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The new major facelift Suzuki Swift will be introduced in China as soon as the first quarter of 2024.

●More fashionable and personalized new look

●New center console with 9-inch multimedia touch screen

●Equipped with 1.2-liter gasoline engine and Hybrid light gasoline-electric power

●CVT gearbox + 5-speed manual and 2WD and 4WD

In November this year, Japan's Suzuki unveiled its most iconic main car, the Swift Concept, at the Tokyo Motor Show. Although it was still in the concept car stage at the time, the entire interior and exterior design actually looked quite close to production. production version. Sure enough, Suzuki officially released the new and major facelift Swift on December 6, and it is equipped with two power specifications: pure fuel and Hybrid light petrol and electric. In addition, it also provides CVT and 5-speed manual transmission systems, as well as 2WD and For the 4WD model, the price in Japan is 1.727 to 2.332 million yen (equivalent to approximately NT$370,000 to 500,000). According to data, the CVT model was launched on December 13, but the manual model will have to wait until January 17, 2024. As for the domestic part, it is understood that Jinling Motors has already started the introduction plan of the major facelift Swift, and it is estimated that it will be available in the Taiwan market as soon as the first quarter of 2024.

From the appearance point of view, the design style of the redesigned Swift still continues the previous Drive & Feel concept, but the presentation method is quite different. First of all, the LED headlight set has a sharper shape. The daytime running lights inside have been replaced with sharp L-shaped light guide strips. This is combined with a more eye-catching and rigid hexagonal water tank guard and a raised hood, making the entire front of the car look more attractive. More and more exciting. In addition, a deep waistline is carved on the side of the car, extending from the rear of the car to the front fenders. In addition, the lower edge of the hood is also directly cut into the waistline, creating a very dynamic and special look. Visual appearance. The sharp taillights on both sides of the rear part of the car have been changed to a C-shaped light guide strip design. At the same time, a sheet metal fold line is pulled out above the tailgate and cut into the waist to echo the "lid" shape of the front of the car. As for the body size, it is not much different from the previous model. The length/width/height are 3860/1695/1500 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2540mm.

The all-new facelifted Swift has a more refined and sharp appearance, especially the taillight set built with C-shaped LED light guide strips, which is more dazzling and highly recognizable.

The interior layout adopts a more concise design. In addition to the new center console shape, it also has a new three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a 9-inch multimedia touch screen. However, the instruments are not fully digitally designed. It uses traditional left and right double-ring hands with a digital screen in the center. There is no shortage of equipment such as support for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Keyless, Push Start, climate control, paddle shifters, EPB electronic handbrake, Auto Hold, and dual front heated seats. In addition, the active safety system has also received more attention, with the newly added DSBS2 dual-sensor intelligent brake assist system, AHS adaptive headlights and DMS driving fatigue detection system.

The refreshed interior layout features a new three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a 9-inch multimedia touch screen configuration.
It is equipped with the Suzuki Safety Support active safety technology system, which integrates full-speed ACC, BSM blind spot detection, DSBS 2 dual-sensor brake assist, and RCTA rear cross-traffic alert.

In terms of power configuration, it is equipped with a new 1.2-liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine code-named Z12E, and is paired with a CVT or 5-speed manual transmission. It can output 82hp, 11kgm maximum horsepower and torque, and the average fuel consumption can reach 23.4 km/L (WLTC). In addition, the petrol-electric version using the ISG light petrol-electric hybrid system can provide an additional 3.1hp and 6.1kgm of power through the electric motor, and the average fuel consumption can reach 24.5km/L.

It is equipped with a new 1.2-liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine code-named Z12E, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 82hp, 11kgm, and an average fuel consumption of 23.4km/L.

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