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The Macallan ft. GoerxuanClassic and re-creation of art with profound carving to soothe people's hearts

Gal Xuan

There is an extraordinary story behind every classic mix. Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour, Manhattan and other classic mixes have stood the test of time and are also among the top ten most popular mixes in the world. These whisky-based classics are elevated to soothing new heights with The Macallan Double Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky. This summer, in order to pay tribute to the classic bartending of "Classic Re-innovation", The Macallan launched the "Macallan Double Sherry Barrel Classic Bartending Month" event and invited the singer-songwriter-Gao Erxuan, who has won many domestic and foreign music awards since his debut. As an ambassador for the event, combined with the characteristic bars of all Taiwan, we call on the young and new generation who pay attention to the sense of ritual in life, to communicate with each other through classic bartending and music!

Innovative artistic environment to re-deconstruct classic bartending

"Classic" means the meaning of being out of fashion for a long time, and the bartender that can best represent this meaning in bartending is "Old Fashioned". Macallan, who has always insisted on perfection and pursuit of excellence, also has a meticulous attitude towards tasting bartending. For the classic bartenders that appeared as early as 1800, the concept of classic re-innovation has been carried out, bringing a new taste experience. In order to pay tribute to the classics, The Macallan invites all the top bars in Taiwan to launch the Macallan Double Sherry Barrel Classic Blend in the summer of 2022. The classic blend is recreated through the richness and fullness of the Macallan Double Sherry Barrel. Fashioned as an example, the Macallan double sherry barrel will present a neat and simple Old Fashioned like a British gentleman in 12 years, and feel the perfect balance of refreshing citrus and warm and spicy fragrance from the unique golden tone; and the history is more The venerable Whiskey Sour, framed by The Macallan double sherry cask for 12 years, presents a delicate butterscotch-like flavor with a crisp apple-sweet style. Deconstructing a classic cocktail and giving it a new and different charm.


Looking for creative inspiration from classic music

Gao Erxuan, a singer-songwriter who has shown his talent with extremely high musical talent since his debut, has been actively preparing for his latest album "Journey" since the end of 2021. He recently released his creative single MVs "Circles" and "Drowning" in less than a month. The number of views exceeded 1 million, and it was once again recognized by the market. On the road of music creation, Gao Erxuan admitted that he not only seeks the best performance for each work, but also hopes to give people a refreshing feeling, and looks forward to using images and music to present his mood to the audience. Usually, I absorb the essence of classic music works, and then become the nutrients of my own creation. I am not complacent about the successful boom created in the past, but I hope to create more works with different feelings and even moving for everyone.In addition to looking for creative inspiration from classic music, pay attention to the sense of ritual in life

Gao Erxuan, a member of the young and new generation, also starts with a glass of classic bartending when gathering with friends in his spare time, as a ritual sense of relaxation. Among them, the classic bartender based on whisky is more Preferred. "I like the rich aroma and warm taste of whisky very much, just like the notes on a musical score, bringing out a moving piece of music." For him, "One word to describe a good whisky mix is ​​grooving, just like a piece of music. Very rhythmic melody, it will make people very happy to drink, and feel the rich multi-layered rhythm of whisky mixing, which brings people a pleasant and relaxing feeling.” Every time I complete the creation or MV shooting and recording work, I especially like to invite the staff and partners to have a drink. Between the cups, the mutual feelings and tacit understanding are closer, and it will also help pave the way for the next creative work.

Keep trying and experience will eventually find your favorite

The Macallan, with its centuries-old brewing wisdom, has always been synonymous with the classics of top single malt whiskies. The classics bring classic blending with an even more irresistible long aftertaste. When drinking these soothing classic bartenders, whether it's because of the protagonist of the classic movie that comes to mind or the legend behind this bartender, if you have already identified your favorite bartender, be sure to try it again. The power injected into the classic bartending of The Macallan will bring unexpected new feelings. The Macallan enhances the original taste, color, aroma and historical temperature of the classic bartending, giving people a deeper sensory enjoyment. , and this sensory touch can only belong to you if you experience it yourself.

Gao Erxuan said, "To live is to keep trying, experiencing, and feeling, and life will be richer. Through experience, you will eventually find what you love."

McCarran Whisky-Sour

Classic re-innovation Macallan re-deconstructs classic bartending and all the characteristic bars in Taiwan participate in the grand event

This summer, in order to pay tribute to the classic bartenders of "Classic Re-innovation" and all those who are brave and innovate constantly, The Macallan specially gathered all the characteristic bars in Taiwan to launch "The Macallan Classic" from 2022/6/20 to 2022/7/31 "Bartending Month" event, the classic bartender created based on the 12-year Macallan double sherry barrels, no matter which one, every sip will make you feel the perfection, like a dynamic melody in your mouth. experience. Invite you to experience a unique sensory feast created by the extraordinary Macallan classics. Let's get drunk with Gao Erxuan!

Activity Information:

Macallan Classic Bartending Month

Event Date: 2022/6/20-2022/7/31

How to do it: During the event, you can get 2 points when you purchase the Macallan classic bartender at the designated bar, and you can redeem a cup of "The Macallan Double Sherry Barrel 12 Years" when you collect 5 points.

(This activity requires joining the official account of McCarran LINE, and each person can redeem up to 5 times during the activity)


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