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The Ministry of Economic Affairs urges vehicle centers to provide one-stop verification services to meet the huge business opportunities of smart cockpits and all-in-one powertrains

As the AI ​​generation redefines the future, in the process of vehicle intelligence, the smart cockpit that improves the experience in the cabin will become an important key to the international supply chain rank of Taiwan's automotive electronics industry station; Vehicle Research and Testing Center (ARTC Vehicle Center ) With the support of the Science and Technology Project of the Technology Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the establishment of a smart cockpit and an all-in-one powertrain test and verification energy will lead the digital transformation of the industry, accelerate the development period, meet the needs of the industry at one stop, and assist Taiwanese factories to integrate with international standards , and successfully seized the golden opportunity.

Wang Zhengjian, chairman of the vehicle center, said that the intelligent development of vehicles is accelerating the creation of a new vehicle industry, and the rapid evolution of AI highlights the niche status of Taiwan's automotive electronics industry. For example, the development of electric vehicles not only attracts attention to power systems, but also The smart cockpit extended to the living space in the car is a large and multi-purpose panel. In the future, the smart cockpit will provide numerous software and hardware applications, including human-computer interaction systems, posture monitoring of passengers in the car, various sensing devices outside the car, over-the-air downloads, and Internet of Vehicles.

The vehicle center, which is based on professional testing and verification, has the testing capacity recognized by international laboratories, and continues to innovate and research and develop to lead technological transformation. It assists the industry in Taiwan to obtain a certificate of qualification for export, and it is the verification test for the development of new products related to smart cockpits. Requirements, from environmental testing, vibration and noise, electromagnetic compatibility, impact testing, etc., there are corresponding testing laboratories to assist the industry in real-time positioning and keep up with the wave of smart driving.

A complete international laboratory group completes all-round verification before listing

When the demand for cabin space is no longer limited to audio-visual entertainment, the smart cockpit has evolved from a small 8-inch panel to a 55-inch integrated panel extending from the driver's seat to the co-pilot space. The software installed in the content has evolved into ADAS auxiliary systems, such as blind spot detection. , lane deviation, automatic car following, etc., and set up navigation, interactive audio-visual entertainment, when designing and developing related electronic products, whether they can withstand long-term exposure to the sun, or a cold environment with sub-zero temperatures, or even a large amount of dust invasion, etc. , the high-variable environmental temperature and humidity simulation system equipment in the vehicle center, and the large-scale temperature shock environment simulation system equipment can conduct environmental impact tests of heating or cooling between minus 50 degrees C and 150 degrees C within 20 minutes, to Help manufacturers check the tolerance quality of internal circuit boards of products, or conduct high-variability condensation simulations to evaluate the airtight characteristics of product assemblies.

Large-scale temperature shock environment simulation test can be combined with CAE simulation analysis, failure prediction, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test for electromagnetic tolerance and electromagnetic interference; in addition, excitation measurement is used to solve the problem of resonance and abnormal sound in the smart cockpit. To confirm the quality of system assembly, the electronic rear-view mirror can be used to confirm the quality and performance of the cockpit image and camera through optical instruments in advance. In terms of safety, the head impact test can simulate the emergency stop of the vehicle. Whether passengers will be affected by head impact Tests that pose a hazard to cockpit instruments.

Furthermore, regarding the motor-related tests of electric vehicles, the vehicle center also has the verification energy of an all-in-one power drive control system, and a high-power power supply simulation platform that can generate virtual motors for the development and use of drive systems and components of electric vehicles. Flexible application platforms such as operational performance simulation and curve durability simulation can accommodate commercially available large-scale electric buses, and can simultaneously complete structural strength and weather resistance verification, shortening development time and costs.

In view of the verification needs of large-scale automotive and electronic products in the international market, such as the 55-inch large panel of the smart cockpit and the drive motor of electric vehicles, etc., all-round test verification can be obtained in the complete laboratory group of the vehicle center, and it can also be connected The verification of the whole vehicle meets the needs of the industry in one stop, and equips the industry with an offensive weapon to promote the international market.

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