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The perfect balance of handling and comfort Yokohama ADVAN Sport V107

After the ADVAN Sport V105 with racing DNA has been popular all over the world for many years and has become the standard tire for many luxury performance cars, Taiwan Yokohama Tire has once again introduced the latest successor ADVAN Sport V107 to domestic fans and consumers. This new flagship Through the new tread, tire block and carcass structure design and the use of new rubber polymers, the performance tire perfectly balances handling performance and riding comfort, and at the same time, it gives better performance without affecting the overall performance. The high-speed steering stability and dry/wet grip performance and handling stability bring a new driving experience to the driver.

I believe many performance players are familiar with it. Yokohama’s ADVAN series of tires are Yokohama’s performance tires. There are currently three models: Sport V105, Neova AD09 and A052. AD09 is the king of top performance street tires, while A052 is a competitive tire. , As for the Sport V105, it is also a performance street tire that has been quenched from the experience of various events, and this time it is the Sport V107 that has been upgraded and upgraded, which is the successor of the Sport V105.

The newly launched ADVAN Sport V107 is the successor to the Sport V105. In addition to inheriting the sports performance and comfort advertised by the V105, it has further improved its dry/wet performance and handling stability.
The tread of Soprt V107 adopts a new internal and external asymmetric pattern design, plus wider 3+1 main groove and silent sipe to provide better wet drainage and low rolling noise performance.

Up to 60 tire sizes to choose from

Taiwan's Yokohama Tire said that just as the Sport V105 has become the standard tire for many luxury performance cars, the Sport V107 has further cooperated with Mercedes-AMG, BMW M and other high-performance luxury brands after its launch. Many models such as GLA 45, GLE 53/GLE 63, BMW X3/X4/M3/M4/X5 M/X6 M and iX3 electric vehicles are selected as the original standard tires. At present, as many as 60 specifications have been introduced for sale in China, with sizes ranging from 18 to 23 inches, flat ratios ranging from 30 to 45, and tire widths ranging from 225 to 315, covering almost all high-end and performance tire markets. It is used in luxury coupes, recreational vehicles, electric vehicles and high-performance vehicles. As for the price of new tires, it starts from 7,200 yuan to 18,400 yuan.

The outer side and shoulder of the tire use large blocks to increase the contact area with the road surface, improving the grip and stability performance when cornering.

The test vehicle provided by Yokohama Tire this time is a 2020-style Lexus IS 300 with a tire specification of 225/40ZR18 92Y and a tire pressure set to 36PSI (original factory setting). The planned test section is from the inside The lake goes straight up to Wuzhi Mountain and down to Xizhi, and then passes through Guoyi Expressway and 62 Expressway to the North Coast Coastal Highway. Through mountain roads, expressways/expressways and general urban roads, you can actually experience the various characteristics of the Sport V107. However, due to the bright sun on the day of the test drive, I can only experience the handling performance of this tire in dry conditions.

The sidewall of Sport V107 also uses a special process to make the engraved text present a stronger color contrast, showing the high visual quality of ADVAN's flagship tires, and also improving the recognition.

Evolutionary improvements in grip, drainage and steering

First of all, from the official radar comparison chart of V105 and V107, V107 is not only better than V105 in terms of dry grip/stability, dry/wet braking, and wet handling and stability, but also more comfortable. The performance has also been improved a lot, which means that the V107 not only inherits the original excellent sports handling performance and comfort of the V105, but also has the dry/wet performance and handling stability that surpass the previous generation products, especially in the refined handling performance. At the same time, it has not sacrificed comfort, and even improved the comfort performance, so that the control performance and comfort have reached a higher level of balance. I believe that the characteristics of such tires are bound to better meet the needs of consumers, especially It is the favor of enthusiastic performance car owners.

Performance comparison radar chart of Sport V105 and Sport V107

For the Sport V107 tire model, there are three major product innovations and evolutions, that is, the overall optimization and improvement of "grip", "drainage" and "steering". First of all, the Sport V107 adopts a new asymmetric tread pattern and a high-rigidity wide shoulder design. It is then matched with the latest curved tread blocks and grooves to make its ground contact shape rectangular and increase the contact area of ​​the road surface, making it suitable for dry and wet conditions. On the ground, on straight roads, and even in high-speed cornering, it can show stable grip performance. In addition, a wider 3+1 main groove and a silent sipe design are used to provide excellent wet drainage, so that the vehicle has excellent water drift resistance at high speed, and can effectively suppress the external noise of the vehicle. This is quite suitable for Taiwan's climate with a long plum rainy season and many Taiwanese.

