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The price starts from 99,900 yuan, eMOVING EZ-R debuts with Gogoro battery and independent motor hybrid new strength

eMOVING-EZ-R has both the thrill of a tram and the feeling of a gasoline car - a hybrid new strength

To welcome the peak summer sales season, Taiwan's second-round brands are going all out. Under the wave of "green transportation" oil-to-electricity conversion, eMOVING launched a new flagship model EZ-R today (15th), with a new power system, dual batteries, and product advantages of energy efficiency of 23.8 km/degrees to lock in fierce competition performance electric scooter market. Chen Zhaowen, general manager of Zhonghua Motors, said: "Since eMOVING was launched, it has promoted multiple energy supplementary solutions. In addition to the Jinxuan 125 that can be charged at home and recharged outside, in order to meet the needs of the public for battery replacement, it will launch battery replacement in 2021. Model EZ1, now that EZ-R is on the market, it can expand the product layout of heavy-duty locomotives. Up to now, nearly a thousand people have made reservations for test rides, and I believe that people who have tried them will be satisfied with EZ-R.”

From the inside out Newly built, redefining the new aesthetics of electric motorcycles

In order to meet the needs of the consumer market, eMOVING conducted a market survey on the main force of electric vehicles, male customers aged 25-40, and found that the most important thing consumers pay attention to when choosing products is better "performance and control", followed by "appearance" and "Energy saving performance". The EZ-R power system is equipped with a newly developed motor, which provides a maximum output of 7.2kW and a maximum torque of 28Nm among current models of the same class. It is matched with a high-tension carbon fiber belt from the international manufacturer Gates, showing that it only takes 3.7 seconds to go from a standstill to a speed of 50 km/h. Strong power (Note 1). In terms of handling, eMOVING hopes to optimize the driving experience of the electric scooter, so the wheelbase of the vehicle is set to a compact 1,305mm, and heavy parts such as the motor and battery are placed in the center of the vehicle to ensure the stability of the vehicle when it is dumped left and right. The lightweight 12-inch rim Maxxis MA-WG Aquaman rain tires allow car owners to experience the fun of driving through high-quality control and control the safety of riding. "Somatosensory" hybrid model.

EZ-R new power brand new launch

Note 1: 3.7 seconds from stationary to 50 km/h refers to the performance improvement of EZ-R with the mall and the BOOST function, which may be affected by the driver's usage habits or external factors such as weather and terrain.

In addition, EZ-R gets rid of the stereotype of the previous electric car, and the whole car outlines sharp lines, with automobile grade CLASS D grade separated binocular headlights and block taillights, showing a sense of speed and power. This time, there are 3 car colors including Emerald Green (ABS version limited), Obsidian Black, and Titanium White. Part of the car colors are sprayed with special methods, so that the car will present a variety of visual changes at different angles and light intensities.

Playability and practicality are fully in place, and considerate equipment is not discounted

In addition to the front hook, USB charging port (ABS model) and cup holders, EZ-R storage space also provides the largest compartment volume of 27.4 liters in its class. It has a sharp appearance and does not compromise on storage space. Can be put into all kinds of full face helmets.
With the increase in the number of cars owned by Taiwanese people, the demand for long-distance cruising and riding continues to increase. In order to reduce the fatigue of long-distance travel for car owners, all car models are equipped with smart cruise control as standard. Press the speed control button to make the vehicle run stably. During the constant speed period, you can turn the accelerator to accelerate at any time. When encountering slope fluctuations, the vehicle will automatically adjust the power output to maintain the speed. With the electric scooter's first-ever inclined pedals and composite material seat cushions, you can The rider can change the riding posture freely, and at the same time, it has riding stability, making long-distance driving a kind of enjoyment.

Redefine tram aesthetics eMOVING EZ-R debut

eMOVINGExclusiveFUNheart rideAPPbuild your own car

Through eMOVING's exclusive "FUN Heart Ride" APP, car owners can set their own settings, including seat cushion flameout delay, headlight delay time and various sound effects, to create their own exclusive car. In addition, various value-added software such as performance improvement programs can be purchased through the "e-mu mall" to expand the performance of the vehicle. In terms of vehicle updates, in addition to using battery swaps to update vehicle software, EZ-R owners can also use the exclusive OTA (Over The Air) online update, and connect the mobile phone Bluetooth to the vehicle to update the vehicle at any time.

minimum less than6Wan owns eMOVING EZ-R

With first-year monthly rent-free and30Expect0interest rate plan Get started now and easily!

eMOVING EZ-R launched CBS and ABS versions. The CBS model is priced at $99,900, and the ABS model is $104,900. The price difference is only $5,000 to add KEYLESS smart key card, ABS anti-lock braking system and TCS future expansion and other equipment. Taking Taoyuan City as an example, after combining government subsidies and pre-order discounts, the minimum amount of car purchase is only $58,110 (Note 2). From now until September 30, 2023, if you purchase any EZ-R model, you can enjoy the first year of free monthly rent (Note 3) and 0 interest rate for 30 installments, giving consumers a variety of payment options. To celebrate the launch of the EZ-R, the e-mu mall has a performance improvement plan of $249/month (original price), and now a limited-time discount of $49/month is also launched, inviting car owners to experience the extreme speed of riding together. The EZ-R flagship is equipped with a pragmatic price positioning, targeting not only high-end sports performance models, but also mid-priced commuter models. Welcome to contact eMOVING stores in Taiwan.

Note 2: The minimum amount is $58,110: the maximum amount is $39,790 based on the subsidy program of the Central Government and Taoyuan City Government for replacement of the old and new purchases, maternity, child and youth subsidies

RMB and the pre-order discount purchase price of $2,000, the converted car price is $58,110.This amount is for reference only, and the amount may vary depending on the vehicle model and related

The relevant subsidy programs are different, and the details are mainly based on official website activities and announcements by counties and cities.

Note 3: Free monthly rent for the first year refers to a cash discount of NT$3,828 during the discount period announced on the official website, which is equivalent to discounting the monthly rent for the first year.

The basic fee for monthly battery service is NT$319/month.

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