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The Macallan Distil Your World : New York

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Macallan's "Distil Your World Series" focuses on exploring the essence of the world's major cities; and the popular "Distil Your World: London: London", this year is bold and innovative again, with the world's most creative and Vibrant City - New York as the theme, publishedDistil Your World : New York.The Macallan's unique craftsmanship combined with the world's best restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, which has won 3 Michelin stars for many times, creates this very unique single malt whiskyDistil Your World : New Yorkwhich not only successfully and subtly embodies the essence of New York City, but also shows the excellent craftsmanship and extraordinary innovative spirit of Macallan.

Capture the essence of the most creative and vibrant city with the best restaurants

Based on the same boundless curiosity, thirst for knowledge and dedication to craftsmanship, The Macallan winemaker Polly Logan and Joan Roca, the two-time operator of the world's best Michelin restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, jointly createdDistil Your World : New York. In order to accurately capture the essence of the city, spend a lot of time exploring New York for inspiration, from the artists and musicians who best represent the local vibrant culture, and the visionaries and thinkers who drive endless creativity. Explore the rich and pioneering New York Sexual spirit, from New York's towering buildings, world-renowned skyline, extensive art scene, large museums to street graffiti, and local food preferences.This excellent tasteDistil Your World : New YorkPrecisely capturing the unique essence of the city and using Macallan's century-old craftsmanship, it has successfully quenched the soul of New York into this extraordinary single malt whisky.

uniqueDistil Your World : New York The Best of the World: New York, blending the aroma and flavor belonging to New York, in order to reflect the unique artistic characteristics and unique ingredients of New York, it is blended by six perfectly matched European and American oak whisky, based on the existing famous Macallan whisky Characteristic—Light apple notes, a flavor particularly suited to interpreting the essence of the city of the "Big Apple" and inspired by New York's thriving street food, to create classic American sweets, muffins, peanut brittle chips, chocolate and The flavor of walnut to convey the core character of New York.drinkDistil Your World : The New York The Best of the World: New YorkWhen you are walking on the streets of New York and feel the hustle and bustle of New York City, the unrestrained citrus represents the skyscrapers that fill the New York skyline, and the unique flavor fully reflects the outstanding artistic characteristics of New York.

Distil Your World : The New York The Best of the World: New YorkA tribute to a great, vibrant city

“This project is a tribute to New Yorkers,” says The Macallan winemaker Polly Logan. The people we meet along the way are bold, creative and unique. And this whisky is punchy, energetic and free-spirited, just like every one of them. "

Winemaker Polly Logan

"New York is full of creativity," says Joan Roca, the world's best restaurant chef. “The city grabs you instantly. Its energy drives us to create a menu that is rich and bold, many of which we have never seen before.”

Distil Your World : New YorkComes in an eye-catching white gift box engraved with an aerial view of New York City in the shape of the McCarran triangle. The blue on the box and bottle is a bold finishing touch, representing the water that surrounds the city and the towering buildings. In addition to the unique packaging, the limited edition whisky also comes with a luxurious booklet that records the essence of New York and the beautiful New York City view, introducing the various creative inspirations and brewing processes behind this single malt whisky. Inclusive craftsmanship, as well as a splendid and rich collection of New York photography.Distil Your World : New YorkTogether, the two embody and celebrate New York's vibrant metropolis of art, creativity and imagination.

The "Distil Your World" series jointly launched by The Macallan and the Rocca Brothers aims to explore the essence of the world's top cities, explore different cultures, and draw creative inspiration through their respective professional fields. Whiskey lovers feel differently.Distil Your World : New York The second in the Best of the World series, this extraordinary limited-edition single malt whisky captures the soul of New York, a vibrant metropolis of art, creativity and imagination. The Macallan launches yet another groundbreaking range of whiskies, join The Macallan on a unique urban exploration journey through New York, one of the most iconic cities in the world!

Winemaker's Notes:

McCarran Essence of the worldNew York The Macallan Distil Your World : The New York Color:city ​​dawnaroma:Big apples are accompanied by peanut brittle chips and milk chocolate. Sweet and savory like puffed dough, with New York streets, fresh rain and blooming cherry blossoms.Taste:Baked apples with raisins, chocolate stone nuts, maple syrup and toasted Belgian muffins are accompanied by salty walnut aromas.Aftermath:Moderate, reverberating with toasted stone fruit and sweet oak.Alcohol concentration:49.5%Suggested selling price:NT$122,000Global limited:1,000 bottles


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