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The new generation of domestically produced Nissan X-Trail officially debuts with light oil and electric power in place

  • ●12.3-inch digital instrument + 12.3-inch screen + 10.8-inch HUD
  • ●Introduction of Level 2 "ProPILOT Smart Travel Safety System"
  • ●Equipped with 1.5-liter variable compression ratio engine, 204hp/30.6kgm
  • ●The average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau is 16km/L

Following the launch of the pre-sale activity for the new-generation domestic X-Trail light petrol-electric model on August 2, Yulon Nissan officially announced this domestic X-Trail with light petrol-electric power configuration on September 19, and provided "customer There are two versions: "truck" and "passenger car". Among them, the "van" specifications are priced at 1.049 million yuan for the classic version, 1.159 million yuan for the pilot version, and 1.229 million yuan for the flagship version, which is 10,000 to 20,000 yuan lower than the previous pre-sale price; as for " The "Passenger Car" certified version is priced at NT$100,000 more than the "Passenger Cargo" version, and all are produced to order. In addition, the "Flagship Edition" also provides an upgraded two-color exterior for an additional price of 15,000 yuan, including two two-color car colors: black top original gray and black top fantasy white.

The domestic version of X-Trail and the imported e-Power model are almost identical in appearance. They also have a sharp, tough and muscular body style.

In addition, Yulon Nissan also announced that until October 31, it will provide additional discounts for car purchases with the "Five Early Bird Gifts", including 20,000 yuan in accessories, a high-amount and low-interest car purchase project, and a free upgrade to the flagship version of the sports package. , 8-year unlimited mileage extended warranty for 8 major systems, and an 8-year or 160,000-kilometer extended warranty for the lithium battery of the light oil-electric system. The domestic X-Trail light petrol-electric model has accumulated more than 2,500 orders since the opening of pre-sale activities.

The interior of the car exudes a sophisticated and high-quality atmosphere, and features a 12.3-inch digital instrument, a 12.3-inch touch screen, and a 10.8-inch HUD head-up display as the main visual axis.

The appearance of the domestic X-Trail is almost the same as the e-Power model. The most obvious difference between the two cars is that the V-Motion water tank guard on the front of the car is decorated with thicker chrome trim strips, and the fog on both sides of the front bumper The lamp holder has also been replaced with a new style, and comes standard with a smaller 18-inch multi-frame two-color cutting aluminum ring. Other features such as separate LED headlight design and 3D LED optical flow taillights are the same. The interior part is only different in the shape of the gear lever on the saddle and the design of the rear driving mode switching device. As for the equipment, for the top-spec flagship version, it includes dual-zone climate control, multi-function leather steering wheel, and shift paddles. TV, 12.3-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch digital audio and video host, supports Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, 10.8-inch HUD head-up display, dual front seats with electric 8-way adjustment function, satellite navigation, mobile phone wireless charging stand, Bose premium audio, AVM 360-degree surround A panoramic camera system and a kick-sensitive electric tailgate are all standard equipment, plus a complete set of Level 2 "ProPILOT" smart mobility safety systems, including full-speed ICC/LKA/TJP/IEB/P-IEB/RR-AEB. /LDP/LDW/FCW/PFCW/BSW/RCTA/DAA systems, etc., so the equipment specifications can be said to be quite luxurious and rich. The power part is switched to a 1.5-liter VG-Turbo variable compression ratio turbocharged engine, coupled with a 12V electric energy assistance system and a new-generation CVT gearbox with higher transmission efficiency, giving it a maximum horsepower of 204hp and a peak torque output of 30.6kgm. The average fuel consumption has also increased to 16km/L.

Yang Zhihan

In addition to the built-in navigation and 360-degree surround view image assistance system, the 12.3-inch touch screen head unit also supports Apple CarPlay (wireless/wired) and Android Auto connection functions.
The new domestically produced X-Trail is equipped with a 1.5-liter VC-Turbo variable compression ratio turbine engine and a 12V light oil-electric system, which can output 204hp and 30.6kgm of maximum horsepower and torque.

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