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The original brewed alcoholic product is sent to the confidant, the 10-liter hardcover version of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is exclusively listed on the convenience channel of the whole family. The carefully selected winter brew has a mellow flavor

The best brewing raw material in Chinese liquor is sorghum, and the highest grade is the "pure waxy" red sorghum. The phenolic substances derived from tannins and anthocyanins in sorghum can give sorghum wine its unique aroma. . This wine, Jinmen Winery, specially selects pure glutinous "Jinxuan No. 21" red sorghum with small particles, firmness, thick skin, high starch and tannin content to make wine. This raw material has a particularly high viscosity after cooking, and it is cooled and dissipated. It is not easy, so it is necessary to arrange production and brewing during the winter every year, which is the so-called "winter brewing". Although the unit output is not high, the acid content of the wine is high, and the wine is thick and full. Due to the special wine quality, it is widely known by experts. This time, the Family Mart convenience store has cooperated with the gin company on a project, and the chief sommelier has carefully selected the wine to make special blends of this rare large-capacity product on the market, and it will be available for a limited time only!

Rare large-capacity hardcover Great cellaring value

Product name: 58 degrees -10 liters Jinmen Kaoliang Liquor

Wine base type: 100% pure glutinous type Jinxuan No. 21 red sorghum

Wine base grade: Superior (3-year-old wine)

Distilleries: Jincheng Factory, Jinning Factory

feature of product:

Color: The wine is clear and clear, the wine is solid and rich, and the viscosity is high.

Fragrance: The fermentation of pure glutinous sorghum brings out the unrestrained ester fragrance, like the aroma of pineapple, apple, plum and other fruits intertwined, after sobering, you can feel the aroma of old wine in the wine body blooming gracefully.

Taste: You can directly feel the strength and richness of the wine at the entrance.

This wine has the foundation of continuous cellaring and aging, which makes the wine body further mellow and mellow, and the future wine quality performance is definitely expected.

Grand listing on April 21, 2022

It is sold exclusively in the whole family store, with a limited edition of 4,500 altars.

MSRP: NTD21,500

Family-only early adopter price: NTD19,999 from now until 6/30

Pure glutinous sorghum, chief special blend, cellar wine, family collection

3-year cellaring certificate

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