "MX-30 EV" will be remodeled in the near future. By then, the MX-30 REV Japanese-spec car will be released.

Original source:Renew the light of the rotary engine... "REV" will appear in Europe in October 2022!mazda announcement
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