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The ONE and ONLY Mercedes-AMG ONEExceeding 1,000 horsepower The world premiere of the road version of the F1 supercar AMG ONE!

Mercedes-AMG-ONE successfully puts -F1-track technology into practice on the road

As the world's first limited-edition supercar equipped with F1 high-performance hybrid power system, Mercedes-AMG ONE is a technological crystallization jointly created by a professional team from Affalterbach, Germany and Mercedes-AMG high-performance power system development team in Brixworth, UK. Mercedes-AMG also specially chose to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the brand to usher in the world premiere of this two-seat F1-level supercar, equipped with the same 1.6-liter V6 E PERFORMANCE high-performance hybrid system as the F1 car and four The electric motor creates 1,063 super-integrated horsepower. It can accelerate from 0-200 km/h in just 7 seconds, and the top speed can reach 352 km/h, officially extending the glory on the track to the general road. Just as there are only 20 hall-level F1 driver seats in the world every year, Mercedes-AMG ONE will surely become a dream horse for top performance players to compete for, and it also opens up the possibility of feeling the charm of F1-level performance on the road.

Hall leveltrack technology

Through the creation of Mercedes-AMG ONE, Mercedes-AMG has gone through a process of bitterness and joy, and finally successfully restored the unparalleled F1 racing technology in the production car, including carbon fiber body and shell, high-performance hybrid power system, active aerodynamic kit, push rod suspension, etc. In addition, the battery module configuration and cooling system of the Mercedes-AMG ONE high-performance hybrid system also refer to the layout of the F1 racing car. The high-power, high-density and lightweight design, combined with the intelligent power management system, makes the Mercedes-AMG ONE The electric system can be used frequently and can recover electric energy quickly.

Silver Arrow The legend of Silver Arrow tells us that even seemingly weightless car paint may decide the outcome of a race, and for racing cars, every gram of weight is the key to victory, and Mercedes-AMG ONE also fully reflects the F1 level The lightweight technology, carbon fiber body and aluminum front and rear five-link independent suspension system, while ensuring light weight, show the perfect balance of high rigidity and stability. The pushrod suspension design derived from the F1 car is equipped with an autonomous damping adjustment system, allowing the vehicle to reproduce the ground flight of an F1 car.

Mercedes-AMG ONE is equipped with the same 1.6-liter V6 E PERFORMANCE high-performance hybrid system as the F1 race car. It adopts a mid-engine layout and is equipped with four electric motors, two of which are independently responsible for driving the front wheels, and the other two are respectively. The MGU-K kinetic energy recovery and MGU-H thermal energy recovery motors used in F1 cars provide six driving modes, including "Race Safe", "Race", "EV", "Individual", and track-specific "" Race Plus" and "Strat 2 (Strategy Position 2)", in which Strat 2 (Strategy Position 2) mode will activate the active aerodynamic package, lower the front and rear suspension, and output maximum power in F1 qualifying mode for pole position .

More than a thousand horsepower-road version-F1-supercar-AMG-ONE-world premiere!

Formula 1 Ultimate track aesthetics

The much-anticipated debut, Mercedes-AMG ONE uses a carbon fiber monocoque design for racing combined with a mid-engine layout to create a muscular line with violent visual impact; a low-slung body, wide wheel arches, and an active wide body with great tension The rear wing is designed with F1 aerodynamics and combined with the carbon fiber body structure to maximize the advantages of light weight and high rigidity. It only needs to reach a speed of more than 50 km/h to generate downforce, and it continues to increase with speed.

Viewed from the front of the car, the air intake dam adopts the representative design of AMG. The adjustable active air vents on the front wheel arches connect the huge air intake at the top and the shark fins at the rear, which are like the epitome of F1 racing cars. Also exclusively for the Mercedes-AMG ONE, the 10-spoke forged aluminum rims with a center lock are bionic designed to maximize rigidity in light weight, effectively reduce unsprung load, and improve agility. Viewed from the unattainable taillights, the huge F1 racing car-shaped mid-mounted exhaust pipe and the striking black mesh carbon fiber aerodynamic kit add to the style exclusive to the hall-level event. The active wide-body rear spoiler full of violent aesthetics and the double-layer rear spoiler of the all-powerful F1 event make followers involuntarily admire this "road version of the F1 car".

Open the "lift-up car door", the most vivid track atmosphere, through two ergonomic racing seats, and the steering wheel that can only be seen in F1 cars in the past, the track information is directly conveyed to the brain. Especially when the top of the steering wheel has a shift indicator light consistent with the F1 car, as if to promote the release of performance limits. In addition, the interior materials are also inspired by F1 racing cars, with unadorned carbon fiber materials and a minimalist monocoque structure, with gray Nappa leather and black DINAMICA carbon fiber seats, plus two high-resolution 10-inch screens and F1 electronic rear-view mirror, compact and minimalist combat atmosphere, showing the ultimate passion of track machinery.

Active wide-body rear spoiler and double-layer rear spoiler make followers involuntarily admire this "road version-F1-super sports car".

AMG Original professional team Make the impossible possible again

This incident originated from a simple concept, which is to put the Formula 1 track power system that AMG has dominated for many years into a vehicle that can be driven on ordinary roads. It seems simple, but the actual implementation is difficult. As early as, at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, Lewis Hamilton, the head driver of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team and seven-time F1 champion, drove the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE concept car to debut, but there was no news of it coming out until last year at the Nürburgring The road test was officially exposed. AMG has not forgotten the plan of this fantastic horse. This year, AMG celebrates its 55th anniversary, and finally officially announced the supercar of this supercar. “Because of the Mercedes-AMG ONE, we have pushed our limits. The enormous technical challenges of making a Formula 1 powertrain suitable for everyday road use certainly pushed us to the limit. During development, many thought this project was impossible Achieved, however, our team in Affalterbach and the UK never gave up. I have the highest regards to everyone involved and proud of the team's achievement, putting such a supercar in a supercar Getting on the wheels, absolutely an extraordinary achievement. This applies to our Mercedes-AMG brand, not only on a technical level, but also on a customer level with whom we are in close contact, who have been an integral part of Project One from the very beginning, We have gone through ups and downs together and can now finally look forward to The ONE and ONLY the one-of-a-kind Mercedes-AMG ONE, which is now also able to clear the next hurdle and pass all ECE homologation tests", said Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

AMG-ONE- adopts -F1- racing steering wheel, revealing the warm-blooded atmosphere of the highest palace.


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