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The most artistic whisky brand Glenroth Taiwan limited new masterpiece and international artist Filip Pagowski to create the industry's first "Sensory Discovery Luminous Series" Fashion curator Ding Chuncheng and singer-songwriter YELLOW Huang Xuan improvised luminous graffiti. is art

With a century-old heritage of craftsmanship and a commitment to creating new ideas for whisky, Grand Roads starts from tradition, actively embraces innovative thinking, and continues to launch unique masterpieces of art. It is the first time to cooperate with POPUPASIA 2022 Asian Hand Creation Exhibition. Co-curator Filip Pagowski uses the exhibition theme "I'm I am therefore I am" to encourage friends who love creation in Asia to continue to create in the face of uncertain environment. The original intention, and the passion for life, explore the true self inward, show the elegance from the heart, do the things you like, and live a meaningful life. Created three Taiwan-limited Gran Lusi "Sensory Discovery Luminous Limited Edition" for Gran Lusi, and simultaneously planned the industry's first five-sense experience[Sensory Discovery Luminous Pop-up Store]inviting brand friends fashion curator Ding Chuncheng and singer-songwriter YELLOW Huang Xuan is the event platform, bringing together new talents in various fields to lead everyone to explore the new sensory ideas of Glenroth whisky.

Glenroth teamed upFilip Pagowski Create a five-sense experience Sensory Discovery Luminous Limited Editionluminous

Rita Liu, Marketing Director of Eddington World Wine Company in Taiwan, said that drinking whisky has jumped from a simple taste bud enjoyment to a feast for the senses, and this time, Glenroos, the first choice for the new generation of light luxury and new generation whisky, has launched a new version. Ideas - In cooperation with Filip Pagowski, co-curator of the POPUPASIA 2022 Asian Hand Creation Exhibition, from the "Sensory Discovery Luminous Limited Edition" to the five senses experience[Sensory Discovery Luminous Pop-up Store]the industry's first innovation index has been established.

Filip Pagowski, who has attracted much attention in the fashion field, is a well-known illustrator for Rei Kawakubo PLAY. The brand tonality of modern new ideas is quite in harmony; just like Filip Pagowski's unique and design-rich hand-painted brushstrokes, but ingeniously designed to impact the five senses experience[Sensory Discovery Luminous Pop-up Store]leads everyone to a new way to in-depth taste of Grand Roads .

Fashion curator Ding Chuncheng, singer-songwriterYELLOWHuang Xuan creates luminous graffiti

Representatives of Taiwan's cutting-edge slashes--fashion curator and actor Ding Chuncheng and new-generation musician and producer YELLOW Huang Xuan, who are rich and wonderful male gods in different fields, share from diverse professional perspectives and the unique taste of the new generation. The senses explore the unique artistic heritage of the luminous pop-up store. Inspired by the totem of the luminous limited edition exterior, the two artistic souls were eager to move, and they couldn't help but improvise their creations. They used bright, bold and contrasting colors on the luminous drawing board to depict the drinking Gran Lusi in their eyes. sensory experience.

The industry's first five-sense experience[Sensory Discovery Luminous Pop-up Store]

New ideas for drinking Luminous tasting room Turning Glenroos into Aurora Bartenders

In Gran Lusi's[Sensory Discovery Luminous Pop-up Store]fashion illustrator Filip Pagowski's hidden version of special luminous sensory totems are everywhere. Use the small ultraviolet flashlight distributed at the entrance to find hidden totems to exchange for sparkling ones. Glenroth 12 years HIGHBALL! Aurora bartending as brilliant as the aurora, just like the natural color of Gran Lusi, pure and natural without caramel coloring, the bartender that shines like a shooting star in the dark, fashionistas must not miss it, except for the free redemption Gran For Luce Fluorescent Bartending, you can get a number of limited-edition products at the entrance, including a luminous totem designed by Taiwanese graffiti artist COLASA and a discount coupon for True Religion membership, the No. 1 boutique denim brand in the United States.

Five Senses Discover the Sherry Barrel King of Floral Scents

In addition to the extremely eye-catching Aurora bartenders, you can also touch the sherry oak barrels made by Glenroth with a century-old craftsmanship, feel the texture, wood, and natural touch, and visit five exclusive private soft waters of Glenroth The source, smell the flavor of the liquor obtained after 11 hours of slow distillation using a small and exquisite unique towering pot still. Glenroos through the natural color given by nature. The "Sensory Exploration Luminous Limited Edition" displayed on site has been specially designed, and it emphasizes the new idea of ​​"sensory exploration", making the Luminous Limited Edition look particularly dazzling at night! Of course, the best part is that you can buy the "Sensory Discovery Luminous Limited Edition" at the pop-up store, bringing home the perfect combination of art and craftsmanship for collection.

《Glan Lusi Sensory Discovery Luminous Pop-up Store》

During flash:8/18(Four)~8/28(Day)

Location: Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City16lane3No(Near Zhongshan MRT Station Exit 4)

Sign up for free now, and please have a drink at Glan Luth:


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