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The new Mercedes-Benz GLC world premiere

The new Mercedes-Benz-GLC-provides a diverse and rich power structure-new generation head and taillight design-streamline body, the drag coefficient is reduced to-Cd0.29

brand newMercedes-Benz GLC Five major highlights of the big facelift

  • Diverse and rich power system: 48V high-efficiency light gasoline-electric system gasoline and diesel engines and Plug-In Hybrid plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid
  • The size of the body is further enlarged: the wheelbase length is 2,888mm (+15mm), the body length is 4,716mm (+60mm), and the luggage compartment space is increased to 600 liters (+50 liters), which significantly improves the performance of the cabin
  • New exterior design: new generation head and tail lights; streamlined body, drag coefficient reduced to Cd=0.29 (previous generation was Cd=0.31)
  • Dual-screen configuration: 12.3-inch (31.2cm) wide-screen digital instrument in front of the driver's seat and a 11.9-inch high-resolution screen with a central suspension design slightly inclined to the driver, equipped with MBUX multimedia system and MBUX augmented reality navigation function
  • Smart upgrades: new-generation smart driving assistance suite, new smart parking assistance suite including 360-degree surround photography and chassis perspective functions

Mercedes-Benz German headquarters announced the new Mercedes-Benz GLC online at 11:00 pm Taiwan time. As Mercedes-Benz's world's best-selling luxury SUV, the new GLC is composed of multiple power sources (combined with 48V high-efficiency light gasoline system Gas, diesel engines and Plug-In Hybrid plug-in hybrid) and a number of cutting-edge technologies such as safety and comfort, provide outstanding road handling safety, excellent driving dynamics, and excellent off-road performance; appearance design, streamlined The aerodynamic design gives a smart and dynamic appearance at the same time, and continues to be laid out to the interior, creating a luxurious and comfortable space with a sporty style and soft curves, and is equipped with a new intelligent technology MBUX multimedia system and large-area dual-screen; The new GLC combines dynamic Controlling fun and cross-generational design style, when the introduction of Taiwan, is bound to become a constant winner of luxury sports travel.

"The new GLC will continue to set new milestones in the market as always. Since the GLC came out, it has been favored by 2.6 million car owners around the world. Not only that, the GLC is also the best-selling model of Mercedes-Benz in the past two years, and it is our product line. One of the most important cars in the world. I also have full confidence in the new GLC, which combines streamlined dynamism, a cross-generational design vocabulary with a function-oriented off-road package and MBUX augmented reality navigation capabilities, sure to amaze those who love outdoor activities. Adventurers and families,” said Britta Seeger, Mercedes-Benz Global Head of Marketing and Sales and Board Member.

Dual monitor configuration - 12.3-inch - wide-screen digital instrumentation and central suspension - 11.9-inch high-resolution screen with -MBUX-multimedia system and -MBUX-augmented reality navigation function

Dynamic streamline figure Conquer people's attention

The all-new GLC is a combination of dynamism and elegance. The design of the new-generation headlights connected to the water tank guard highlights the balanced proportion of the front of the car. The three-dimensional two-stage taillights emphasize the rear end of the vehicle. The streamlined and dynamic body has a drag coefficient that is reduced to Cd. = 0.29 (-0.02), which makes the overall appearance and vision achieve a perfect balance, conquering everyone's eyes with every move. The new GLC has a wheelbase length of 2,888mm (+15mm) and a body length of 4,716mm (+60mm). Space usage requirements; AIRMATIC air suspension and rear axle steering system up to 4.5 degrees are provided at the same time to enhance the road comfort and flexible steering control of luxury sports travel.

The size of the body is enlarged again, the wheelbase and the length of the vehicle are significantly increased, and the comfort and function of the cabin are strengthened.

Re-evolution for convenient mobility Smart and Security Technology Note

The redesigned new GLC is equipped with dual monitors, a 12.3-inch wide-screen digital instrument in front of the driver's seat, and a centrally suspended 11.9-inch high-resolution screen slightly inclined toward the driver. It is equipped with the latest generation MBUX multimedia system, providing MBUX augmented reality. The environment navigation function, through voice control, can receive various instructions from the driver and passengers more intelligently and quickly. The latest generation of intelligent driving assistance suite, with fully optimized functions, provides a wider speed range and more immediate and delicate control, providing drivers with more reliable intelligent driving assistance functions; the new DIGITAL LIGHT multi-beam intelligent digital headlight provides Driving with excellent road lighting without affecting the driving field of view of other passers-by, the new intelligent parking assistance system with 360° surround view photography also provides a chassis perspective function, so that everything is under control, moving towards digital and intelligent of convenience.

*This is the world's premiere news. The power structure and specifications of the new GLC are mainly based on real vehicles.


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