In addition to the clear road feel feedback and excellent grip performance of the Sport V107 when driving on mountain roads, the high-rigidity wide shoulders perform better when facing continuous curves at high speed, and will not be easily deformed due to stress. , greatly enhance the driver's confidence and fun

In addition, the matrix carcass structure (high-rigidity nylon cord carcass) made of high-rigidity rayon carcass material is also used to reduce the power loss on the tire, reduce tire deformation and improve handling force, especially when not Improve steering precision without compromising comfort. Finally, a new rubber polymer formulation is used, combined with silica fume and silica dispersant technology, to promote stronger dry/wet grip performance.

Comfortable, clear road feel, strong grip

After actually driving on the road, the first feeling is that the tire rolls very quiet on the urban asphalt road, and the tire noise is very quiet in the cabin.In addition, the ground shock absorption capacity is also very good

The most powerful thing about port V107 is that in high-speed sharp corners, the curved tread rubber blocks not only bring stable grip, but also have clear and precise directionality with the help of the design of the matrix carcass structure.

, even when driving through rougher concrete roads or tiny potholes, the subtle harmonic vibration transmitted to the body and steering wheel is not obvious at this time, and you can still feel the high-level performance of the tires to suppress vibration, so it brings a very good ride comfort. sexual performance. In addition, the clear road feeling feedback is also appreciated, especially when driving on new and old paved asphalt roads with a slight drop, people can clearly feel the different feedback from the road surface, and control the progress of the tires Trajectory, this is quite suitable for driving that likes to emphasize "road feeling", especially this tire is not like the general top performance tire that gives a hard feedback on the road, so the relative comfort is also much better, a little bit Subvert the previous impression that performance tires are hard and noisy.

After turning to Wuzhishan, it is to thoroughly test the performance of the Sport V107. Entering and exiting the big and small corners in a thrilling way, you can immediately feel the excellent grip displayed by this tire in the corners, and the tires. Excellent stability and precise braking performance, even if you deliberately accelerate steeply into corners, the tires stick firmly to the ground, especially with the help of high-rigidity wide shoulders and matrix carcass structure, so that the tires will not be easily affected by gravity. Deformation, so that the vehicle still maintains accurate directivity and body stability, giving people a high degree of driving confidence, and enjoying the pleasure and fun of Mercedes-Benz in the bends of the mountain road with ease.

The stability when driving at high speed in a straight line is quite good, and the bouncing vibration when driving on uneven roads and potholes will not have the rigid feeling of general performance tires, and it has quite good comfort.

After Wuzhi Mountain stops at the foot of the mountain, take the National Highway No. 1 and head towards the north coast. On the national highway, the speed is increased to more than 100km/h. Although the tire rolling sound is already there, it sounds like driving in a new shop. The delicate sound on the asphalt road once again verifies the excellent quiet performance of this tire. In addition, the performance in terms of dry ground grip and braking performance is also quite good, especially when changing lanes at high speed, the tires not only have good grip and stick to the road, but also allow the body to change lanes in an instant thanks to the rigid sidewall support. It still has good stability and neat switching at all times, and there is no unstable shaking and floating feeling at all, giving people a full sense of trust. The ground force also allows the vehicle to brake and decelerate in an instant, avoiding the danger of collision. The braking distance is shorter than expected, and the side-to-side drag of the body is also quite slight. The overall braking force and stability performance are admirable.

The Sport V107 not only provides a fairly clear and excellent road texture, but also has excellent noise suppression when the tires are rolling, and the cabin has a very good quiet performance.

Performance tyres for general road and track

After the advent of the Sport V105, although it took nearly 10 years for the Sport V107 to become a sword, through this tire test experience, you can still deeply feel the profound and outstanding skills of Yokohama Tire in developing performance tires, because Compared with the tires of the same level of other brands, the Sport V107 is not only not inferior in the handling performance, but also better in the comfort performance of the tires, and even has better high-speed stability and neat and precise steering response. , is a performance tire that can perform quite competently on general roads and even on the track.

At present, the Sport V107 has imported as many as 60 specifications in China, with sizes ranging from 18 to 23 inches, flat ratios ranging from 30 to 45, and tire widths ranging from 225 to 315. It can provide luxury coupe, recreational vehicle, electric vehicle and high-performance vehicle. For use, the price of new tires starts from 7,200 yuan to 18,400 yuan.
Four innovative and evolutionary technologies of ADVAN Sport V107 1. High rigidity and wide shoulders The high rigidity and wide shoulders improve the overall pattern rigidity, providing strong grip performance and high-speed stability during intense driving. 2. The main grooves of different widths are designed with a wider and deeper 3+1 main groove, which can quickly remove the water on the road surface and show excellent anti-water drift performance at high speed. 3. The new silent sipe suppresses sound generation by the lateral fine grooves on the inner side of the tire block, reducing the noise outside the vehicle. 4. The newly developed rubber compound uses silica fume, silica dispersant, functionalized polymer, high-strength polymer and new silane coupling agent, etc., to enhance the dry/wet grip performance.


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