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The MG ZS flagship version is launched with a super price of RMB 749,000 and comes with a full range of configurations.

  • ●"Super standard full equipment" leapfrog monsters appear
  • ●7-inch digital instrument + 10.1-inch floating touch screen
  • ●Standard equipped with Level 2 MG Pilot 2.0 driving assistance system
  • ●1.5L NA engine paired with CVT gearbox
  • ●New car price MG ZS flagship version: 749,000 yuan

Following the impressive sales performance of the first domestic mid-size SUV HS in China, MG Taiwan welcomed the second domestically produced crossover small SUV ZS model on August 31, with a single power specification and equipment level. Set, the new car is priced at 749,000 yuan. The price setting of ZS is really quite surprising. Originally, it was expected that it would be attractive enough if it could be priced under 800,000 yuan. Now the official selling price is 749,000 yuan, and even the old-to-new one only costs 699,000 yuan. Exactly as the original manufacturer said, it comes with "extra-standard full configuration" and "leap-level monster fighting". The product's CP value is off the charts!

Indeed, the domestically produced ZS not only has a more sincere and sincere price than its competitors at the same level, but its main product capabilities are also strong enough, including trendy and dynamic appearance, high-quality interior layout, top-notch configurations, and High-standard Level 2 active safety technology, etc., coupled with a lower price than many entry-level cars of its competitors, the product is very attractive.

In addition to the pleasing interior design, ZS also has a refined and high-quality cabin atmosphere; in addition, the extraordinary range of equipment is the biggest selling point of its products.

Judging from the equipment that consumers at this level pay special attention to, the standard items provided by the ZS flagship version include LED head and tail lights/daytime running lights, 7-inch functional digital instrument, 10.1-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, and Bluetooth communication system , three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel, Push Start/Keyless Entry, electronic air conditioning, 6-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat, dual front seat heating functions, rear seat air-conditioning outlets, 2 front/rear 2 USB charging stations, panoramic electric sunroof , 360-degree surround view image assist, reversing image assist, light sensor automatic opening and closing head and tail lights, raindrop sensor automatic wipers, EPB and Auto Hold, etc.; in addition, there is a complete set of Level 2 MG Pilot 2.0 driving assistance system, including full speed Domain ACC (with Stop & Go)/TJA/LKA/LDP/LDW/FCW/AEB/BSD/LCA/RCTA/IHC/SAS systems, etc., plus 6 airbags, HAS and HDC, etc., the lineup can be said to be very rich complete.

In addition to supporting Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions, the 10.1-inch floating touch screen also integrates a 360-degree surround image assistance system.

In addition, in terms of passenger space, the length/width/height dimensions and wheelbase of the domestic ZS are 4323/1809/1653mm and 2585mm respectively. In addition to creating a quite spacious and comfortable passenger space, the performance of the luggage compartment space is also It is also very flexible and outstanding. In addition to the standard 448 liters of cargo space, the double-layer design of the floor can increase the volume to 528 liters. In addition, the rear seats can be expanded when the 6/4 split seat backs are tilted. to 1375 liters, which can fully meet the car owner's transportation needs. As for the power part, it is equipped with a 1.5-liter straight-four naturally aspirated gasoline engine, matched with a CVT gearbox (with simulated 8-speed manual transmission function), with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 120hp, 15.3kgm, and an average fuel consumption of 15.3. km/L.Yang Zhihan

One of the biggest product selling points of the domestically produced ZS is that it comes standard with the only large-scale immersive panoramic sunroof in its class.
The new ZS flagship model is derived from European regulations and safety is not compromised, and the entire set of MG Pilot 2.0 Level 2 intelligent driving assistance systems is fully equipped.

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