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The new chapter of The PAX Story Series The legend of "The PAX Story Series 27 Years of Coastal Mystery" appeared on stage in a limited edition

The 100-year-old Scotch whisky brand, The Balvenie, is famous for its profound winemaking heritage. Over the years, it has firmly adhered to the spirit of "one focus can make the best whisky", and has brewed bottles of top whisky. Inspired by the romantic anecdotes that happened in the winery, The Balvenie Story series encapsulates these stories into bottles of unique flavor memories, which have become romantic passages. This year, the brand new chapter of The Balvenie's story series, "The Balvenie's Story Series: 27 Years of Coastal Secret Single Malt Whisky", is on stage in a limited edition, inviting you to explore this story of freedom, creativity and friendship, which unfolds from the whisky sample room.

New Chapter in The PAX Story Series Surprise beyond the plan, a story of freedom, creativity and friendship

John Barret, a longtime friend of The Balvenie's head bartender David Stewart, has a long talent for discovering rare spirits from all over the world. , pulled out a few bottles of sample wine from the Caroni rum distillery in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad.

“Caroni Rum is a trendy, beloved rum fan around the world. It’s rare and fascinating because the distillery has ceased production many years ago. Caroni Rum is unique in its own way. Intense, bold and characterful," explains David Stewart, The Balvenie's head bartender. Throughout his career as head bartender, he has enjoyed the freedom to experiment with new and special casks. The cellar management team also buys different types of wine barrels from time to time, even without specific plans; because they believe that these innovations and experiments will definitely have promising results in the future.

A cask sales partner who loves to discover rare things, always with an old leather travel bag, a whisky cellar management team who is constantly experimenting and innovating, and a seasoned and curious head bartender; no prior The wine development plan was written, but because of the perfect cooperation of the protagonists with unique vision, a more unique whisky was stirred up, and a new limited chapter "The Balvenie Story Series 27 Years of Coastal Mystery" was born here.

The wine packaging also continues the unique style of The Balvenie’s consistent storytelling. Through the British artist Andy Lovell, under his keen observation and delicate brushwork, he painted David Stewart, who was focused on work in the Balvenie’s sample room shrouded in warm light and shadow. figure. The texture of his paintings shows The Balvenie Whisky's "one-hearted focus, only to achieve the best whisky" exquisite craftsmanship and persistence in aesthetics.

The Balvenie Story Series interprets the anecdotes of the handed down winery with flavor and aroma The number of craftsmen in the Balvenie Distillery has been the same for ten years. They have adhered to the spirit of creating one art with one heart. Inspired by the anecdotes circulating among the distilleries, they have created the "Balvenford Story Series" with storytelling. The new chapter "The Balvenie Story Series 27 Years of Coastal Search" uses rare Caroni rum barrels to pass through barrels. It is a two-year limited wine and is sold in private wine cellars in Taiwan. The story chapter launched last year, "The Balvenie Story Series 21 Years of Allure Rose" is the most romantic of the distillery. The romantic anecdote of exchanging a red rose for the rent of a castle has set off a whirlwind among whisky lovers. The final batch will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, and it will be sold in limited quantities in special tobacco and alcohol specialty stores across Taiwan (the actual sales status is subject to the stores of each store).

In addition, inspired by Kelsey, the successor of the chief bartender and telling the story of the winery's inheritance from generation to generation, the "Bai Fu Story Series 12 Years of Sugar Heart Oak"; the "Bai Fu Story Series 12 Years of Sugar Heart Oak" which reproduces the ancient method of Baifu wine making and recreates the peat smoke flavor of the 1960s. "Story Series 14 Years of Peat Week" is the normal sales of alcohol, mainly in special tobacco and alcohol stores throughout Taiwan. We invite you to savor the precious wines in the collection, which contain the epitome of different stories.


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