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The pure electric army is under pressureEQA/EQB/EQE and Mercedes-Benz Xingqi garage

Three pure electric models EQA/EQB/EQE released simultaneously

EQ family exclusive design vocabulary + advanced luxury cockpit layout

●Mercedes-Benz Xingqi garage tour show starts

●Domestic listing time: September 22, 2022

●Price EQA 250: Starting from 2.15 million yuan

EQB 300 4Matic: From 2.65 million yuan

EQE 300/AMG 43 4Matic: From 3.26/4.82 million yuan

Taiwan Mercedes, which had announced at the beginning of this year that it would fully implement electrification, following the pure electric flagship large RV EQS, on September 22, it once again announced the luxury urban leisure travel EQA, luxury seven-seat leisure travel EQB and luxury medium and large RVs. The three new pure electric models of EQE, the first two are designed as a single model, and the prices are EQA 250: starting from 2.15 million yuan, EQB 300 4Matic: starting from 2.65 million yuan, the latter except EQE 300 starting from 3.26 million yuan, The Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4Matic performance version was also imported simultaneously, priced from 4.82 million yuan. In addition, in order to emphasize the forward-looking position of technology leading the automotive industry, the industry will create a Mercedes-Benz Xingqi garage special exhibition based on the "garage" where many inventions and innovations originated. Tour, open to general consumers to visit free of charge, the detailed time and place can be found on the official website of Taiwan Brunswick.

The new choice of pure electric for urban leisure travel

From the car name and overall shape, it is not difficult to find that the new EQA and EQB are developed based on the current GLA and GLB car series. Elements such as LED taillights and exclusive body nameplates, and the interior parts mainly maintain the original configuration of the car series.

The EQA 250 and EQB 300 4Matic introduced in China are both equipped with 66.5kWh battery modules. The former uses a PSM front axle electric motor with an output power of 190hp/39.3kgm, and the WLTP cruising range is 496km; the latter is equipped with front axle ASM and rear axle PSM dual The 4Matic four-wheel drive configuration composed of electric motors has a maximum output of 228hp/39.8kgm. At the same time, even if the car body is large, the WLTP cruising range is at the level of 423km.

In order to meet different consumer preferences, the industry provides a variety of optional items for EQA, such as AMG Line sports car kit, night color kit, 5 different rims, a variety of interior color and trim combinations, panoramic electric sunroof, variable damping Suspension system, as well as the exclusive equipment package Plus including Burmester surround sound system and intelligent parking assistance including 360-degree photography; EQB 300 4Matic includes the AMG Line sports car kit as standard for the imported model, and also provides night color kit, luxury Interior package (including black leather sports car seats and electric heating function for the dual front seats), and most of the optional equipment of the above-mentioned EQA, etc.

The new generation of pure electric RV is coming

The new EQE, which is expected to be delivered in succession from October, continues the new-generation pure electric platform and streamlined bow design method first seen in EQS, and also has an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.22Cd. The biggest difference in the appearance of EQS is the sharper and more powerful LED daytime running lights, and the independent tailgate opening design of the standard sedan at the rear, rather than the sloping tailgate of EQS, etc. The interior parts are also imported with The new-generation simple and luxurious cockpit style similar to EQS, combined with the MBUX multimedia system with advanced functions such as augmented reality navigation, brings a futuristic driving experience.

The new EQE 300 is equipped with an 89kWh battery pack and a rear-axle permanent magnet synchronous electric motor with an output of 245hp/56.1kgm. It has the performance strength of 0~100km/h acceleration in 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 210km/h. The WLTP cruising range is 639km; it belongs to AMG performance The EQE 43 4Matic of the camp is replaced with the exclusive aerodynamic kits such as the straight waterfall head guard, the enlarged air intake dam and the rear wing, as well as the AMG Performance 4Matic active four-wheel drive consisting of a 90.56kWh battery pack and dual electric motors on the front and rear axles. Drive system, with a strong output of up to 476hp/87.5kgm and a performance level of only 4.2 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100, while the WLTP cruising range can also be maintained at 534km.

EQE 300 inherits the streamlined bow design method of EQS, with 0.22Cd ultra-low wind resistance and 639km endurance.
The EQE 43 4Matic is replaced with exclusive aerodynamic kits such as a straight waterfall head guard, an enlarged air intake dam and a rear wing, showing a lean and aggressive style.

Combining the innovative thinking of Mercedes-Benz and various models of Mercedes-EQ, the special exhibition of Xingqi garage is divided into six aesthetic horizons with different colors and designs, each presenting lighting, comfortable car room, audio-visual entertainment, power management, aerodynamics Different themes such as design and historical review, can get a glimpse of the continuous innovation and breakthrough of the Mercedes-Benz brand in the past 136 years, and can also preview the new generation in the future. Consumers who are interested in the Samsung brand and electric vehicles can seize the opportunity to visit .

Mercedes-Benz Xingqi Garage Tour Information(Free admission):

Taipei Show 09/23-10/02 | Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 Xinyi Theater Legacy MAX

Taichung 10/07-10/10 | PARK2 Grass Wu Plaza

Kaohsiung Venue 10/27-10/30 | Kaohsiung Pop Music Center Whale Bank


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