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The most prancing horses in historyFerrari Purosangue

The first four-door, four-seater sports car of the Prancing Horse brand in 75 years

●Single 6.5L V12 naturally aspirated engine configuration

●Equipped with the new Multimatic true active suspension

●Introduction time: 2023.Q1

●Estimated selling price: estimated to be about 24 million to 25 million yuan

After a period of waiting, Ferrari once again launched a four-seater model, but this time the body shape is more in line with market expectations. And this car is not based on a completely popular model. The overall production will only account for 20% of the whole brand, and the annual production of about 3,000 vehicles has already filled this new Prancing Horse model with orders, and may even suspend orders. Work, of course, the presence of the V12 engine is definitely not a Ferrari that anyone can easily line up and wait for.

Still a purebred prancing horse

In the history of Ferrari, although the 2+2 model was launched abnormally, it was actually produced every once in a while to meet certain needs, and it also played a pivotal role in the brand strategy. For example, the familiar GTC4 Lusso, FF, or earlier 612, 456 and other models in recent years can combine peak performance with comfortable bearing capacity and become the alternative flagship of the brand. Ferrari named the new car Purosangue, which means "pure blood" in Italian, which also shows Ferrari's special expectations for this car, although it seems to be more different from the traditional prancing horse model, and it is popular in the market. The sales of SUVs are close, but it is still an uncompromising Ferrari.

Although Ferrari is still not identified as an SUV, the overall shape of the car is very similar. At the same time, it also controls the height of the car within 1.6 meters, maintaining a relatively low overall posture.
The independent PTU transmission box of the front axle continues the design of FF and GTC4 Lusso for optimization and adjustment, so that the new car still has the ability of four-wheel drive multi-function driving.

The new Purosangue adopts its classic front mid-engine layout and the gearbox is placed on the rear axle. At the same time, the PTU independent gearbox enabled from the FF is responsible for the front-wheel drive, continuing the brand's very unique 4×4 configuration. At the same time, it maintains a weight distribution of 49:51%, which is the most ideal weight distribution for a front mid-engine sports car after repeated calculations by engineers.

V12 shows top status

The new Purosangue uses the latest Ferrari V12 engine architecture codenamed F140IA, with a 65-degree angle, a 6.5L displacement, a dry oil pan and high-pressure fuel direct injection technology. The engine was developed with particular emphasis on low-revving torque without compromising the linearity and endless power extension typical of Ferrari's naturally aspirated V12. The engine can release 80% of the peak torque at 2100rpm, and reach 70.3 kgm at 6250rpm. The maximum horsepower of 725hp bursts out at 7250rpm, bringing the car zero-to-hundred acceleration in 3.3 seconds and 0~200km/h acceleration in only 10.6 seconds strong performance.

The intake system, timing system and exhaust system have been redesigned, but the cylinder head is derived from the 812 Competizione, a high-performance GT sports car. It also makes this engine the most powerful engine Ferrari has ever developed for a four-seater sports car, bringing the most powerful dynamic performance on the market, as well as the unique and highly recognizable sound of the Ferrari V12.

The first wave of models will be equipped with a V12 power heart, which can be regarded as maintaining the brand's tradition in such models. It is worth observing whether other power will be added in the future.
The new Purosangue uses a 6.5L V12 naturally aspirated engine configuration with a maximum output of 725hp/70.3kgm.

In order to optimize the torque curve and ensure a continuous increase in the entire rev range, the geometry of the intake ducts and the header box has been re-optimized. The geometry of the exhaust system has also been refined to improve ventilation and reduce back pressure. Additionally, the tops of specific pistons have been redesigned to help improve combustion efficiency.

In addition, benefiting from the adoption of a dry oil pan and a more compact clutch module, the installation height of the eight-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission is reduced by 15mm, which further lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle. At the same time, the response of the new clutch is improved by 35%. It can withstand up to 1200Nm of dynamic torque during shifting actions, and the new gear ratio range is set more tightly and progressively, making power transitions smoother.

The power system adopts a front mid-engine and a rear-engine 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which helps to maintain optimal weight requirements, and the 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox has also been optimized for size.

