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The Macallan M Collection showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and creativityMaking the invisible into a "shape" and working with masters to embody the spirit of the six pillars

"No Rules, No Square", The Macallan uses "The Six Pillars" as the core of its exquisite winemaking craftsmanship, supporting its square world, and is the cornerstone of excellence. In 2022, The Macallan will launch a new seriesー"M Collection", is intended to highlight the acclaimed six pillars of The Macallan, and in cooperation with the top French crystal brand Lalique, well-known creative director Fabien Baron designed a six-sided crystal wine bottle representing the six pillars, The perfect embodiment of Macallan's century-old winemaking process. In 2022, the first launch of "The Macallan M Collection - M", "The Macallan M Collection - M Black", "The Macallan M Collection - M Copper", leading whisky lovers to understand the six pillars behind the Macallan one by one meaning of representation.

The M Collection brings together three masters in creative design, crystal craftsmanship and fashion photography, demonstrating the unparalleled craftsmanship and brilliant creativity of this collection.

The Macallan six pillars achieve the ultimate creativity of the master craftsmen
The Macallan's immortal reputation stems from six world-renowned pillars: Macallan estate, exquisite and compact stills, the highest quality oak barrels, sherry barrels, natural wine color and centuries-old winemaking wisdom . Sherry oak casks are the core strength of The Macallan, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship and creativity, the Macallan whisky is an exceptional leader.

The M COLLECTION loaded in the Lalique crystal cup is even more distinguished due to the six spiritual markings.

Jaume Ferras, Global Creative Director of The Macallan, said: “The six pillars that distinguish The Macallan and underpin the Macallan’s unparalleled craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, the Macallan M Collection is the epitome of The meaning behind the six pillars. It is an honor to work with Fabien Baron and Lalique to bring these extraordinary craftsmanship to life, and to create a new dramatic vision for this series with Nick Knight.”

Silvio Denz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lalique, also said: "It has been an honor to be a partner of The Macallan for 16 years, and this time together to launch the M Collection, which represents the Macallan winemaking process, demonstrates our professionalism, craftsmanship and Inheriting consensus from all sides. The difficulty of shaping the six-sided crystal bottle makes each bottle of "The Macallan M Collection" unique, and the staff of Lalique Crystal are happy to use their superb and complex technology to realize Fabien Baron's creative ideas ”

Confidently display the natural color of the wine entirely from sherry oak barrels
"Macallan M Collection - M" represents the six pillars of "natural natural wine color". The wine color comes entirely from precious oak barrels. Time is exchanged for natural color, from clear and bright oak primary color to deep and charming mahogany color. No caramel coloring, which is commonly used in the industry, is added at all. The Macallan M Collection - M is a pure natural color brewed in 100% top-quality first-time sherry oak casks, and its rare whisky shines in a handcrafted clear Lalique crystal bottle, perfectly interpreting the concept of natural color. .

The color of The Macallan M Collection – M comes entirely from precious oak barrels, trading time for natural color.

A century-old winemaking wisdom A book of passion and dedication
The Macallan M Collection – M Black represents the six pillars of "century-old winemaking wisdom" and an unwavering trust in the craftsmanship. Based on fine traditions, the whisky brewing team pursues breakthrough and innovation at the same time, boldly blending Macallan classic sherry and smoky peat, both harmoniously balanced and rich in layers, and presented in a rare handcrafted black Lalique crystal bottle, The creation of this one-of-a-kind wine showcases an unparalleled century of winemaking.

"The Macallan M Collection - M Black" represents the six pillars of "century-old winemaking wisdom", boldly blending The Macallan classic sherry and smoked peat, showing an unparalleled century-old winemaking craftsmanship.

Exquisite and compact stills The most precious spirit of luxury
"The Macallan M Collection – M Copper" represents the six pillars of "refined and small stills", which are the key to the strong, full-bodied wine of the Macallan. The unique size and shape of the Macallan still allows the wine to contact the largest area of ​​copper walls, helping to concentrate the flavors of new wines, so that every drop of rich, aromatic, mellow and solid Macallan can be extracted. The Macallan M Collection – M Copper is symbolised by a handcrafted brass Lalique crystal decanter, reflecting the Macallan M Collection – M Copper which prides itself on delivering the best quality at its best.

The "refined and small still" is the key to the rich, full-bodied wine of the Macallan. The unique size and shape of the Macallan still allows the wine to reach the largest area of ​​the copper wall, helping to concentrate the flavor of the new wine. The "Macallan M Collection - M Copper" is symbolized by the handcrafted brass Lalique crystal decanter. Image of a still.

The creative master uses his hand and eye to create a crystal bottle with an image of Jihan
The crystal bottle of "The Macallan M Collection", which reflects the spiritual essence of the six pillars and the dazzling splendor, is a beautiful masterpiece created by The Macallan, the famous creative director Fabien Baron and the French crystal manufacturer Lalique. Fabien Baron painstakingly conceived, designed an elegant bottle body composed of six triangular facets, and used the hands of Lalique crystal craftsmen to shape a delicate, crystal clear entity, fully demonstrating Lalique's superb crystal craftsmanship handed down for more than 130 years. . Each precious crystal wine bottle is carefully wrapped in an exquisite outer box that conforms to the principles of sustainability and local materials, and then presented to the world through the lens of Nick Knight, a famous British luxury fashion photographer and creative visionary.

The Macallan M Collection by British luxury fashion photographer Nick Knight.

Macallan asked Nick Knight to create a series of photographs and videos in an abstract, expressionist style. Through Knight's unique vision, the imagery of ice blocks is used to capture the style of The Macallan M Collection, paying homage to The Macallan's connection to nature and the Spey River that flows through the Macallan Estate. The blessings of god-level masters in creative design, crystal craftsmanship and fashion photography demonstrate the unparalleled craftsmanship value and brilliant creativity of this series, which is extraordinary!

The Macallan M Collection – M
 Color: Natural dark amber
 Aroma: Sweet black cherries and demerara sugar, accompanied by notes of refined oak and leather, wrapped in unrestrained chocolate and vanilla flavors.
 Palate: Herbal notes of licorice and tea, infused with smooth custard and orange chocolate, with a hint of woody spice.
 Finish: Intense dried fruit and dark chocolate.
 Alcohol concentration: 45%
 Recommended price: $193,800

The Macallan M Collection – M Black
 Color: Natural Sunrise Gold
 Aroma: Fresh apples, pears and citrus, accompanied by sweet date palms, then gradually bloom into a soft and delicate peat.
 Palate: Dried oranges, roasted white peaches and honey figs, accompanied by sultana grapes and dark chocolate, and finally a warm peat and ginger spice.
 Finish: Long smoky peat and sweet raisins.
 Alcohol concentration: 46%
 Recommended price: $218,700

The Macallan M Collection – M Copper
 Color: Natural bright gold
 Aroma: Fresh and sweet banana, pear and white peach accompanied by malt biscuits, marshmallows and vanilla, with hints of lemon citrus.
 Mouthfeel: Pear candy, caramelized banana and fruit sherbet, gradually developing malty and oak spice.
 Finish: Long and supple toasted oak.
 Alcohol concentration: 42%
 Recommended selling price: NT$237,500


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