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The much-anticipated annual YEBISU Ebisu Day is here again!

Invite well-known Internet celebrities to celebrate 2/24-2/26 and spend the golden time with YEBISU Yebisu Beer

An Lei enjoys a top-level luxury feast with YEBISU Yebisu draft beer at the Jingoka・Charcoal-fired bird specialty store

Yebisu Beer, which has a history of more than 100 years, has been loved by the public since its release in 1890, and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with its excellent quality and mellow taste. YEBISU has been known as the pronoun of Japan's top beer for many years. It has been introduced to Taiwan for the second year and has quickly become a designated beer brand for major top restaurants, such as Taichung Michelin Roast Meat House, Lao Cheongbei, Okura High-quality restaurants such as Yamazato Japanese Cuisine in Kuwa Hotel. Last year, the "YEBISU DAY Ebisu Day", which was held in parallel with Japan, was opened as a surprise. This year, it will continue to follow up. It will be grandly launched in various regions to celebrate YEBISU Ebisu's birthday with beer fans. Longevity barrel draft beer "buy one get one free" value promotion, if you miss it, you will have to wait another year!

YEBISU DAYEbisu Day invites popular Internet celebrities to join in the grand event to gather friends and have fun

The YEBISU brand has a long history and has the reputation of Japan's top beer. February 25th every year is the anniversary of the release of YEBISU Yebisu Beer. In 2012, it was officially listed as "YEBISU DAY" Bishou Day". This year is the second year that Taiwan has followed up with Japan to hold YEBISU DAY at the same time, and has expanded its call to the fat house leader "An Lei" who loves YEBISU barreled draft beer, and the well-known YouTube channel Stupid Bar "Tune" Sommelier Brandon" and the super popular player "Lai Peiru" of the King of Sound Forest celebrated YEBISU's birthday together.

Lai Peiru held up the YEBISU Ebisu barrel draft beer PREMIUM BLACK, and celebrated YEBISU DAY Ebisu Day together with the 彡genju restaurant

This YEBISU DAY Ebisu Day invites Internet celebrities from all walks of life who love drinking to celebrate the "YEBISU DAY Ebisu Day" together online. "An Lei" with a beautiful appearance shared that "there is no trouble in the world that cannot be solved by a cup of YEBISU". YEBISU Ebisu barrel draft beer is paired with authentic Japanese skewers, inciting the palate and immersing in the pleasure of dense bubbles and elegant aroma Feeling; "Brandon", the host of the well-known wine tasting channel Stupid Bar, is a professional bartender. He recommends to fans with his professional wine tasting experience. Top beer and top cuisine can be perfect, YEBISU Yebisu barrel draft beer The sultry foam and aroma, coupled with Japanese banquet dishes, seem to arrive in Japan instantly from an arbitrary door, making people unable to be themselves for a long time; and "Lai Peiru" in the king of the sound forest with a lively and lovely image to show the extraordinary singing strength , Taking advantage of YEBISU DAY to recommend her favorite beer to fans "YEBISU Ebisu draft beer", especially after work, go to an izakaya to have a drink, in order to heal your body and mind. Lai Peiru also revealed the hidden menu, the "HALF HALF half-half flavor", which is a mixture of YEBISU Ebisu draft beer and YEBISU Ebisu draft beer PREMIUM BLACK, can have a double refreshing and delicious feast at one time.

Brandon highly recommends Okura Kuwa-Yamazato Japanese food paired perfectly with YEBISU Ebisu cask draft beer

North, Central and South join forces to celebrate YEBISU's birthday!Nearly 130 bases in Taiwan offer buy-one-get-one-free barrel draft beer

YEBISU DAY cooperates with Japanese food stores in Taiwan to celebrate Yebisu's birthday. During the period from 2/24 to 2/26, anyone who arrives at the designated YEBISU food and beverage stores can enjoy YEBISU Ebisu barrel draft beer" Buy one, get one free” special offer. There are nearly 130 stores in Taiwan, including the architectural sense of the Showa era in Japan-Gengju Restaurant, the authentic spirit of Japan-Obafeng Izakaya, the creation of authentic Japanese sauce-flavored roasted birds-King Hill, Charcoal roasted bird specialty store , The full Japanese atmosphere seems to be in a Japanese drama scene. After get off work, you and your colleagues hold high "Cheers" to reward yourself, forget the melancholy of starting work, and let the ensuing fun accompany you. In addition, if you want to have a high-end feast with your girlfriends and lovers, you can also choose the top luxury high-end roasted pork, Japanese-Fan roasted pork, Okurajiu and Yamazato Japanese cuisine, etc., a variety of fascinating Japanese dishes, each selected The stores are all whet the appetite of gourmets, enjoying the fun of top-notch beer paired with meals.

YEBISUBarrel Draft Beer Tasting Locations:https://bit.ly/2OIzVsg

Please abide by the epidemic prevention regulations of the central government and stores during the event

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