Practical guide body design

The all-new Purosangue adopts an exclusively developed new chassis and body. The chassis structure is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Compared with Ferrari's previous four-seat sports car, the new chassis has a larger area, but it has become lighter and has better performance. The high torsional rigidity (+30%) and beam rigidity (+25%) also help reduce and absorb bumps and vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, effectively improving NVH performance and driving comfort.

The whole car is built with an all-aluminum alloy chassis, coupled with a lightweight body, the body strength and driving center of gravity still maintain a high level of performance.

The new monocoque carbon fiber roof with integrated sound insulation material reduces the weight by 20% compared to the aluminum roof with the same integrated sound insulation material. From ergonomic considerations, in order to maintain a compact body and provide ample driving space as much as possible, this car adopts the split design first seen by the Prancing Horse brand. The front door is traditionally opened, but the opening angle is 63 degrees. Compared with other models, it is increased by 5 degrees. The rear door introduces a new electric rear hinge design, and the opening angle can reach 79 degrees, which is extremely polite to the rear seat passengers. In addition, the Purosangue also uses a retro-style front flip-up hood, and uses a hinge assembly made of aluminum to make the opening state more stable.

The split doors are also used for the first time on the Prancing Horse, which also highlights the degree of delay in the actual convenience and courtesy of Ferrari when it first developed a regular four-door four-seater model.

Seeing the four independently adjustable seats in the cabin, this is the first time a four-seater Ferrari has been adopted. The console structure also adopts a very special quasi-symmetrical design, and the driver and co-pilot can use independent multimedia entertainment. System, the rear row also provides an independent screen system, and under the consideration of functionality, it can also be turned forward to form a platform, which greatly enhances the carrying space.

Through its excellent aerodynamic design, the new Purosangue complies with many new trends. It adopts a rear wiperless design, which uses the airflow flowing through the glass surface to clean the rear window. The bottom of the floating spoiler is curved to maintain the airflow direction, and The airflow is directed to the rear window, and two sets of vortex generators are installed at each end of the bottom of the spoiler, so that the cleaning effect of the airflow is more uniform. The windows work together.

The perfect air design not only provides the driving stability of the vehicle, but also provides the effect of invisible wipers, making the appearance of the car body more integrated.

New True Active Suspension

In order to maintain the consistent handling performance of the Prancing Horse brand, the new Purosangue has developed an active suspension technology based on a new True Active Spool Valve System based on Multimatic. This new suspension structure combines a mechanical gear set structure driven by a 48V electric motor, and is integrated with a high-precision spool valve hydraulic shock absorber into the same system, compared to the traditional electromagnetic control variable shock absorber or electronic multi-stage adjustable design. , has the advantages of faster and smoother system action and wider adjustment range.

The new active suspension uses a 48V electric motor to precisely control the damping changes, effectively control the volume and weight, and achieve the best body support and tire control capabilities.

The active suspension system is paired with accelerometers and position sensors installed throughout the suspension structure, and cooperates with the side slip angle control system (Side Slip Control) version 8.0 and 6w-CDS sensors, benefiting from variable And continuously maintained support and can actively lower the car height by 10mm to maintain a low center of gravity of the body, the suspension helps to optimize the lateral force of the tires and balance between oversteer and understeer, so as to enhance cornering performance as much as possible. It also reduces roll and pitch, and dampens road vibrations.

The new car is also equipped with a new ABS evo braking system designed in cooperation with Bosch. This set of transmission-by-wire brakes was first seen on the 296 GTB and has been adjusted for the characteristics of the new Purosangue. It can correspond to low-friction road conditions and cooperate with the mode switching of the Manettino knob; four-wheel drive The steering system 4RM-S is redeveloped based on the GTC4Lusso, and follows the four-wheel drive control logic and four-wheel independent steering system of the SF90 and 812. Therefore, the overall driving response will be more sensitive and lively.

Compared with other sports car families, the new Purosangue, which demands more daily performance, comes standard with a complete set of driver assistance systems, including automatic cruise control, automatic emergency braking, automatic high beams, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, and blind spot detection. In addition, the hill descent control function is also the first to appear on the Prancing Horse model, making it able to be used in certain outdoor road conditions. More handy.

The new Purosangue is expected to be introduced into China as soon as the first quarter of next year, and the estimated price should be higher than the V12 flagship sports car 812 GTS, which is about 24 million to 25 million yuan.


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