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The longer the sedan and the SUV, the more similar it is? What is the reason for the popular "coupe style" design in the Reiwa era?

The new car launched in recent years has changed in the design of the body contour. Nowadays, there are almost no square-shaped models on the market, but there are more and more models with smooth lines.

This is a model born from the "coupe style" design of sedans and SUVs. And what is the reason for adopting this design style in large numbers?

table of contents
●"coupé" originally means "two-seater carriage"
●What are the advantages of coupe-style designs for sedans and SUVs?
●Would the coupe-style design also have the disadvantages of an orthodox coupe?
●What is the reason for the popularity of "coupe style design" in the Reiwa era?

"coupé" originally means "two-seater carriage"

Tracing back the history of the word coupé, you will find the ancestor of the modern car—the carriage. Coupé is a box-type carriage with four seats for two people. The carriage that appeared in Cinderella may be easier for everyone to imagine. This shape of carriage later evolved into the coupe type of modern cars.


Modern coupes are generally two-seaters. Double-door design, equipped with a driver's seat, a passenger seat, and a rear seat, but the rear seat is a spare.

The long hood bulges slowly towards the cabin, and the smooth body line slopes down gently from the center of the cabin to the rear. Although the appearance is handsome, the cabin is small and functional. Basically only sports cars and high-end cars will use this model, so it also has the meaning of a symbol of wealth.

What are the advantages of designing coupe-style cars and SUVs?

Recently, more and more sedans and SUVs adopt coupe-style lines. In addition to the handsome appearance, this design can also add a sense of luxury to the car by flaunting the coupe style.

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This design also has some small advantages in terms of performance. Compared with the angular sedan and station wagon, the coupe-style design with smooth lines can make the exhaust air flow more smoothly.

Under normal circumstances, there will be air inflow from the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the rear of the car, and convection will occur when the air flow is cut off, thus generating a gravitational force that pulls the vehicle in front back. This is how air resistance is generated. In this case, the vehicle needs to consume more fuel to drive forward, which cannot save fuel.

If it adopts a coupe design, it can make the air flow smoothly and help improve fuel consumption performance.

Does the coupe-style design also have the disadvantages of an orthodox coupe?

Relatively speaking, the disadvantage of the coupe is the sacrifice of functionality. Because the car body gradually slopes toward the rear, this design not only narrows the trunk space, but also compresses the cabin space. Among them, the biggest impact is the headroom of the rear seat. Adults sitting in the back seat of the coupe need to sit obliquely or shrink their necks.


The above-mentioned shortcomings also occur in coupe-style cars and SUVs. However, because they are inherently highly functional and most of them are spacious, even if the coupe-style C-pillar is slanted, which sacrifices the headroom of the rear seats, it is still more spacious than an orthodox coupe.

Even if sedans and SUVs adopt the coupe design, this shortcoming will not have much impact on daily life.

What is the reason for the popularity of "coupe style design" in the Reiwa era?


The target customers of the coupe-style design are "I have always driven an orthodox coupe, and I suffer from the inconvenience of the coupe, but I am quite satisfied with the social status it represents." Car owners who have functional but have complaints about the appearance".

The middle value pursued by these two factions is a coupe or SUV with a coupe-style design. Although there will be many changes in models with the times, the coupe style has become a popular trend now that the year is in harmony.

I believe that in the future, more and more models will launch this kind of coupe-style design models that cut off the strengths and make up for the weaknesses.

Original source:Aren't sedans and SUVs getting the same look?Reason why “coupe-style” design is popular in Reiwa
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