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The only one in Taiwan!Famous for its authentic Japanese festival atmosphere"Yamagata Matsuri _ 3rd round" 8/6 grand festival is about to start

It is a common scene in Japanese dramas that the male and female protagonists wear yukatas and romantically participate in summer festivals together, and now they will be able to play in Taiwan as well! The Yamagata Festival, famous for its pure Japanese festival atmosphere in the past two years, will be held at the Jiaoxi Yamagata Hot Spring Hotel under the Fortune Hotel Group on August 6th and August 7th! This year, Yamagata Pavilion is the first time to hold the Yamagata Festival in the hotel indoors and outdoors. It will reproduce the lively festival in Yamagata Prefecture, the home of hot springs in Japan, and invite every guest to experience the fun of the festival. There are all kinds of fun things to eat, and there is a chance to win big prizes. The rich and satisfying Yamagata five senses experience can only be played at the Yamagata Festival!

This "Yamagata Festival" has entered the third round (Note 1. Note 2.), with the theme of "Yamagata Friendship", showing the friendship between Taiwan and Japan, and taking this as a starting point to take a firm step for sustainable tourism. During the annual festival, the public transportation environmental protection ECO IS SEXY! housing project was launched, considering the congestion of National Highway No. 5 and the Snow Mountain Tunnel during weekends and holidays, and invited every good friend who loves Japanese festival culture and Yamagata Prefecture to take public transportation to reduce carbon emissions Take action to support the sustainable love of the earth, participate in the Yamagata Festival, and stay at the Yamagata Pavilion to celebrate and have fun with us. Note 1. Records of the first Yamagata Festival activities↓
Note 2. Records of the second online live broadcast of the Yamagata Festival↓

This year's Yamagata Festival has expanded in scale. In addition to Yamagata Prefecture's famous Hanagasa dance performance, watermelon ice, sake, as well as various festival elements such as mating horses, kendama, and fishing flowers, which are indispensable for Japanese festivals, there are also Imaten Japanese-style festivals. The addition of a dining car adds to the richness of the event. VIPs participating in the event will also have the opportunity to receive Yamagata Pavilion accommodation vouchers, private soup house use vouchers, Japan Airlines JAL surprise gifts, Yamayou ramen exchange vouchers, Yamagata Prefecture Ziyami and other gifts!

For the first time, the "Fun Pass" method was adopted for the second cross Japan Shinyin Yamagata Festival. As long as you scan the QR Code to participate in the whole process, you can enjoy the lottery again. The refreshing summer festival method is quite exciting. On the scene, there is a super beautiful photo background in cooperation with the famous Taiwanese illustrator Amily, who has won the Japan JIA Illustration Award. You can also choose to wear a yukata and take a photo in the background full of Yamagata style, just like being in the summer of Yamagata, enjoying the immersion of the mysterious Yamagata experience!

Taking photos in a yukata against a Yamagata-style punch-in backdrop is like being in the summer of Yamagata!

In recent years, Yamagata Pavilion has been awarded the "Travellers' Choice Most Popular Winner" by TripAdvisor for two consecutive times in Taiwan, and has a high score of 4.7 points on major OTA platforms on Google. It has become the first choice of accommodation for many tourists in Jiaoxi, Yilan. The third time of the Yamagata Festival also uses innovative methods to create a unique festival. The event will be held for two consecutive days from August 6th to August 7th. Just order the third "Yamagata Festival" housing project or ECO IS SEXY! For the public transportation environmental protection housing project, you can participate in the three-fold reward of enjoyment, booth clearance, lucky draw and accommodation lottery. There are many prizes, and lucky stars can also have a chance to win accommodation vouchers! Among them, on the evening of 8/7, there is also an ONLINE travel connection with Ohanazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, dancing with the Japanese hanakasa sound head, painted kokeshi dolls, and providing watermelon fun prizes on the spot, so that you can keep winning endlessly!

At Yamagata Pavilion, you can experience the most authentic Japanese festivals and hot springs.
Let the people feel the enthusiasm of this summer season.

In addition to exciting outdoor activities, the third "Yamagata Festival" is also very rich in indoor booths. On the 3rd floor of the hotel, there is also an exclusive JAL experience area specially set up by Japan Airlines JAL to participate in the grand event. Gift from Japan Airlines JAL! In addition, since Yamagata Prefecture is a major sake prefecture in Japan, a "Suica Bar" was set up on the outdoor terrace of Yamagata Pavilion. During the event, guests were offered to sample various types of Yamagata sake for free, and special special watermelon-flavored sake was especially recommended. A cup of cool and refreshing watermelon sake is definitely the best choice to cool off the heat!

Mr. Liao Bingyao, chairman of Fortune Hotel Group, has been committed to establishing friendly relations between Taiwan and Japan and various tourism promotion work in Yilan County and Yamagata County. The main axis of the third Yamagata Festival was also set by himself as "Yamagata Friendship", and the inscription was on the torii gate at the entrance of the Yamagata Festival; as the epidemic eased, the number of domestic tourists increased significantly, Mr. Optimistic said that Japan has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations for Chinese people. Even if it is still inconvenient to go abroad, one can experience the most authentic Japanese festivals and hot springs in Taiwan, so that people can feel the enthusiasm of this summer season. At the same time, it is also hoped that the annual Yamagata Festival will become an important symbol of Taiwan-Japan friendship, so that Chinese people can have a better understanding of Yamagata Prefecture in Japan.

The third Yamagata Festival at Jiaoxi Yamagata Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel
Time: August 6th (6) -August 7th (Sun), 111 13: 00-18: 00
Venue: Jiaoxi Yamagata Spa Hotel (No. 187, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County)

"Yamagata Matsuri" mass transit environmental protection ECO IS SEXY! Housing projects include free DIY hand-made experience courses (limited time) and Yamagata Festival Garden tour tickets (limited time).

2022 The 3rd "Yamagata Festival" Housing Project / "Yamagata Festival" Mass Transportation Environmental Protection ECO IS SEXY! Housing Project
Project Date: 2022/08/06 ~ 2022/08/07
Project content:

  1. A gourmet breakfast is included in the price.
  2. Both of the above two housing projects include a DIY hand-made experience course (limited time period) and 6 tickets for Yamagata Festival Garden (limited time period). In addition, the festival's most central dessert box (1 box for double room, 2 boxes for triple/quadruple room)
  3. The above two housing projects are all entitled to an extra bonus: triple enjoyment of the Yamagata Festival gift!
     On-site booths pass customs to send mysterious gifts.
     #Seconds QR CODE lottery for the QR CODE sweepstakes at the Shinyin Yamagata Festival in Japan.
     Each room has the opportunity to draw accommodation coupons, soup house coupons... and other prizes.
  4. .You can participate in the Yamagata Prefecture sake tasting activity for free if you book the above two housing projects. (Event time: 14:00~17:00 and 20:00~22:00)
  5. The "Yamagata Matsuri" housing project offers free parking (limited to one car per room).
  6. The "Yamagata Matsuri" mass transit eco-friendly housing project does not provide parking spaces, nor does it provide paid parking.
  7. In order to encourage everyone to take public transportation to Yamagata Pavilion, the housing price of the "Yamagata Festival" public transportation eco-friendly housing project will be 800 yuan cheaper than that of the "Yamagata Festival" housing project!


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