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THE MOON Moon Back Series Limited debutG-SHOCK takes you to explore the moon

THE MOON Moon Back GM-2100MG suggested price NT$9,500

THE MOONback of the moonGM-2100MG suggested priceNT$9,500

The courage to explore the limit has always been the brand belief of G-SHOCK. In the face of the mysterious and unpredictable back of the moon, G-SHOCK exerts the spirit of courage to explore, breaking through its own limits and launching the "Moon Back" series with the concept of the back of the moon. Since the moon always faces the Earth on the same side, its back also adds a lot of unknown mystery.

The GM-2100MG uses the recent flaming GM-2100 as the base model. The representative metal octagonal bezel is treated with gold ion IP and laser engraving. The surface of the moon extends to the dial, creating concave and convex pits like the surface of the moon. And through the evaporation technology, the details of the dial parts exude texture and light. With a gold clasp, watch ring, buttons and back cover, it creates a dazzling moon phase world, and the back cover is also specially engraved with a moon pattern, adding value and fun to collection.

GM-2100MGis expected to be2022year1moon15day(six)listed, only inCASIOConcept Store(Outletexcept), official mall and Taichung Treasure Island famous store for sale.

GM-2100MG suggested price NT$9,500
GM-2100MG Back Cover Design
GM-2100MG outer box packaging

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