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The most casual sports pickupSSANGYONG Rexton Sports

For consumers who live in urban areas and like to run on mountains and in water whenever they have time, an SUV may be the first choice that everyone thinks of. However, whether it is for heavy campers or divers with a lot of equipment, the space of most SUVs is still not enough. So, why not have a handsome sports pickup?

Pickup? That's right. It's Pickup! People who don’t understand it will definitely retort immediately: “That’s a truck! The equipment is very springy, and it’s uncomfortable to sit on.” But if you recommend a sports car that looks like an SUV, is rich in equipment, and has a great ride quality What about pickups?

Sedan-style design, the rear seat is spacious and comfortable

The SSANGYONG Rexton Sports, which just recently won the "CARBUYER Best Pickup Truck of the Year" award in the UK, is a multi-purpose pickup truck built with the concept of an SUV. Not only is its appearance very similar to its sibling Rexton, but its equipment is also compared to Rexton, its flagship SUV. , put all the good materials on the upper body. For example: Rexton Sports has everything you need for luxury configurations such as dual front heated and cooled seats, dual front seat electric adjustment, rear air vents, and rear seat heating. More importantly, most pickups on the market only emphasize the comfort of the front seats, often ignoring the rear seat passengers who are also members of the family; on the other hand, Rexton Sports continues the concept of "comfort for all" that Rexton SUV should have, not only retaining ample space The leg room is provided for the rear row, and the back of the seat can be tilted up to 27 degrees. With the thick foam design, it is one of the few pickups with a rear seat suitable for long-distance rides, and it is more suitable as a family car.

The sedan-style cockpit is exactly the same as Rexton SUV, with delicate texture and rich equipment.
The rear seats are thick foam and roomy enough to comfortably seat three adult passengers.
The large water tank cover is equipped with new headlights and LED front fog lights, creating an unprecedented sense of domineering.

Rexton Sports has a length of 5100mm and a wheelbase of 3100mm. It is relatively small in size among commercially available pickups and is more suitable for urban driving. The size of the rear cargo bucket is 1300mm long x 1570mm wide, which is basically more than enough for general household or self-operated business. If the owner needs otherwise, the original full-cover hardtop of the same color as the body can also be installed. With the sliding inner tray of the cargo box, it is more convenient to load items. It also has a locking function, so there is no need to worry about valuables being stolen Lost, bringing better spatial function performance.

The test drive car is equipped with the original full-cover hard top, and the cargo bucket is rain-proof and more anti-theft!

A full set of ADAS blessings in the quiet car

In terms of power, Rexton Sports adopts the new-generation e-XDi 220 inline four-cylinder common-rail direct-injection diesel engine with a power output of 181hp and 42.9kgm, matched with an Aisin six-speed automatic manual transmission, providing the driver with strong and powerful performance backing. It is worth mentioning that while Rexton Sports maintains strong horsepower, it also takes into account the delicateness of the engine operation. When idling, the engine sound can hardly be heard in the car; the sound of pulling and turning during driving is also suppressed quite well. Sit up or drive up, it's basically an SUV! Not only that, thanks to the unique QUAD-FRAME four-frame chassis structure design, Rexton Sports has excellent quietness when driving at high speed. The price of SUV is much better.

The standard 12.3-inch full digital driving instrument can provide rich driving information.

As for the ADAS advanced driving assistance system that more and more prospective car owners care about, Rexton Sports also provides a fairly complete level of protection, including AEB automatic emergency braking system, FCW forward collision warning system, LDW lane departure warning system, FVSA front Car Start Alert System, RCTA Rear Traffic Alert, HBA Automatic High Beam Switching, BSD Blind Spot Detection System and LCA Lane Change Assist System, etc. If you are driving a Rexton Sports for the first time, you will inevitably feel that the car is too large and the driving is more stressful. Fortunately, with the help of BSD blind spot detection and LCA lane change assist, overtaking or changing lanes is really easy and comfortable. In addition, in terms of passive safety, Rexton Sports also has 6 airbags in the whole car and a car body made of the highest 79.2% HSS high-strength steel in the same class, which can effectively protect the occupants in the car and create a watertight safety protection.

Powerful performance builds an all-round pickup

Even though the overall design of Rexton Sports is based on an SUV, don’t underestimate its off-road and load-bearing capacity. With the help of 2H/4H/4L three-stage time-sharing four-wheel drive and mechanical rear differential lock, it can provide Off-Road performance far beyond that of ordinary urban SUVs, not to mention its super strong towing capacity of up to 3,000 kg. No matter how you want to use and play, Rexton Sports will not disappoint.

Having seen the innovative design of the new SSANGYONG Rexton Sports from inside to outside, it inevitably makes us re-examine the established impressions of pickup trucks in the past. Who said that pickup trucks can only be rough and rough, bumpy and crowded when sitting up? Who stipulates that you can't drive a pickup without carrying cargo? Find an opportunity to go to the SSANGYONG showroom in Taiwan and see this distinctive sports pickup from Rexton Sports for yourself. I believe you will have the answer in your heart!

Rexton Sports has excellent road comfort, and the sound insulation of the chassis is better than that of SUVs of the same level.

December car purchase discount

●Vehicle brand new arrival in Hong Kong, 10,000 yuan delivery!

●December order gift: Free brand power bank.

●December Licensing Ceremony: Free sporty metal accelerator pedal cover, rain or shine window, one-year type C body insurance, and unlimited mileage towing, unlimited times (must be insured through designated insurance agent for type C body insurance or above) .

●Optional imported full-cover hard top (3/4 hard top) to enjoy discounts.


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